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Mile Chapter 129: Night battle

Then 「Red oath」left the school.

They are walking normally, and come out from the front gate dignifiedly.

Of course, Mile was stealthy with optical camouflage that was invisible to the naked eye.

When Maevis lightly lowered her head to the gatekeeper, the gatekeeper happily smiled back.

「Well, let’s get change somewhere around here, let’s take the left alley」 (Mile)

As she says that, Mile still remains invisible with optical camouflage, and the girls going to the back street.

Everyone silently and goes to the back alley with Mile. Well, unlike hunter’s or normal clothes, they can’t change the school uniform in the public.

After change clothes, they will leave the Kingdom even it’s quite late already.

The City Guards will not suspect anything if merchants or hunters go out of the city at night.

But if some girls wearing Ekland School’s school try to go out. The Guards will absolutely stopped them and confirmed their identity.

Besides, even if they let girl wearing school uniforms passed. With a big tits girl wearing an un-fit size exercise clothes, they will become the center of attention.

「I’m already tired of wearing these clothes, help me please!」 (Pauline)

When going to the school, and after coming out, Pauline had been center of passengers’s gazing, cried out for help.

No, even inside the school, She gathered a lot of students’s eyes and the security guards …

And, as usual, Maevis-san had not suffered that kind of damage, was looking away. (T.N: Jelly?)

「Then, we should turn around here, … Ah」 (Mile)

「Ah……」 (Red Oath)

Five (wild) thugs appeared. They are all using cheap swords.

The girls tried to turn back.

However, they got surrounded.

「Oh, Students of Ekland School!

You come to the back alley, at time like this without any guardian

Did you try inviting us!」 (Thug leader)

「That’s why I don’t want to wear this!」 (Pauline)

Pauline raises her angry voice towards an empty space that there should be nothing.

「Here you go」 (Mile)

Mile that still invisible takes out the staves and sword from the storage and give them to Pauline, Rena and Maevis.

These staves aren’t magical girl’s staff, but a striking striking weapon, so it doesn’t effect to magic attacks.

But Mile thought that Pauline and Rena would need these staves now.

And the thugs are surprising to see the weapons that came out of nowhere.

「That was storage magic, catch them, you can sell them with a good price!」 (Thug leader)

Storage magic is a high level magic which can only be used by a small amount of magicians

Even so, it didn’t mean that those magicians would good at attack magic as well.

And from both Pauline’s age and appearance which seems to be some weak young girl, the thugs think that Pauline is a weakling.

Why did they attack the girls with such a shallow attitude?

It’s simply because「they are thugs, they choose target base on appearace」

The one left are only a young child and a female swordsman.

Five thugs can win them easily.

Thinking so, the thugs point their sword toward the girls.

Of course, the thugs don’t plan to kill the prey. If the girls were killed, they can sell the girls for money and they can’t enjoy it, so it is natural.

And one thug is aroaching Pauline with a sword in hand.

He plans to use sword to threaten in case Pauline tries to attack using the staff.

And at this short distance, the girl will not have enough time to chant magic.

「Water jet spray!」 (Pauline)

Doshi ~yu!  (SFX)

「Gya a~a!」 (Thug A)

With Pauline non-chant magic, a thin and strong water current strikes the thug’s eyes.

And that thug rolls on the floor screaming and hold his eyes with both hands.

「My eyes, my eyes! Aahhh」 (Thug A)

The thug still hadn’t dropped the sword yet, but it was easy to defeat a man who held his eyes with both hands. It’s also equivalent to children’s play.

Pauline struck that thug’s hands with her staff and knocked down the sword.

And then, Pauline keeps attacking.

Go~ go~ go~ go~ go~ go~ go~ go~ go~!  (SFX)

Rena is looking at Pauline continuous strikes by staff.

Unlike Mile. Although the water current was quite strong, it didn’t mean that they become blind or lost sight.

It’s just a (crowd control) primary attack.

And after was Pauline’s real attack. She serious vent her angry by keeps striking the thug.

Go~ go~ go~ go~ go~ go~ go~ go~ go~!  (SFX)

「No, it’s hurt, stop, stop it … !!」 (thug A)

Four other thugs surprised with their fellow get defeat by the support magician. But they still quickly try to attack in order to go to help him.


「Isicle Javelin!」 (Rena)

4 Ice spears appeared, and hit 2 two thugs on their belly.

「Damn it, another non-chant magician!」 (thug D + E)

The last 2 thugs that didn’t recieve Rena’s attacks cried out loud and stopped their feet.

The two who received the ice spear on their belly, couldn’t even say a word.

Of course, Rena had make the rounded tip, to avoid killing the thugs.

That’s why those ice spears magic were like received two intense body blows.

