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Mile Chapter 106: Enemy

I woke up early in the morning as I took a break earlier last night.

Even though it is still dusky, only breakfast that only preserves preserved meals, when you finish everything in the morning, store the tent together with the blanket inside, finally approaching the excavation site, 「red oath」and Doctor Kulereia.

「From over there a bit high, overlooking the entire excavation site … ….」


Over the words of Mile, Mr. May gave a small voice.

「What’s up?」

As Mile asked, Mr. May responded while prancing his face.

「Nothing, I cut something that caught my feet …」

Mile who heard of it was, and ran up to the place where it was becoming elevated, immediately lowered its attitude and overlooked the excavation site.

Then suddenly the beasts jumped out of the cabin and it started to make noise.

「… … apparently, she seems to have kept something similar to Naruko … ….」

「Sorry, it’s because of me …」

Although Mr. Apologies apologized for apologetic face apologized, it was only Meis that happened to be caught, and as it was not thinking about such a mechanism, it seems that someone was caught.

Mile said to explain so, not to mind, but serious Mevis was not recovered from the depression.

(But, when I saw it before, there was such a hole, I wonder … …)

Mile was a bit concerned about a hole of about 7 to 8 meters in diameter near the center of the excavation site, but the last time I saw it in the evening, sometimes I was getting a little dark, just overlooked I thought that, I did not think too deeply.

In the first place, it was not the case when thinking about such a thing in the first place.

「Let’s move! Places with poor visibility and places with trees are disadvantageous to beasts!」

As Miles says, it was disadvantageous to fight between trees for agile and beastmen who are good at melee battle.

Besides, it is hard to use power magic with high power.

I do not want to hurt the opponent as much as possible, so I think that if possible, I would rather use fire magic, but if I become inferior, I can not say that.

If you do not even kill you, you will manage with curative magic.

Pain until healing, you have no choice but to endure.

However, poorly, this time it will be in the position of 「attacking beasts under collection activity」this time.

Inquiring about the last time, in order to pass through the explanation that 「If you come back to recover the equipment deprived of by the thieves, because they were attacked again, you fought with a defense of defense「, so if you decide to fight, Being sure to attack before from the other side, counterattacks have been pushing a lot of times on the way of the move.

To keep the Mile persistent, Rena was amazed, but Doctor Kulereia was impressed.

「Where are you going to say, move on !?」

As Rena has said, it has survived the forest, so all the forests are forests.

The current position, which is still a little high, is slightly smaller in the trees.

However, even if it says so, there are trees and it is elevated, so it is easy to surround the surroundings.

Even if I ran away with all my might, I could not move faster than the beastman in the woods, regardless of miles.

It was only being attacked by being exhausted and obstructed, so it was better for us who fought earlier in a place where it was not very disadvantageous and ran away after crushing the other party.

Besides, if you run away as it is, it is 「request failed」

「As it is, I will run down this slope and head over there, power reconnaissance」

Doctor Kulereia caught a mouth at a mile pointing to the excavation site saying so.

「Hey, Mile-chan, power reconnaissance, you ask the place where the enemy is known to seek further information, try to reconnait it a bit and try to see the other’s appearance

Is not it a kind of reconnaissance that provokes in such a way that it can not be ignored, is not it at all meaning to thrust into the enemy’s main line and collect information after defeating the enemy? Is it different from power jam? 」

「Well, I know that much!」Combat 「was watched on video!」

「」Do you notice 「?」Good evening 「?

Although it was a mile repayment, it was not possible for Doctor Kulereia to communicate because both 「video」and 「combat」were talking with the words of the earth.

Likelihood(More) Even if translated into this word, I can not believe that the meaning came through in 「video signal recording」or 「battle「.

Anyway, I do not have much time. I did not have time to think long time, because I do not know when it will be besieged by surrounding beasts.

「I can not help it, I do not think it’s a very good idea, but if there is no other better idea else, there will only be a plan of mile left by the elimination method.

I hope non-combatant beasts escape without moving out …. 」

Rena’s words decided to make a plan for the Mile.

「Well, let’s go!」


「… …. Oh!」

As usual, it was Doctor Kulereia Coulayer who was behind the schedule.

Even if it says to run down, separately, A(When) Raise your voice Cabinet(Take)A(Cans) I do not want to.

Until it was discovered, while hiding behind the scenes, it proceeded quietly.

Then I hid in front of the open space.

It will not be bothersome to bother to progress the situation, although it will be discovered soon after tracing any smell.

Naturally, the beastman should know which place 「something like Naruko」was caught.

Therefore, turn around behind, you should close the escape path and approach.

