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Mile Chapter 112: Ruins

After taking a breath away, the girls kept the beasts away. And the 5 of them have a talk with 3 Ancient Dragons near that big hole.

The Ancient Dragons can't enter the building, so it can't be helped that the talk must be held outdoors.

Beldetes is sitting face to face with Mile. He is depressed now, well it can't be help with result of that battle.

The Young Hot-blood Ancient Dragon Uensu becomes silents, it seems losing to human is a big shock.

Sherara, on the other hand, had a flat face. She had completely surrendered as soon as her life is in crisis. But to Ancient Dragon, that was such a shameful display.

「Then, I’ll ask first.
You, Ancient Dragons had ordered the beastkins working here?

And that's not the dogmas of your clan, but you three's personal interest, right?」(Mile)

「That’s right」(Beldetes)

Beldetes answers Mile’s question frankly.

Apparently, he seemed to be honest. Well, that isn't something big and it won't be a problem even if human know it.

「What's your purpose?」(Mile)

As a matter of discussion or interrogation, the representative of the 「Red oath」side was Mile.

Besides, no other girls is able to ask an appropriate question, anyway.

Dr. Kulereia will join in if necessary, but right now she is only and leaves everything to Mile.

The representative of the Ancient Dragons side is an Ancient Dragon called Beldetes which seems to be the oldest.

As for the moment, the other two doesn't seem to be able to hold proper conversation.

「It’s just excavation」(Beldetes)

Beredes answers, but it was only as much as 「I don't lie」and 「I'm just not telling everything」

That's why in case like this, the knowledge and insight of the questioner will be needed in order to get information.

「What is your objective?」(Mile)

「… … Search for remnants」 (Beldetes)

The answer was a bit late. And actually it was not an answer.

The purpose of excavation of ruins is searching for remnants.

It certainly isn't a lie, but it was obviously a poor answer.

But with such an answer Mile can't be convinced.

「What was you looking for? Is it treasure, some information, a tool, a demon king, a goddess, a demon, a weapon, a magic item, or a machine」(Mile)


Beldetes remains silent. Apparently, Mile's question seems hitting by a sensitive place that he doesn't want to say.

「You don't want to answer?

Then are you plan to invade the human realm with the Beastkins and do some suspicious thing to make human think of it as an invasion act and start the war?

Are you plan to involve the whole beastkin race and the Ancient Dragon race in an all out war with the human race?」(Mile)

「We don't plan to do that!」(Beldetes)

「It's what you are doing, whether you plan or not. Just thinking for yourself.

If one day, suddenly the humans, elves and dwarves join force invading the territory of the Ancient Dragon without permission.

And do some suspicious act in your land.

The Ancient Dragons who went to check the situation there will be attacked, kidnaped and missing one after another.

And the humans don't want to explain at all「Because they are still not killing any Ancient Dragon yet」

Do you think the Ancient Dragon race will leave the human alone?

If so, I will release you and report to our lord like that.

Ah, but can you write a testimonial or something, that allow us to do anything within the territory of the Ancient Dragon as long as we will not kill any Ancient Dragon?」(Mile)

「What, there's no way we can acept such ridiculous thing…」(Beldetes)

「But It’s exactly what you are doing?」(Mile)


Beldetes becomes silent again.

「I will decide whether your reply will trigger a full war trigger or avoid it, so please think and answer carefully」(Mile)


After thinking for a while, Belderes mutter the answer in a small voice

「… …Lost civilization 」(Beldetes)

「Huh?」 (Mile)

「Long ago, there were countries in this world with very advanced civilization.

Although it's just a legend … No, we thought that it was just a legend, but  …」(Beldetes)

「But …?」(Mile)

Mile urges Beldetes continues speaking when he suddenly becomes silent.

「We had discovered some evidence」(Beldetes)


This time, It was Dr. Kulereia shouted loudly.

「Do…do…Don't tell me, You discovered the ancient civilization, the proof of the existence of「prehistory civilization」!」(Kulereia)

「You know about this, Kulereia?」(Mile)

「Don't make fun of me, I'm a scholar!」(Kulereia)

Mile cuts in like usual and Dr. Kulereia gets angry.

「Prehistoric Civilization, it's a legendary country that is said to have prospered long ago.

In that country, people can sit at one place and see everything, hear everything happen arround the world.

They can dive in the bottom of the ocean, fly in the sky and even go to the stars in the sky.

A country that like the heavenly world in which the gods live. There're no hunger or fighting …

Human had forgot about it because human have short live-span.

