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Chapter 27

Getting out the car and straightening up his clothes, he strode towards his Grand Yaochi Hotel and walked in .

Bahe town was not large, there were only three or four hotels in the town, and the Grand Yoyochi Hotel was considered to be the most upscale, with a tall frontage that was beautifully leaning towards the style of those big-city hotels, which was the result of Tayi Khan’s efforts .

Tayi Khan has made the business from scratch to what it is today, not only by hard work but most importantly, by his keen business intuition .

In this case, he overheard an Uyghur friend talking about some changes in the village and had a hunch that this was an opportunity to take his business to another level, so he pondered over it for a few days .

He now has a hotel, a restaurant, and a shop that deals in local products under his management . With the level of development here in Bahe town, he feels that this is already the limit of what he can do, and his business is unlikely to grow further unless a good opportunity suddenly appears ……

And such an opportunity really came along .

The agritourism that Chen Mu had made out was one such opportunity .

As long as he could grow this business and the tourists became more and more numerous, Tayi Khan expected his hotels, restaurants and shops to benefit and grow .

So, he was determined to get his hands on this business .

Of course, he had also considered the feasibility of not cooperating with Chen Mu to start a travel agency, but after his calculations, he felt that there were three disadvantages .

Firstly, this business was prone to be followed by others, so in order to avoid followers, the most important thing was to occupy the market quickly .

Secondly, without Chen Mu’s model and customer resources in hand, the travel agency would need to spend a lot of money on advertising at the initial stage to develop the market, with high investment and slow returns, which was also unfavourable .

Thirdly, if he couldn’t negotiate a good deal, Chen Mu was also a competitor .

Therefore, it was obviously in his best interest to cooperate .

After quickly having a thorough consideration of the business, Tayi Khan directly approached Chen Mu .

Of course, before looking for Chen Mu, he had done some investigation of Chen Mu .

Chen Mu was a young man who hadn’t graduated from college, his parents had just died in an accident, and he had been running a gas station here for less than three months, so in his opinion, Chen Mu didn’t know much about this place and hadn’t been “involved” much in society .

Based on this information, Tayi Khan made a quick decision and chose the “pressure first, then give sweets” approach to discuss cooperation with Chen Mu .

Tayi Khan had been in this business for so many years, he was not the kind of rash and impetuous person, if he had talked to Chen Mu’s parents instead, he would have chosen a softer way, but to Chen Mu, he felt that this was the best way .

The results were not as expected .

Chen Mu rejected his intention to cooperate with him without much thought, and he never expected that he would be labelled as “Mang” by Chen Mu .

Tayi Khan was indeed enraged by Chen Mu’s rejection, and more importantly, he felt that he had been slighted as if cold water had been poured on his head . . which was intolerable

One must know that his heart was full of enthusiasm and expectations for this tourism business, and this outcome was completely unacceptable to him .

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Since the cooperation was not possible in person, some necessary measures would have to be taken outside the negotiation table .

Although Tayi Khan was not a native of this part of Bahe Town, he was, after all, an Uyghur, and was uniquely positioned to survive here .

Over the years, he had made many friends, and he believed that these friends would be able to give him useful help at a critical time to secure this valuable opportunity for him .

And so- .

The two men in question had only a few words to talk about the collapsed cooperation, but for the next two or three days, the tug-of-war in the shadows went on without a word .

Three days later, Tayi Khan, who hadn’t been able to get any news, got a bit fed up and dialled the same phone number from before again .

“Hello, Old Chen? It’s Tayi Khan . ”

“Yes, any news about the last time I asked for your help?”

“Well? Any difficulties? How is that possible that young man has only just arrived here . ”

“Okay, Old Chen, I’m in no hurry, I’ll listen to you ……”


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Ten minutes later, Tayi Khan hung up the phone somewhat woodenly, his eyes dull .

He sat in his seat, unable to return to his senses for a while .

That young man, was there even that much history behind him?

Tayi Khan’s friend had already gone out of his way to help him, but the obstacles he encountered at the higher levels of leadership felt like kicks in the iron .

“Brother Tayi Khan, I would advise you not to provoke that young man, else you’ll suffer . ”

This advice, which had just come from the friend on the phone, kept echoing in Tayi Khan’s mind .

He understood that the friend meant that he would never give him any more help for this, because there was someone behind that young man .

Moreover, that friend of his was already considered to be very powerful in the town, yet he still couldn’t figure out who the person behind Chen Mu was .

It was as if he was confidently throwing a stone at a certain place, hoping to make some noise, but after the stone fell, it vanished without a trace, making no sound at all, which was very creepy .

Tayi Khan sat there for a long while, suddenly realizing that he had made a mistake, and the source of this mistake came from his misjudgment of Chen Mu .

That young man was clearly not as ordinary as he had understood, or perhaps what he had learned was only on the surface, and what lay beneath the surface was harbouring energy he had not expected .

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Tayi Khan wiped his face, looking dejected .

What he was worried about now was not whether or not he could get Chen Mu to agree to the cooperation as soon as possible, but where or not Chen Mu would do something in retaliation .

Perhaps because of this little mistake he had made earlier, everything he had accumulated would fall apart as a result, which sent him into deep regret, as well as trepidation .


Hengqiang Highway, gas station .

Chen Mu, who was sleeping in the business room, was suddenly knocked awake by the Uyghur old man: “Have it, this is something that Alimu Grand Mullah asked this old man to give you . ”

Chen Mu rubbed his face to wake himself up a bit and doubtfully picked up the small packet of things that the Uyghur old man handed to him and looked at it .

“This is a …… tour guide license?”

When Chen Mu looked at the thing placed at the top, he was shocked, how could this be there?

He was preparing to go to town in the past two days to ask how to get a tour guide certificate, but he didn’t expect to see one .

Turning over the ID, He saw that his information was filled in correctly and his picture taken already . He was really a little confused: “This certificate…When did I go for the test?”

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