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Meliza was trembling with blood flowing eyes.
Other innocent people were surpised and only 『Red Oath』realized everything.

「Uhm, do you have any other child?」(Mile)

Even Mile can realize the too obvious reponse of Meliza.
And everyone in the 『Red oath』somewhat expected the owner’s answer for that question.

「I have another daughter. But she was married and moved out already. And the twin sons that just came back」(Kuma-san)

「「「「Ah …」」」」(Red Oath)

It was finished. The happy dream of a girl. In just a few minutes …

However, since her dream of protecting the inn left by her parents and making her sisters happy was already come true. So, she should be pleased? …

But 『Red Oath』girls can tell Meliza wasn't such a brave girl.

Two pairs of couple were ignorance to that fact.
The owner couple didn't understand the situation, they were dumb-found.
And Meliza had already stopped moving and burned out white.

((((We can't stay here!)))) (Red Oath)


The second bell of night rang, dinner guests went back and staying guests returned to their respective rooms.

「Excuse me!」(Rafia)

Rafia came in with a cheerful voice, followed by the smiling Aryl and Meliza still had a shaky face.
… savaged.

(T.N: This part looks like Meliza's POV)

[ I should have no problem.
The concern about the future of the inn and my (Imouto) younger sisters has almost disappeared, but I felt tense.
And the future of rosy color that I thought I got it once, flew away from my hands in no time.
In addition, I who was the eldest sister 16 years old, was beaten up to the punch by my younger sisters 13 years old and 8 years old.

Both of them had taken good men and I alone was left behind.

With such shocking event, of course I got shocked.

What in the world were my hardships so far?
Did my sisters had prepared a way for their happiness from the beginning?
… So, what’s about me? What could I do to obtain happiness?

「Uuuu …」(Meliza)

I shouldn't let my problem bother my sisters.
Even though I thought so, regrettably I could not keep it. ] (Meliza's POV)

Meanwhile, the sisters were now aware of their sister’s mind.
But they couldn't give up their love and happiness for their sisters.

After all, they had loved the boys for many years and finally met the boys again after 3 years waiting.
Everything was because their older sister had treated the boys as nothing more than younger brothers (bro-zone).

Yes, it was because the sister didn't look and look far into the future.

((We are sorry, Big sis. And thank you because you didn't have eyes for men!)) (Rafia + Aryl)

Yes, if Meliza was serious treating the boys nicely as「A beautiful older neighbor sister」, the sisters might never win again their beautiful sister. Everything was thanks to their stupid sister.
Rafia and Aryl thanked their older sister from the bottom of their heart.
And naturally, a smile appeared on the two faces

…so it seems.

(((Uwaaaa! So scary! These girl are so scary!!))) (Rena + Maevis + Pauline)

As Maevis, Rena, and Pauline watched the smile of Rafia and Aryl, they shivered in fear.
To make Pauline shivering, that was quite impressive.
Meanwhile the 3 men and Mile were smiling without noticing anything. It was a little enviable just this time.

Only the people of both inns and 『Red Oath』gathered to celebrate the brothers.
After a brief greeting by the owner, everyone started drinking, eating and chatting …,

The eldest son Elas and Rafia, the second son Visto and Aryl made their own barriers that would be comparable to Mile's grid barrier around them.
And on the table was the cuisine that the owner and his wife made a moment ago for their sons becomeing adult.

Although this country has no age restriction on drinking alcohol, Mile, Rafia, Aryl only drank tea and juice diluted with water.
However, Meliza drank a lot of alcohol.
Everyone, including the couple who finally realized the situation, couldn't do anything to stop her.

Apart from Meliza and the four people enveloped in the grid barrier, everyone also thought so.

「… Well, isn't there 『a good man』in this town? Young and cool, well-earned, people who like Meliza …」(Mile)

Mile was whispering as smallest as possible to the owner couple.

「There might be some」(Kuma-san)

「「「「Ehhhhh」」」」(Red Oath)

Unexpected news!

「Is there really such a person?」(Mile)

While in doubt, Mile asked the owner, the other girls also listened.

「Meliza’s good man is one of the hunter in the 『group that visit that inn everyday』, Hunter is『a job that you don’t know when you will die, a dangerous job』
In other words, he is one of the guests that Meliza refuses to get as a marriage partner just because he is a hunter!
Did you know that the hunters weren’t all like that?」(Owner)

Yes, most of the hunters are 『those who couldn't get any other jobs』,『A job with their life on the line』

By the way, there's also the type of people love challenge, just like Maevis, who is aiming to become a knight after becoming a A ranked hunter of young aristocrat … etc.

There were some hunter had followed their parents’ pursuits only during a young age. And those hunters only received relatively safe requests or joined with experienced veterans. Those hunters were called 『Young master Hunter』and 『Entertainment Party』.

There weren't many of this type.

Also, there are hobby hunters that only do request as a hobby once in a while rather than a real job. They have another proper job to live.

Meliza didn't know the circumstances of those people and she had removed them as a candidate for a relationship just because they are 『Hunter』

Other condition: an appearance suitable for Meliza’s eyes would be easy. There might be a firm and honest man in the regular of 『Maiden’s prayer』

「Well, are you sure?」(Mile)

「Well, there must be some. Meliza probably doesn't know. But those men might approve her as a D rank hunter because they didn't like a stupid title like a son of a small merchant or a small shop keeper.
There was also low ranked noble son that did request 1 or 2 days a week as a hunter for learning.
Besides, those men weren't in trouble with money, so they were only doing hunter request as a hobby. There were also people who only accept interesting requests, and there are many others…」(Kuma-san)

「「「「……」」」」(Red Oath)

If the girls thought about it for a second, that was certainly the case.
A low ranked hunter wouldn't be able to visit the expensive 『Maiden prayer』everyday. Or, those men were working non-stop other than the lunch and dinner time to earn that money.

「If so…」(Mile)

「Yes, even the 2 younger sisters were able to get a man, Meliza would be easy to get a good man too if she was patient about this,… or rather, she was too impatient to jump on conclusion…」(Kuma-san)

As he said to that part, the owner glancing at Meliza who drank alcohol alone.

「Then she just need to ask a good hunter that she choose to quit his hunter job if he want to get married and settle down …」(Mile)

「Yes, Meliza is pretty popular, so if Meliza wants, she can take advantage of her condition and talks about marriage.
Many men will come, and once she knows their main business, she can choose one.
And there might be some guys who have much better conditions than the manager of this cheap inn.
So Meliza just needs to pay attention on those guys.
Anyway, they have been driven away because Meliza thought them were hunters …」(Kuma-san)

Unknown to that fact, Meliza kept drinking alcohol and emitted A.T Field (from Neon Genesis Evangelion) blocking everything while watching the four people wrapped in another barriers.

From long ago, the owner couple didn’t think about the sisters and his sons.

Until now, when they saw everything happened and the tragedy of the eldest daughter.

The owner couple had some complicated feelings …

「… Age? Was age a problem?
Or was it breast? Was my breast problematic?」(Maevis)

Maevis had『subtle chests』which seems to have stopped growing, she only had 『The height』. She was the oldest of the party, for some reason she was impatient about herself.

And, listening to it, Rena got anxiety about her height and chest. She pulled a cup, a bottle of ale and started drinking it all at once.

「Re, Rena-san, you can't get drunk if you drink tea! 」(Mile)

While giving advise, Mile glared at Pauline who could afford it alone.

However Mile was standing with spirit. 『I still have time.
Both my height and breasts are still growing. Because I'm just 13 years old.』
… ignorance is bliss, truly.

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