But longevity races like Ancient Dragons, elves and spirits still somehow had various memories about it…」(Kulereia)

When Dr. Kulereia’s explains to the part「Fly in the sky」, Rena's face becomes blue.

And Mile is…

「Oh, there's a spirit race! What about fairy?」(Mile)

…asking at strange places.

「That…, it doesn't matter now!」(Kulereia)

And the doctor got angry again.

「Anyway, that certainly is a big discovery if it's true!

Hey, what kind of evidence that you foun? Where did you found it? And how…」(Kulereia)

Dr. Kulereia is asking question one after another, and the Ancient Dragon Beldetes was also confused.

「I don't know. We aren't professionals or scholars.

And the Ancient Dragons can't directly investiage here and there.

So we check the working situation of the devils and beastkins who are also investigating in various places. We are more like liaisons.

And this time, I was forced to baby-sit… No, nothing! 」(Beldetes)

Beldetes was stared at Sherara and he denied it in a hurry.

「Anyway, we receive report of the beastkins that they discovered a ruin and began their excavation here.

And I, apprentice Usensu, Elder's daughter Sherara, the three of us came her to confirm. That’s it.

And, the result is … it turned out that this place is a 「Miss」」 (Beldetes)

「Has it been lost?」(Mile)

「No, that's not it. This place was much closer era than 「the lost civilization」

It was only made by those who worshiped the 「Lost era」

There's nothing important here, we only found a drawing on the wall. It doesn't mean anything.

There's no use staying here anymore. You can realease us and the beastkins, we will be leaving soon. And there won't be a problem anymore! 」(Beldetes)

Beldetes tried to put the story together with that, but Mile still didn't satisfy.

「Well, it just mean that you finished your work here, right?

Then, do you plan to do the same thing elsewhere, I mean secretly invading and capturing anyone witness your activity?」(Mile)


「And it isn't only the beastkins but also the Devil race is doing the same?」(Mile)


Beldetes just noticed that he had leaked too many extra information to Mile and was silent.

「And, for what purpose are you looking for the「lost civilization 」from those ruins …」(Mile)

「I don't know! Even if I know, there's no reason for me to speak everything to you!」(Beldetes)

[Certainly. Even prisoners also have the right to remain silent.

And he is already honestly telling what are the beastkins and Ancient Dragons doing here.

Besides, it may be true that he doesn't really know about it.

The low rank isn't always taught everything as big as the clan's secret.

Apparently this Ancient Dragon doesn't have a big position.

As most, he is a young guard captain or something like that.

Needless to say, the Apprentice and the Elder's daughter were just following him because they were interested.

It's impossible to gather more information and we can't just capture the Ancient Dragons and hand them over to the lord.

Besides, if humans make an enemy out of the Ancient Dragon race, it will be a catastrophe] (Mile's inner thought)

It's important to know what are we doing, and when to stop.

Mile knew about that from news, stuff, warfare, etc. in her previous life.

And right now, their duty wasn't capturing the Ancient Dragon and may trigger the the all out war.

Not from an Everage C rank hunter. Never.

Thing like politic is the big thing should be decided by great people of the country. Not some young hunter girls

「… okay, I get it.

When, please show me that「discovered ruins 」, then we will also withdraw.

And if there isn't anything you want to do here, you should leave this place as soon as possible.

If soldiers or the like comes from the kingdom, it will be a troublesome thing.

The report to our lordsmen will be carried out in an appropriate way. So that it won't become a big problem.

But the report will go to the royal palace, so we will mention about the possibility that similar things will happen.

If we do that, we may be able to avoid conflict.

Is that all right?」(Mile)

Beldetes nodded after thinking for a while.

「How about you?」(Mile)

Mile looked to the left and right, Rena, Maevis, Pauline, and Dr. Kelereia nodded.

Apparently the doctor just treats herself as a 「Researcher request by a lord」

or just a researcher of the elf clan. As long as she can do her research, she will be happy.

「Well then, Sherara, please give us a guide」(Mile)

「Oh, me?」(Sherara)

Sheralla was shocked but she was sudden asker by Mile.

Diving in the ruins with 3 Ancient Dragons will be a big problem, Mile doesn't know if they will attack when the girls let their guard down.

Beldetes's fighting power is high, Usensu is hot-blood.

The only option is taking Sherala along, she seems to be the weakest of the three  and have the most value as a hostage.

Mile, just in case, cast Lattice Force Barrier on everyone before going.

「Well, shall we go …?」(Mile)

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