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The small merchant group and 『Red Oath』have arrived safely without any problems.

Red Oath completed the escort request procedure at the guild and received the reward, and the girls also reported the request at Helmort town.

Because they already received the reward, So this time was only reporting and document procedures.

The girls already had the certificate for complete request from the Helmort’s guild branch, the report processed smoothly.

「 It seems you girls are able to properly handle requests with Red difficulty every time …」 (Leria)

Receptionist Leria is having a 「already gave up」face while doing document procedures.

「 Okay, with this, the procedure is completed.

Please show your face to the guild master before you leave」 (Leria)

「 Ye~s!」 (Red Oath)

When the girls come to the guild master’s room, he greets everyone with a smile …

… That smile is a little disgu…, no, no, it’s rather eerie.

「 You girl did a great work!

Continuing from last time as well, you cleared up the troublesome request and it is really awesome!

You didn’t just help clear that troublesome request and but also bring honor to「 the Capital Branch」and other parties will also be inspired, they can’t accept the rookie defeat them.

Well, I’m really thankful, really do!

Besides I also received the gratitude from the Royal Palace, his Majesty is happy that we have peacefully solved the incident that could be a dispute with the beastkins if something goes wrong!

To think our branch have a gratitude word directly from your Majesty …」

Apparently, both the royal palace and the guild have known the latest information.

Chelsie rode on Low Breath must arrive early or report about this.

Speaking of which, The girls can’t find Low Breath, Chelsie, and Dr. Kulereia anywhere in the capital.

「 We are back」 (Red Oath)

「 Ah, welcome back big sisters, have you been well?」 (Reni)

After returning to the inn, the girls open the door as usual and calling out to the reception counter, Reni comes running toward the girl while speaking loudly.

「 Please don’t make me worry! Because you don’t come back even after the scheduled day, I’m so worried!」 (Reni)

After a while, Mile and other girls managed to calm Reni that speaking with teary eyes.

「 Oh, I have to tell everyone!」 (Reni)

Reni said so and returned to the counter, took out the old wooden bill and hung it outside the entrance.

Hunter is a dangerous job that doesn’t know when they will die or gone missing.

Regardless of the famous A rank party or C rank party, they can disappear someday. And the one only care about the hunter gone missing is either their family or their friends.

While thinking that Reni was worried too much, the girls smiled wryly.

Then the 『Red Oath』girls read the letters written on that hanging bill.

「 Today, all bathroom are open, no restrictions on hot water use. 3 small silver coin each 」(Notice)

「………… 」(Red Oath)

The four girls drop their shoulder sighing.

Reni-chan is still Reni-chan after all.

That evening the girls paying the meal and inn fee by creating hot water many times instead of money.

As a result, even if the Reni lost some fee but the inn can get back from the bathing fee and it’s also attracting more customers. However …

「 Onee-chan, even if your meal are free, you are eating too much!」 (Reni)

Rena and Mile are seriously eating that make Reni-chan feels like crying.

『Red Oath』headed to the guild on the next day at a later late hour.

They want to  check request board because they just completed the long-term request.

Yesterday, they came only to talk with the guild master as to the request completion processing.

Right now, they come for information gathering such as current request situation or information during their absence.

For that reason, hunters who have been absent for a long time or hunters who are taking a rest are sometimes coming to guilds to update info even they don’t work.

「 Ah, here they came!」 (Kulereia)

When the girls entered the guild, there was a familiar voice from the back.

「 Dr. Kulereia?」 (Mile)

Yes, that was Dr. Kulereia that returned to capital by riding Low Breath from the excavation site.

And behind her is the appearance of some familiar peoples.

Yes, they are the hunters who were caught by the beastkins, including the research team, heading for the Capital for reporting.

「 Why, why are you here in the Capital?」 (Mile)

「 After reporting to the lord, I rode on Low Breath with Chelsie and coming to the Capital for reporting.

We met and joined in with others when we on the way to the Capital.

After that we headed for the Capital and reported to both the guild and the Royal Palace.

After dropping me near the Capital, Low Breath and Chelsie went back to Helmolt town 」 (Kulereia)

As expected it’s impossible to ride on Low Breath and fly to the Kingdom. It would be a wise judgment of the Lord.

