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Translator’s Note: I tried scans manga just to test my translate ability.

There’s a reason I translated Rin manga, because the Japanese word was really small like normal manga. I thought I can translate most manga now.

I love to translate Mitsuha, Kaoru and Asley the most (their japanese words are bigger) and they are really close with the Web novel (I can easy check the Novel raw for kanji words), I thought manga draw it from the Light Novel.

After scans Manga and come back to translate Web Novel.

Wow, it seems I level up. It’s only take me 2-3 hours per novel chapter now (3-4 hours before). When a Manga chapter took me 6-8 hours.

I will back to translate Novel while waiting more manga raw. (Ps: I only translate 3 manga: Mitsuha, Kaoru, Asley)

Mile Chapter 136: Inn 1

「The next town is a bit far away, so it gets a little earlier, but tonight I will stay in this town」(Rena)

It has been 3 days since the girls left the city where we sold spices. One night, they rested in a small village inn, the other two nights were camping, sometimes we went hunting, subjugating lower level demons, collecting medicinal herbs and expensive ingredients, etc. The 『Red oath』was still on the move in the evening, the girls still had a bit of time, but Rena decided to rest in this town's inn tonight.
They has already crossed the border, this is a neighboring country of Mile’s home country, 『a small town in the province near the border with other countries』. So Mile doesn't not have to worry about pursuers from her home countries, and the girls can finally relax.

「This is just a small town, it would be nice if there are 2 to 3 inn, so we can stay at the best place」(Rena)

Everyone nodded in Rena’s words.
The quality of the accommodation would greatly affect their physical condition for the departure of the next morning. Like the attitude towards customers, the quality of cooking, the softness of the cushion of the bed, is it quiet and for sleeping, and so on… Travelers pay the money for the inn to have a better rest.
It would be dissatisfied and meaningless if they regreted choosing a cheap inn to merely saving 10-20% of money for staying at an inn.
However, we can't one side decided what inn is better, because there are a lot of selling point of each inn, for example: good cooking dishes, baths, cost benefits, personal preferences, etc.
In essence, we have to observe carefully and choose ourselves.

Because this town is small, there was no branch of the Hunter Guild, there was only a branch office.
For an average hunter, this is a place to sell hunted prey and collected medicinal herbs, to get cash on site, or gain points etc. The girls don't need to sell in such a rural town where the selling price drops. Even fresh material won't gone bad if it was put in Mile’s storage, so they only need to wait until they reach a big city.
However, the girls decided to show their face at the guild’s branch office for the time being. Who knows if there were something interesting waiting, and they could also collect information.
And the girls confirmed the request board.

… There weren't. Important communication information, interesting requests, good part requests, there were nothing.
There were only ordinary common requests and constant requests.
Yes, such as goblin hunting or medicinal herb gathering, that kind of request.

「… Shall we stay for one night tonight and leave at tomorrow morning?」(Rena)

The 3 girls nodded with Rena’s words.

But the girls were here, not only for the confirmation of request board.
Yes, there was another important mission:『get information on the inn』
『Red oath』after confirming the board, immediately came asking and heard stories about the inn at the reception.

「… What does that mean?」 (Rena)

The 『Red oath』after left the guild branch office, was talking with a confused face while walking through street.

「Well … I guess we have to check it for ourselves …」(Pauline)

Pauline answered to Rena’s words.
Actually, the information about the inn that the girls heard at the guild branch office is very strange.
There seems to be two inns in this town.
That’s good. It was within the range of expectation. However, when the girls asked 『which inn is recommended』, the opinions of the branch officials were divided.

