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Published at 2nd of October 2020 11:21:45 AM
Chapter 103
Counter Attack

a/n about being serialized .

Once it became morning, there was a familiar four person group that came running over .

“Found Hakkon! Karaadeee!”

Yeah, it’s actually karaage, but I can’t pronounce it well, sorry .
Previously they told me to teach them what their favorite dish was called, and I was able to tell them somehow but I didn’t have enough sound bites so it became “karaade,’ and that’s the name that stuck .
The ones that are kicking up a dust cloud with their running feet while looking for that are the members of the Big Eaters Brigade . So does that mean the transfer circle is revived?



“Karaade, karaade, karaade . ”

They crowded around me, mouths dripping with drool as they repeatedly chanted, making me feel a little terrified .
I want to ask about the situation on the other side, but it seems impossible-ish until they calm down .
I provided a lot of karaage just to satisfy them, but it all disappeared one after another . Their consumption speed is like they’re just eating wanko soba .

“Frog meat is also good, but as expected, Hakkon’s is the best . ”

“That’s right, Pel . I think so too . ”

Listening to Mikene and Pel’s conversation put me in good mood . The figures of everyone stuffing their cheeks like it’s delicious seems like it would put a smile on my face if I weren’t a vending machine .

“Your appetite’s the same as always . Hakkon, gimme karaade too . ”

Hyurumi came over while scrubbing her eyes and stifling a yawn .
Was she up late messing with the transfer circle? She looks sleepy .

“Welcome . ”

I gave her karaage and cafe au lait to help her wake up .

“Thanks, Hakkon . ”

“Tran sfer”
“Ok ay”

I raised the intonation of that last ‘ay’ so it should sound like I’m asking a question . The words and sounds I can use are few, so this sort of technique became necessary .

“Yeah, it ain’t completely, though . It can transport four or five people every hour without problems . First we intend ta prioritize the kids and elderly . ”

I want to acknowledge her hard work with, “Otsukaresama” , but it’s painful not having “tsu” or “re” . But it’s possible to arrange my words so that I can praise her!

“Yo – C h ie f”
“Executive Off ic er . ”

“Yochief exec utifofficer?”

It’s really no good . There probably aren’t any CEOs in this world to begin with . Words are hard .

“I don’t really get it, but with this we can leave the non-combatants in Clear Stream Lake Level and give ‘em secure living conditions . I feel bad for the citizens here, but holin’ up in a place with no sky’s not good for you, mentally . ”

Looking upwards, there’s just a rock face there .
Come to think of it, the children from the orphanage have said that they’ve never seen the sky before .
It’s an emergency right now and they don’t need to pay a fee to use the transfer circle, so although it’s not the real sky, this is an excellent chance for them to see it .
It’s a shame that I won’t be able to see the children’s surprised faces, but we have to send them first .

“Good mo-rning~, Hakkon . Hyurumi’s here too, morning-”

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“Yo, morning . You’re energetic and lively today too . ”

She resembles someone with that energy drink in her right hand . I want her to say something like, “Give it a fight!”

“Being energetic is my only redeeming quality!”

“You got lots more than just that . ”

Hyurumi was exasperated to the point of giving a small sigh, glancing at Ramis’ chest for a bit, but let’s just not-have-seen that .

“The Big Eaters Brigade came . Looks like the search through the community will be a lot easier . ”

“Their noses and ears are weirdly effective after all . They’re precious, useful man power in this sort of situation . ”

The ones being praised by those two didn’t here it at all as they were occupied by chewing on karaage .
And then at some point Shui had joined the Big Eaters Brigade’s circle, eating karaage with them . She’s the only one who can join the Big Eaters Brigade without making things feel weird .
Seems like today will be busy . I had that sort of premonition as I saw the various people who had just woken up coming this way .

 Since the morning, we’ve been transferring the citizens one after another with the transfer circle .
Originally you couldn’t travel to another level without capturing the Starting Level at least once, but taking advantage of the situation where it’s not working normally, it seems Hyurumi altered the specifications altered it for the better so that anyone can move with it .
But it’s in the situation where it’s only connected to Clear Stream Lake Level, so it’s not like you can go wherever you’d like whenever you’d like .
The hunters are last priority, so they split up into people in charge of the defenses in front of the barricade, people continuing yesterday’s search for survivors within the community, and people subjugating the remaining monsters .
With the Big Eaters Brigade joining up with the search, their efficiency will go up greatly, I assume . I’ve already experienced how good their abilities are .
Today I didn’t participate in the search, being installed near the transfer circle . There were a lot of children who were scared of using the transfer circle, so my duty is to distract them with balloons and snacks .

“Uw, Hakkon, amazing-!”