And now the girls already know the reason why the Royal Palace and the Guild had accurately grasped the latest information.

Although that infos have been adjusted by Mile.

However, since there’s no lie, there should be no problem.

「 Ah, uhm, I heard from the Dr. that our weapons were collected …」 (Hunter Leader)

Someone speaking from the back of Dr. Kulereia.

It was the party leader who was responsible for escorting the survey team, he spoke to on behalf of everyone.

It is a life and death problem for them, but they won’t do unreasonable thing like interrupt the talk.

「 Yes, After resolved the mis-understandings, they gave everything back to us!」 (Mile)

Weapons and armors appear from the air and spreading on the floor.

Regarding Mile’s insane storage, she had shown it plenty when everyone retreated.

Thus no-one was surprised anymore, including other hunters that were watching from faraway.

「 Oh, my belove sword!」 (Hunter A)

「 My senior memento, Breast armor … 」 (Hunter B)

Everyone pick their equipments back and seemed really happy.

「 Thank you very much.

If everyone in our party need to buy weapons and armors again it will be a big deal.

Some of us don’t even have enough money to buy anything.

You are also recusing us, we are really appreciate that」 (Hunter Leader)

As the escort leader says so, others also bow at the same time.

「 So, about the money for return our lost equipments …」 (Hunter Leader)

The market price normally is between 20% and 50% of the totally price of the equipments in their returned condition.

If the returned equipments are too damaged, its selling price in the market will drop, and the return money is also droped.

Of course, we also need to count the dangerous factor of the place the hunter lost their weapon.

In this case, although from the report, Mile get back the equipments by talking. But to step into the settlement of dozens of beastkins is really dangerous. The return price must be at least 40 to 50%.

「 We do not need it」 (Rena)

「  Huh? 」 (Hunters)

All the hunters in area are surprised with Rena’s reply.

No-one can expect that Red Oath refuse the return money which is the right as a hunter.

「 Aside from the investigation party that received some money from completed the investiage request.

Other parties didn’t earn any money in the forest, also we already got enough money so it’s fine to return your equipments as it is 」 (Rena)

「 Is that fine, are you really okay with it?」 (Hunter Leader)

As soon as the escort leader asked, another hunters from the back were also looking at Red Oath.

The party that received the escort request was originally quite steady and the also have some money stored in the guild. So they have enough to pay the return money.

Although the other parties that get caught don’t seem to have enough.

If Red Oath insist that the hunters should pay money, they will have to find someway to do it.

In truth, for the pride of a mid-sized hunter party, they can hardly accept such treatment from a newbie girl hunter party.

However, if they pay the money, other hunters who seem to be in financial difficulty will fall into trouble.

「 Uhm … sorry but …」 (Hunter Leader)

Rena suggested to the leader that unwillingly to accept Rena’s reply.

「 Then, instead of paying us the return money.

If you ever meet any troubled hunter parties in the future, please help them once without receiving the requested money?」 (Rena)

There is no guarantee whether or not these hunters will meet any troubled hunter party or these hunters will keep their promise to help other hunters.

But Rena has a feeling that these hunters would certainly keep their promises.

Other hunters and guild staff that were listening to Rena’s suggestion were admired.

Because the girls are doing fine so instead of themself, they are concerned about other hunters.

Some people may ridicule the girls as 「 To abandon their own right, that’s foolish things to do」 , but from everyone in this place, no one thought so.

If they would find themselves in that position. If they got into trouble and get help with such warm words. There’re no way they could not make a fool of it.

「Red Oath」

A new hunter party that made of pretty girls, had sold their first name in the Hunter training school’s graduation test.

In addition to their high fighting ability, they always keep promises, and the request complete rate is 100%. They are also kind and concern for other hunters.

Their reputation now increased more and more.

Everyone in the guild is smiling happy as they are looking at the girls. Both Hunters and guild officials.

Pauline has a bitter face, she must be sad that she missed her profit chance.

Rena is praised by a lot of people and humbly replies many times.

Except for Mile, somehow she has a face that looks like「 Preparion is completed!」…

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