At first, when Mavis asked a young man, he was advised 『Maiden’s prayer』
So, even though it was just a branch office in the region, the girls thought that people under the Hunter Guild organization would not deceive other hunters. And when the girls were about to choose 『Maiden’s prayer』 , a female clerk who in early 20’s in the back said:「We can not recommend 『Maiden’s prayer』, 『Wild bear Pavilion』is better」
Neither seemed to be lying, each of them seemed to be believed that the inn they recommended would be the better inn.
If so, neither of them is really good or bad, there must be only a slight difference due to the sense of the individual. And if so, the young man who are close the girls's age maybe a better choice, however a girl from 15 to 16 years old who was his partner sitting nearby denied it. And she denied quite strong:
「You had better stop 『Maiden’s prayer』! You should choose 『Wild bear Pavilion』, it is way better!」

However, a male hunter about 30 years old who heard it said: 「Absolutely 『Maiden’s prayer』!」. And even a middle-aged male hunter said: 「What are you saying, how can you choose such an inn! It must be『Wild bear Pavilion』!」…etc.
Everyone didn't have such a bad mood, but it was a 『Red oath』's question that made them quarrel like 2 fan-groups, they did not give up their arguments with one another.

「It didn't seem to be that it was just difference that comes out with people’s preference with a slight difference from both inns」(Pauline)

「Yes, everyone was saying 『Absolutely this one, the other one is bad』. It's hard to imagine that people would react like that with just a slight different」(Maevis)

Rena thought for a while by consider the words of Pauline and Maevis. And …

「Okay, change of plan. We will stay at both inns for 2 nights. Let’s see why the rating is split that make everyone quarrel that much」(Rena)

Rena was completely in 『Fun mode』 smiled and laughed.

「I’m also curious, I also want to know exactly which evaluation is different by those people, and perhaps it could be useful for the management of my parents’ shop…」(Pauline)

「It’s good, I wanted to do something that seemed interesting, I'm in!」(Mile)

Pauline and Mile were also enthusiastic.

「It's decide! Well then, shall we go first stay at『Maiden’s Prayer』!」

So told Rena, Pauline and Mile also started walking. Maevis shruhged her shoulders and followed.

And they came to『Maiden’s prayer』
And what, the 『Wild bear Pavilion』was located nearby with about 20 seconds on foot.

「Why, again …?」(Rena)

It was a surprise but maybe because this is a small town, so everything is in the center of the village, close to major institutions such as Hunter Guild Branch and Commercial Guild Branch, shopping street, etc., facing the main street, etc. Considering various conditions, it was natural that innkeepers would target foreign visitors rather than local residents that's why they chose the center.

「Quadruple room, do you have free room?」(Rena)

「Welcome, it’s okay, we have free room!」(Inn keeper girl)

After the girls entered the inn, when Rena asked, a girl about 15 to 16 years old who was at the reception counter, the reception girl responded with a smile. Okay, their attitude towards customers is not bad.

「Eh, include the meal, it's 2 small gold coins?」(Rena)

Rena was a little surprised at the price after checking the price from the inn keeper girl.
It is quite expensive, it is 5 silver coins per person per night, equivalent to about 5000 Japanese yen. (About 44.40 USD)
It was only about 10 minutes to stay at a business hotel in modern Japan, but unlike a hotel in Japan, there was no electric pot, refrigerator, no TV, no telephone, the amount of money for furniture was different. In the first place, it is a quadruple room rather than 4 single rooms.
However, half of the people who were in the guild branch office had praised them, so there may be some good points. Besides, the girls came to check their interests in the first place, so they didn't plan to change the inn even if it was a little expensive.
Of course, because it was prepayment, Rena took out a drawstring bag from her pocket and handed two small gold coins to the girl at the counter.

「1 Hot water basin is 4 small silver coins and a rent towel 1 small silver coin」(Inn keeper girl)

「「「「High!」」」」(Red Oath)

4 girls spoke out loud their voice unintentionally instead of whispered.
However, the girl didn't care, she might be accustomed to that kind of reaction.

「For dinner, there is a menu on the wall over there, it’s okay anytime, and the order stop is bell at night (21 o’clock)」(Inn keeper girl)

When that was said, everyone looked at the menu on the wall …

「Cooked vegetable soup: 1 silver coin

Fried vegetables set meal: 1 silver coin

Two bread and stew: 1 silver coin and 2 small silver coins

Orc meat steak: 3 silver coins and 5 small silver coins

Ale: 5 small silver coins」(Wall Menu)

「「「「So high!!」」」」(Red Oath)

The Inn keeper girl was smiling without a blink with 4 people leaked out their thought again.

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