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Ever since Mile came back from the ruins, Mile was in trouble.

(Mile's inner thought for the whole chapter)

I wonder what I should do now.

That drawing in the ruins. It's probably a depiction of the state of the 『Lost civilization』that God was talking about.

I don't know why the Ancient Dragon Race began their investigation of the ruins now.

They want to study history?

Does the Ancient Dragon have a nature like studying the history of human beings, the history of civilization which already extinct in the past?

Are they really studying archeology and history?

And it's not just 1 or 2 Dragons doing archeology as their favorite things. But their whole clan or race. They won't get any benefit and it also wasn't their history …

And if what they want to do are archeology and history, that picture should be valuable material.

At least, it's not a bad thing to ignore with one word 『Miss』

Then, what is their real purpose?

Why do the Ancient Dragon Race investigated ruins in various places?

They also even involved the Beastkin race and Devil race.

Gold, silver, gems, treasure, … ?

…But did the whole Ancient Dragon race investigate ruins for such thing?

Well, in many of Earth's stories, many people think Dragons love treasure and shining thing.

However, in this world, I have never heard of such a story.

Perhaps in those stories on Earth, that setting was attached to raise the reason and motivation to beat the Dragon.

Ancient Dragon isn't a crow, that like collecting shining things and put in their nests …

Or in term of human on the earth, it will be called as 『Treasure Hunter』, or say it in a bad way, it's 『Robber』

Well, in this world, because there weren't any owner or manager of the ruins, it will not be call 『Stealing』

Anyway, the Ancient Dragon wasn't aiming for treasure as well.

So, if they weren't interested in academic investigations or things that human regard as treasure, what did the Ancient Dragons want?

…there's only 1 thing left. That was Relic.

And It isn't jewels or work of art, but a thing that can be used.

In other words, it's a technical inheritage.

Such relic may remain in a usable state if they are kept in a time stagnation field or in a different dimension storage like my item box etc.

The lost civilization was far beyond the earth, so whatever happened that detroyed that civilization, it wouldn't be amused.

But why does the Ancient Dragon look for such things?

Currently, the Ancient Dragon, which is said to be the strongest in the world, why do they want such a thing?

Besides, the Ancient Dragon is a creature of their own pace, they won't think about anything like world conquest.

I do not understand…

Rely on them too much isn't good, but it can't be helped. Let’s just ask them some question.

(Nano-chan?)  (Mile)

『Yes!』 (Nano)

(Do you know the purpose of the Ancient Dragons? ) (Mile)

『Yes』 (Nano)

(Ehh?) (Mile)

『But that's a prohibited matter』 (Nano)

(Eh…?) (Mile)

Did Nano-chan refuse?

『We can read the most of any living creature by receiving the thought wave of that creature.

Though we can't read everything they are thinking.

Still, we can judge to some extent the intention of that creature.

Still we are only concerned about what already put into words.

Regardless of our duties that info will be upload to the network otherwise those said info will only remain in the memory of those nano-machines who heard it.

And if we searching for those info from the network, we will be able to get information.

In this case, If I'm searching, I will get some sort of information other Nano-machines at the village of the Ancient Dragon.

However … 』(Nano)

(However? ) (Mile)

『We can only provide un-prohibited matter. And the info you want in this case is completely prohibited』 (Nano)

(Is this such a serious thing? ) (Mile)

『It does not matter whether it's serious or not.

We aren't allowed to reveal those kind of info.

Living being have their right for discretion.

 Sometimes those secret might effect the survival of the whole race.

Our mission is to fulfill the desires of the received thought wave.

Whether it belongs to a good person or a bad person.

And whether the content is good or bad.

We are only tools and we will not do anything with our own will.

Just like a kitchen knife can be used for cooking or for murder without the kitchen knife intention.

Anyway, we aren't allowd to tell anyone about the information of any particular Race.

The result of simple magic such as checking the enemy’s position with detection magic, etc. will be another story, so there is no problem』(Nano)

(is that so…)   (Mile)

With that explanation, I was satisfied.

That’s right. Otherwise, if an individual reach level 3 and can talk with Nano-chan.

That individual can easily get all the information about his enemies and allies, he can easily conquer the world.

As expected, it won't be easy.

There's no choice but checking about it on my own.

(Thank you. See you later, I’ll think about myself) (Mile)

『I am sorry that I can't help this time』 (Nano)

Well, what to do …

I have no obligation.

Regardless of what the Ancient Dragon is looking for, whatever it is supposed to be.

But somehow, I feel un-pleasant.

Because it's only me that understand the situation to some extent on the human side.

Or is it only me that can compete against the Ancient Dragon?

But the Ancient Dragons didn't seem to want conflict.

Because they didn't want to be disturbed by humans, maybe they had an unexpected, peaceful purpose.

Also, although I managed to compete against three Ancient Dragons this time, those three must be quite weak after all. A mid-rank Dragon, an apprentice and a Elder's Daughter.

There's no guarantee that next time we need to fight against the real warrior of the Ancient Dragon or the whole race, and others race as well.

Even though I am now involved in extraordinary things, I am only seeking happiness as an average girl. I feel rather confusing with those kind of events. With all my heart, I have finally made friends …

Also, the future of this world should be decided by the big shots in this world.

Handling this world's problem with knowledge of other worlds is a big no-no.


『… For that reason, This world had been judged as a big failure, there’s no-one left to take care of it

We also feel a little responsibility』 (God)

The God surely said so.

This is a world with great failure. No God looked after them, and everything was decided by this world inhabitants.

Even if this world is at stake, there will be no 『Salvation from God』

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