The children stared at the balloons with sparkling eyes .
I’m not just inflating the balloons, I’m taking out long, thin balloons and using to twist and tie them, making dogs and flowers .
I never thought I’d revive the simple balloon art I learned for my part-time job as a student in another world . Alr-ight, I’m in the zone . Next, should I join a lot of balloons together to make a bear?

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I got more into it than I thought, and when I realized it there were balloon arts lined up all around the transfer circle, making the room feel a bit fanciful .
For the people coming in to use the transfer circle, the unexpected sight blew away their unease of the unknown, so they were able to be transferred by the transfer circle without being nervous .
There were also people who entered by mistake and arrived from Clear Stream Lake Level, but it was funny how everyone’s eyes popped open wide as they looked around the area .

“How is it, are things going … well…?”

Starting President came to check on things . Her normal tense expression collapsed, her mouth unconsciously dropping open in a daze .
Starting President gives the impression that she always have a severe look on her face, but yesterday’s back and forth with Hevoy makes me start to think that she’s a fairly expressive person .
I wonder if her face appears to be frowning because she tries to forcibly suppress that .

“How cute … n, ah-, isn’t this an interior that the kids will like?”

She tried to gloss it over quickly, but I’ve completely recorded the defenseless face from just now . I took it without any particular reason, but I wonder if I could use it for anything later .

“Thanks to Hakkon, the kids can get on the transfer circle without being frightened . Once we’ve moved all the children and elderly, would it be good for the women to be next?”

“Aah, if you would . The hunters will be the last rotation, so prioritize the civilians . We’ll have to provide hazard pay for the people who remain . The last question is … what do we do here?”

“Do we leave the transfer circle, or do we destroy it?”

“Right . If we abandon this level, it would be problematic for the other levels if the monsters misuse the transfer circle . ”

If monsters from one level use the transfer circle to move to other levels, I can see that it would worsen their situation by being attacked both from without and within .
However, if we destroy it we won’t be able to return to the Starting Level again .

“Destroying it is easy, but if we no longer have a way to return to the Starting Level, it’s possible that it will be extremely easy for the monsters to get above ground . ”

“That’s right . Putting the non-combatants on the Clear Stream Lake Level is all well and good, but if this place is taken over then I’m afraid that the town above ground will be destroyed . However, for me, I want to place the safety of all the people of this community as my greatest priority . Even if I will be charged for abandoning this place afterwards . ”

Looking at the big picture, I suppose we should defend this place to the death . But I can’t say that she’s wrong for thinking about wanting to prioritize saving the people she knows .
Which one is right isn’t something a vending machine like me can arrogantly say . It’s a decision that’s full of worries, after all .

“I can think of a number of ways to maintain this place but … The first is to completely block off the road connecting to the labyrinth . If we stuff the entrance with rubble or collapse the passageway, it will take some time for the enemy to enter the community . ”

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Hyurumi, with her arms crossed, lifted her head and raised two fingers, thrusting them towards Starting President .
There is no other way into the interior of the community except the one road . Sealing that place off completely will also prevent monsters from invading . It’s not impossible to fill it with rubble, but by doing that, it can be removed some time in the future . Although it will take time .

“The second is to find the Ruler of the Netherworld’s subordinate that is commanding the enemy, and destroy the ring . If they aren’t getting commands, they would be simple to defend against after all . ”

“I’ll take that into account as well, but the Starting Level is quite complicated, and finding the opponent who’s giving the instructions is a task that’s next to impossible . We also have to secure man power for the defenses . We won’t be able to tear that many hunters away . ”

“Ah-, if that’s the case, then how about movin’ just the Fools of Whimsy Brigade and the Big Eaters Brigade out?”

There was a man leaning his back on the entrance door, lifting the brim of his hat with a finger .
Leader Keryoil, what a pointless pose you’re making . Actually, it suits him well, but it pisses me off for some reason .

“Will you do it?”

“I don’t mind . I also want to get some more information on the Ruler of the Netherworld . So splurge on our reward afterwards . ”

“Aah, I get it . If you satisfy us with good results, we’ll increase the reward . ”

“Negotiation complete . Leave it to us . ”

Smiling while exchanging a handshake, Leader Keryoil is a shrewd man, being able to get a reward for something he was going to do even if he was refused . I bet he was waiting in the door’s shadow for this topic to come up with this sort of timing .
Whatever happened, with this it’s been decided to search the Starting Level, huh?

“Hakkon’s only temporary, but he’s also a memer of the Fools of Whimsy Brigade . I’m in your care . ”

I thought this would come . I have no reason to refuse, so should I reply favorable?

“Mo ne y please . ”

“Oh, you’re also quite shrewd ain’t ya?”

Nono, not as much as you, Leader Keryoil .

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