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「True Godspeed Sword, 1.4 times!」(Maevis)

It’s normal that Beastkins are superior with both agility and strength compare to humans.

If Maevis doesn’t use full power from the beginning. Even fighting 1 vs 1 is already hard, and here she must 1 vs 3.

However Beastkins are only superior compare to normal humans.

Compared with well trained trained hunter, they are at most a few percent difference.

However,  Maevis used「True Godspeed Sword, 1.4 times!」

With 「True Godspeed sword」mode alone, Maevis wouldn’t hardly be able to compete against three beastkins.

But if Maevis「True Godspeed sword, 1.4 times」 plus with body strengthen magic.

Calculation will be 1.4 times x 1.3 times. If compare to a A ranked hunter, she will be about 1.15 to 1.2 times faster.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Maevis can win an A rank hunter.

There’re still the differences in technique, experience, endurance,…

And this times, her opponents are just beastkins who depend sole on the physical ability and neglect the study of technique.

And there’s also the difference of the reach.

Even Maevis is using a short sword but the beastkins only using (thallium = 鉈 need help for this word) or axe that un-suit-able for battle.

And it creates the differences in reach and handling speed. And above all, Maevis is a vanguard swordman that trained by Mile.

She won’t lose to three beastkins that only rely on their physical ability.


When you use too much strength, the muscles become hard and the speed will go down.

That’s why Maevis uses less strenth to get 100% speed!

Whether the opponents using a (thallium = 鉈) or an axe. No matter how they attack, Maevis can easy block/parry by her un-break-able sword.

With Maevis’s speed and technique, she already predicted  all of opponents attack. She timing their attack and flips their weapons off their hand.

And then tilted the sword by 90 degrees, struck to the opponents’s body.

… Because it is a double-edged sword, it is meaningless to use the back of sword, they will die.

「Gua~!」(Beastkin 4)

「Uguu~!」(Beastkin 5)

She takes down 2 beastkins on spot the last one (6) is dumbfound with his eyes open wide.

Mean while, Rena had started fighting in a disadvantaged state.

Because she was talking with the beastkin leader until the last minute, she couldn’t ready a spell like Pauline.

She in a state that all magician absolutely wanted to avoid avoiding. Starting a battle at a relatively short distance against a quick enemy with good physical ability.


「Gue~!」(Beastkin 7)

Rena thrust the tip of her staff into the beastkin’s belly, and that beastkin stopped moving.

「E…」(Beastkin 8 + 9)

Even one beastkin is down, the remaining 2 beastkins are smirking.

Their opponent is just a little human girl magician that doesn’t have enough time to cast magic.

The 2 beastkins are carefree thinking so and rush to Rena.

Rena shakes the staff that striking the first beastkin. She already finish the short cast magic in that instant.

「… Hot Inferno!」(Rena)

A spiral wind, a very weak air vortex cover the 2 beastkins. There’re some red powder with that air …

「Gya hiiiiiii~!!」(Beastkin 7 + 8 +9)

Three dog beastkins including the one knock down on the ground screaming with their throats, overflowing tears from the eyes, rolling around the ground while having runny nose.

Rena had used a non-killing magic. Teach by Mile and Pauline.

「If it’s non-killing magic, you don’t have to worry much about allies and third parties. And you will use less magical power consumption than large flame magic」(Rena)

… Maevis heard that line of Rena was like 「Eeeee」

Pauline was nodded with Rena

And Mile was like:

「If we talking about Non-killing and flashy magic『Starlight Breaker』is the coolest…

But when I’m thinking carefully, Starlight breaker!

There no way that no one die with that spell! I noticed an extremely thing and stopped teaching Rena」

… Mile was a girl who was devoted to common sense.

And the last three headed to Mile included beastkin leader.

Normally, the leader is the strongest of a party will likely battle with the strongest in the 「Red oath」. But he isn’t attacking Maevis.

Apparently it seemed that he had beast instict or something, he realized that the strongest among the four is Mile.

Unfortunately, He doesn’t seem to be able to sense how strong Mile is …

When Mile tried to fight with the leader, a Fire Ball flying from the other side toward Mile.

「Oh, a magic attack?」(Mile)

Yes, Beastman certainly has lower magical power than humans and other magical races. But that was a 「common theory」to the last.

Most of beastkins can’t use magic, and even if they can use, they are weaker than the average of humans.

But not everyone.

Some beastkin are as good as human beings. But that number is way less than that of humans.

Even number of tribes themselves is much smaller than that of humans, we can’t deny that「there are few beasts who are good at magic」

And that minor who can use attack magic are naturally enlist in army.

Leader and magician Beastkin (Beastkin 10) bombarded Mile with their maximum fire power.

It seemed that Mile was highly recognized.

Even Mile thought that「beastkin can’t use magic」, But when she was attacked sudden by magic. It was nothing more than a little suprise.

Mile received the 鉈:Thallium with the sword held with only the right hand and repelling the Fire Ball by the back of her left hand.

And the that Fire Ball hit the belly of the last beastkin (Beastkin 11) behind the beastkin leader.

「Huh…」(Beastkin Leader + Magician)

The beastkin leader and magician(10) are dumbfound when seeing the last beastkin (11) was blowing away with the fire ball hit the belly.

There was no explosive effect on the Fire ball so he isn’t heavy injured. As the fire ball hit, it quickly diverged and disappeared and the temperature was low. It seem like he didn’t receive much damage.

However, both the beastkin magician and leader were shocked and stopped moving while holding weapons.


As Mile entangled the sword, she flipped the leader’s weapon away and struck his flank with the sword’s handle.

The beastkin magician tried to chant the next spell in a hurry, but immediately stop the chant while halfway.

Yes, he noticed their circumstances.

Maevis also defeated the third enemy (beastkin 6).

So only the magician (10) and the beastkin with less damage (11) are left

That magician understood that the winner chance is zero.

And now, if them, the last 2 are defeated, the hunters will annihilate their friends …

Humans want to escape from the forest as soon as possible, they will not take seriously injured beastkins who are unlikely to walk as prisoners.

Even if they were left without being killed to avoid war between a beastkin and a human. How long will it take for them to be rescued by the beastkins in the camp site?

And until then, the dying beastman will become great preys for monster or animals.

To prevent it, it was absolutely necessary for the last two to be healthy.

The beastkin with less injured will contact the camp site while the magician will heal the beastkin friends with healing magic as much as he can, protect them from monsters and wait for rescue.

Of course, he don’t know if it will work.

Humans may try to kill all of them without being concerned about the war.

Since it was the beastkin side that attacked first, the humans can tell that it was legitimate defense.

And us beastkins actually don’t want war with humans will withdraw.

However, there was no other choice.

Only magician and light injured beastkins are in a state that can talk straight. The magician was the current responsible person.

And the magician cried out in a loud voice after deciding.

「We’re surrender! Don’t kill us!」(Beastkin 10)

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Today is chapter 100.

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If possible, I would like to continue the series.

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