Neither Pauline nor Rena chant to cast spell.

Non-chant magic, which was told to be a really difficulty and the also lower the magic power. There aren’t many magicians who can atually use non-chant magic.

「Is it my turn at the end?」 (Maevis)

Maevis called out to the two thugs who remained. While swinging her sword really fast.

At the same time, the two thugs turned backwards and tried to escape.

Hoever, the space in front of them become blurred, and the figure appeared.

「… you will not escape」 (Maevis)

「Aaaaaaa ~ !!」 (Thug D + E)

「I wonder if that was all of them」 (Mile)

「Well, it looks like that was all …」 (Pauline)

Rena and Pauline confirm things after the fight.

Mile had confiscated weapons such as swords and knives, as for now she put all of these in storage.

「Because they aren’t hunters, we shouldn’t bother with the guild.

And I doubt they are bandits with criminal history, even we hand them over to the guild, we won’t get reward from selling criminal slavery …

At best, they will get a lot of punishment.

Also even doing all of that troublesome thing and we will not have any benefits at all. And this time, we still need to get away as soon as possible with getting too much attention.

So, this is enough. Even it’s just some cheap swords. Losing these will make them harder to continue their work. We will just tie them here」 (Rena)

Three girls nod to Rena.

「Well then, I’ll do it, Darkness Curtain!」 (Mile)

After taking out clothes from storage, Mile cast a magic covered a few meters in radius.

Rena and Pauline rushed in and began changing clothes.

Because Mile and Maevis didn’t change to school uniform, they don’t need to change back, only the other two are changing clothes.

The girls passes city gate without any trouble.

It’s not unusual for hunters to leave in the hurry at night.

As of now, there is no evidence that Mile’s, No…, Adel’ s existence has been revealed, but better be safe than sorry.

And「Red oath」decided to go away from the kingdom quickly.

「And there she goes」 (Marcella)

「Adel-san has gone away …」 (Monika)

After Mile had gone, Marcella was somewhat discourage for a while.

And now, she finally restarted.

「Well, It’s still good. At least we know she is safe.

And it seems she is really happy while traveling as hunter」 (Marcella)

Despite saying that, Marcela’s facial expression isn’t really happy.

「… is nice, isn’t it …? 」 (Orianna)

Because both Monika and Marcella didn’t pay attention, they didn’t hear everything clearly.

「Together with Adel-san on an adventure trip, forever? …」 (Orianna)

「… … 」 (Marcella + Monika)

Marcella and Monika stand quietly before Orianna who usually doesn’t speak.

「Marcella-san, Monika-san, I thought about it for a moment …」 (Orianna)

And Orianna keeps speaking.

「In a few more months, we will graduate.

Marcella-san is going back to her territory to prepare for her marriage.

Monika-san is also preparing to get married while helping with her family business.

And I’m preparing for my scholarship repayment exemption, I may work somewhere in our country’s facilities.

Then, if the next time Adel-san return is after our graduation, we may never meet again.

As Adel is searching for us and visiting us, the risk of being found by His Majesty, the King is too big …」 (Orianna)

「Eh…」 (Marcella + Monika)

The girls just realized it from what Orianna said.

「So, I thought.

Right now Marcella-san and Monika-san have a lot more value than just a daughter of ordinary aristocratic and merchant.

So it seems that ther will be no problem if your age of marriage gets a little higher, right?

For example, after five or ten years.

Even after becoming 18 years old or 23 years old, you still don’t have any trouble with marriage, right ?」 (Orianna)

Where will Orianna’s story go?

The other two’s eyes began to shine.

As Adel was gone, Marcella was somewhat depressed and didn’t want to think about anything, but right now, her brain began working again.

「How about asking the Princess to hire us after graduation?

Asking the princess to make an Adel Von Askham Search Party, what work directly under the princess.

Because that is a national work, I will be subject to my scholarship repayment exemption.

Marcella-san won’t be ashamed with aristocratic working on background.

As a merchant, Monika-san’s parent can’t complain to her about working for the country and the royal family.

Not only that, we also got budget and it’s dignified …」 (Orianna)

「I’m in!」 (Marcella)

「Ge…genius!」 (Monika)

「Aha…」 (Orianna)

「Ufu fu…」 (Maecella)

「Ahahahahahahaha!」 (Wonder three)

If they want, they can always find her easily.

Because there is 「Super Adel Simulator」here.

And, when we meet, we will send a proper report from time to time to the Princess.

「Searching for Adel von Askham is ongoing.

And we travel with a girl named Mile, just a hunter (T.N: Not Goddess Adel) 」

It might only be a short time, a decade of life.

But surely it will a wonderful and fun adventure.

When thinking like that, the girls can’t help but smiling …

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