I do not think it would be a small number of people heading for their home base, so if you do not have miles in the place you expected, you will be pursuing up to here as it is.

And Miles are 「chased by the attacking beasts and driven to the enemy’s headquarters」.

It is not that 「I invaded with my own will」

So, whenever there is a noise, injuries come out, or a container or excavation breaks down, it is all a blame of 「beast people who attacked and hit the miles here」, Miles are not responsible enough.

Then, investigate by gathering information gathered by the dummy and temporarily eliminating the beasts or suppressing them.

Perhaps at that time the excavation may be broken or lost, but that is what Miles does not know about.

Perhaps it is supposed to have been lost during battle.

「Even though I am missing every day, why are those heads turning around just like that?」

Rena, who was told about his future plan from Mile, gave a shaky voice.

And a few minutes later.

As expected, since the appearance of the intruder could not be found at the presumed position and it did not appear backwards and escape, the beasts who went to the siege in the back proceeded to the excavation site side.

Because it would be following the smell, it was a matter of time to find it.

And finally …

「Pleasure! It’s an intruder, surround it and catch it!」

Listen to the scream of the beastman and Mile instructed everyone.

「Yes, I was besieged by the Bandit, I was declared to catch it!

I escaped to run into a flaky place! 」

Miles got up quickly and ran towards the center of the excavation site.

「Oh, if I was attacked by a thief and ran away, I was forced into a strange place!
Perhaps, this is home of thieves! 」

Miserably, loudly shouting Mile

And there are more than dozens of beasts left behind that front.

It seems that only adult men stood up.

It seems that women and minors are evacuating into the hut.

It was convenient for Mile.

「Do not talk about bad things that people do not hear because of intruders!」

「Thieves do not make you look great」

「What …」

At the present time they do not know the circumstances, they are 「thieves」to the last.

Even if I understand that it is not so later, they treat them as thieves because they do the same act as thieves without revealing their identity.

Even if it comes to international affairs later, if you claim so, you should not complain.

「What are you saying different?

If so, why are you doing in such a place, and why are you doing「thieves act 」to capture the hunters and take away equipment? ! 」

「Wow …」

A Beastman who can not answer Rena’s thrust and is stuck in a reply.Apparently, this beastman seemed to be a part of this place.

「Yeah, noisy! Hey, you, catch them! …What happened? 」

A beastman who should be absolutely hierarchical is not ordinary, such as not obeying orders from superiors.

Miles who thought of the beasts who were ordered but did not try to move, looked at those who received instructions …,

「Oh, before this, they are those who hit us!」

In the scream of Mile, Biku, and the body A(Soon) Lost, eight dogs.

「What are they a woman’s hunter that you backed up last time ?

but that’s certainly four people … that is, there are those who ran away!

Not far away Did not you run away, were you lurking in the vicinity?

Then, people are still not known about this … …,

Where are the other 17 people! 」

Even so, I do not have obligation to purposely tell you.

Even though it is already escaping to the safety zone, if there is no information, it is possible to restrict the actions of the beasts, thinking variously, taking precautionary measures.

「Damn, do not you think! But you, why are you so frightened?」

An unlikely idea came up to the mind of the leader who seemed curious about his men who were not trying to move.

When I got a report saying that he drove four young women ‘s party on that day.

I was asked for permission to request curative magic and asked why there were so many injuries, because I tried to drive away without injuring my opponent, I was eating the magician’s attack, but …. No way ….

Suspicion rises in the mind, but there is no reason to be able to question such a thing in front of the enemy.

However, just in case, I was glad that I could strike a hand. Already, soon … …, ah!

Puu ~ ….




An unusual odor drifts around.

Even Miles got a little delayed from the beasts and pranked their faces.

「Th-This is……」

「Fuha, I thought that this was just my story about you!

It seems that another battalion that had been running a messenger to call back, which had been placed in a slightly remote place, has finally come back.

With this overwhelming strength difference, you guys … …, it will be great! 」

Apparently, the strength of the beasts seemed to have decreased greatly.

Forward, spit A(Azukuma) 14 people, including those who are struggling.

Twenty people including behind-the-scenes appearance, including those who are a little staggering. With a bad smell.

… Obviously, it seemed to me that the strength of the situation up to the point that the beastman in perfect state was 14 people was high in fighting power.

「Well, Mile, what is this …?」

「Is Mile-chan’s work done?」

「Well, please … ….」

Three people, Rena, Pauline, and Mavis, seemed to be pretty much going on, although nose did not work as much as the beasts.

And more nose is better than a human, Mile himself as well.

Doctor Kulereia crowded and spit.

And Mile ‘s scream revived.

「Ooh, odor, erase it! Even here, also in that forest, decompose the smell!」

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