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[Next] Mile Chapter 138: Inn 3

After a while, the girl in the counter called Rafia or the second daughter and the third daughter as well. And then she left the task of accounting, coming to the audience.

「Thank you very much, everyone, thanks to all of you, we can manage to live with these 3 sisters who lost their parents like this.
I have to work harder until my sisters marry to good men …」(Inn keeper girl)

Men nodded at the young girl’s words while holding down their eyes. And then, their lines of sight are pointed to each of their target girls.

((((U wa~aaaa!)))) (Red Oath)

The girls were lost their words with what happened.
There were also some men gazed to the youngest girl, who was only 7 to 8 years old. The girls wanted to think that it was protection instinct or father gender love for a young girl without parents.
But what they witness was beyond that …

((((They played dirty, it’s on ourpose, it’s a fascination, They are 『fishing』)))) (Red Oath)

Yes, her look and speech and tone of voice. And even there were no tears, her gesture that looked holding her eye at the beginning, it was clearly intended,

It was『a fishing act that handed out a delicious bait』 .
They are『Acting』 or『Terrible children!』. They were such kind of girls.
Women and elderly wouldn't get tricked.
Such a technique couldn't apply to the woman, and elderly men also wouldn't interest in small girls who were only acting to trick people.
That's why, as a local meal restaurant, only young men came here.
Even guests or travelers that were advised by young men guild staff or commercial guilds, they were said that 3 young sisters are doing hard work for living without their parent, even it was somewhat expensive, would they really make a big fuss? And of course the fee was prepaid so they must accept it themselves.
Finally, the 『Red oath』understood everything.

「The mystery has been solved … right?」(Mile)

The other members of『Red oath』that were returned to the room, nodded with Mile's words.

「…Honestly, it was a cheap skill that wasn't worth mention, it was a big loss with such high inn fee and cooking fee!」(Pauline)

Paulin didn't even try to hide her unpleasantness.
As a daughter of a merchant, she didn't like how those girls do it.

「But their parents are already dead, in order for the 3 sisters who still had a really young sister to live with their inn and dining hall alone by themselves, is it really something unforgivable?
Even though they were some inconveniencing other people, they weren't lying or broke any law, were they?
Everyone there was all well aware that they were willing to pay higher fees.
Well, they were like asking for charity but they made other men feel good, it should be a good thing to be happy with each other.
Besides, in order to keep an eye out for funny guys, wasn't it a good idea to keep some hunters on their side.
In fact, It seems like they were receiving some harassment.
I don't think there are any reason to be so angry about this」(Maevis)

Pauline couldn't say any back to Maevis’s remark.
There were no victims indeed.
Even with the eldest sister said that fishing word, it was certainly impossible for her to abandon her sisters and went to marry quickly only for herself. And since all 3 sister will marry someone in this town, everything she said is true.

However, Pauline still can't accept it, she doesn't want to acknowledge the inn keeper girl's way of doing thing

「But she didn't have to raise the price higher than the market price!
Because this kind of customers were always coming, they wouldn't have any problems even with normal price, right?
They probably earned enough money to hire chef, they should be able to do it but they didn't hire a chef.
It was cheap material that can be seen at a first glance, and the amount of food was small as well.
What's with that, just what's with that!」(Pauline)

No matter what Pauline says, no-one can reply.
However, it can only be said that this is an inn with such management policy.
And whatever their reason, it is not like『Red oath』can do anything about it. If they don't want it, they can just don't stay at this inn. That’s it.

「Anyway, the survey is half done! And tomorrow will be the other one. We will do some quests and then we will go to『Bear hole Pavilion』inn」(Rena)

「It’s『Wild bear Pavilion』,Rena-san …」(Mile)

Mile gently corrected Rena’s words.

***Next morning***

After eating breakfast, the girls withdrew from the inn.
All the baggage is in Mile's storage, so they don't need to carry their luggage.
The girls knew that they couldn't expect breakfast, but it would be troublesome to eat somewhere later. It wasn't fun to do quests with no breakfast. Besides, although the girls started this with curious, this is also part of the survey.
And, the girls ordered 4 servings of breakfast without, but when they saw the plate that was being carried, the 4 were surprised. No, they were certainly surprised.
Two small breads, one boiled egg, one quarter of apple, half cup of milk.
It was badly beyond expectation so far.

「But, but… oh well, you can't raise price too high with only this much」(Rena)

Pauline kept silent and pointing to the menu on the wall.

「Breakfast serving: 5 small silver coins」 (Wall Menu)

「「「So expensive!」」」(Rena + Mile + Maevis)

In the evening, in the nearby forest, 『Red oath』stored horns rabbits, birds, big boars as material collection and came back to town.
This time the girls didn't intend to live long in this town and there was no interesting request, so they chose to pick up quest that was a regular request.

They were not so busy, and not to do anything all day was boring. Touring around this town? This town was too small, and it was too rural. There is nothing special here.
However, it was troublesome to receive a boring request that may take time, free quest with constant demand like collection system quest was the best. Whatever they hunted, they could put it all in a Mile's item box, deliver it to another town at a later date, or eat it themselves without reporting in this town.
Well, just as expected, the girls didn't plan to wait until the season change when the value goes up.

Anyway, that's why 『Red Oath』 wasn't coming to the branch office of the guild, but went straight to the other inn 『Wild bear Pavilion』

「…here it is」(Rena)

Rena, as usual, crossed her arms in front of the inn and muttering as she became a gangster …

「Here goes nothing, just like the 『Maiden's Prayer』inn we stayed last night…」(Mile)

As Mile was talking, her mouth was quickly blocked by the panic Maevis.

「What would you do if someone heard that? If people found that you stayed over at that inn last night and now you changed the inn, wouldn't that bad for those sisters?」(Maevis)


No matter how much the profit …, no, although it was 『cooperation price for sisters』there's no point and need to make other people uncomfortable. Mile reflected on her careless mistake.

「Well, let’s go」(Rena)

Following Rena, everyone opened the door of the second inn, 『Wild bear Pavilion』and…

「Kuma?」(Rena) (くま)

「Kuma?」(Pauline) (クマ)

「Kuma?」(Maevis) (熊)

「Bear?」(Mile) (ベアー)

(T.N: くま クマ 熊 ベアー kuma kuma kuma bear is the name other novel)

And Mile's group met Bear-san (Kuma-san).

FUNA sensei's Note:
Finally, the 3rd volume of this work will be released on the 15th (Tuesday) the day after tomorrow.
Possibly, the likelihood of lining up in bookstores a little more … ….
Oh, but Ikumi’s Earth · Star Novel Fair is from the 15th. (^ ^ ゞ

Comic Earth star (free web magazine) also posted Comicalize episode 4!
Finally, those three people are waiting for you! (^ ^) /

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