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Chapter 268: The Farce Caused by a Cat (2)

Standing in front of the glass window.

Young Master Ao saw everything below.

He smiled.

“Old Ma is sensible!”

That was a remarkably high compliment.

It also meant acceptance.

The people around all laughed.

That moment, he saw the young man, the owner of the spiritual cat, turned around and left.

Ma Baobao’s men stepped forward at the same time, trying to snatch the spiritual cat.

The spiritual cat jumped up and landed on his master’s shoulder.

The young man turned around and looked at the bodyguards boldly with a smile on his face at the same time.

“Nice treasure!” Young Master Ao ignored everything. His eyes were on the spiritual cat’s vigorous body.

He knew that His Majesty would like such a spiritual cat!


“It’s a waste of such a spiritual object to be placed in the hands of a mortal!”

Such a spiritual cat might awaken and transform into a human form as long as it was properly taken care of.

He would also be able to gain some reputation in front of the Emperor.

Therefore, Young Master Ao put his hands behind his back with a smile.

The people beside him immediately understood.

He made phone calls one by one, hinting to the nearby police system with the same tone, “Don’t work so hard.”.

With that, he created an opportunity for Ma Baobao’s bodyguards.

He didn’t need to delay for too long. A few minutes would be enough.

He would at most need to go to court when he got the spiritual cat.

He could go to court, report a death, and pay the compensation.

The extraordinaire who controlled resources and wealth didn’t care about the compensation.

Was 10,000 yuan enough?

What about 100,000yuan?

That would be the case as long as the Blackguard didn’t interfere.

It would only be a small extra amount of compensation even if the Blackguard interfered.

Money wasn’t a problem!

Even if the matter got out of hand and something happened, the ones who would take the blame would be the bodyguards. Even Ma Baobao would be fine.

That was also the ability that their circle had evolved from playing chase with the Blackguard for 200 years.


‘We’ll abide by the law!’


‘We’ll admit when we have done something wrong. We’ll let you catch those should be caught, punish those should be punished, and scold those should be scolded.’

The Blackguard wouldn’t be able to do anything to them as long as they don’t directly confront the Blackguard.

At worst, they’ll be sent to Beihai for a few years.

As long as they were still alive.

However, Young Master AO and his men didn’t know at all.

The atmosphere in the headquarters of the Blackguard in Jiangcheng City had dropped to the freezing point at that moment!

“How dare they!”

Looking at the image transmitted from the surveillance camera, the expression of the chief of the Blackguard branch, Xia Ping, instantly became extremely interesting.

Especially when he saw the cat goddess jump onto the shoulder of the owner of the bookstore.

And when the owner turned around.

Xia Ping felt his heart almost stop beating.

The end of the world seemed to be right in front of him.

He knew how terrifying that target was.

Was Duke Ivy of Hell fierce?

He ate Duke Ivy by barbecuing him!

Was the Werewolf Tribe strong enough?

They were all brainless and heartless beasts now, and they would never be able to turn over a new leaf!

Such a terrifying thing like the bloodline curse directly went to the source and cursed an entire race!

The thirteen witches of the Feasting Sect were influenced by him at once and became law-abiding citizens.

The leader of the Beast Sect was asked to volunteer by him.

“How dare they!”

“How dare they!” Xia Ping was about to cry.

He picked up the phone in a flurry and immediately dialed, “General Situ! General Situ! Help!”

“Look at the monitor! Look at the monitor!”

“What should we do now?”

“What should we do now?”

Xia Ping seemed to see the end of the world.

The earth was wailing, and the sky was cracking.

Countless meteors were cutting through the atmosphere.

Those were very likely to happen!

Because the mysterious owner of the bookstore had the strength and ability.

After all, he could even meddle with time and space.

It was easy to do that!

Situ He turned on the screen in his quiet room.

Then, he gulped.

“Bastard! Bastard!”

The blood pressure of the General of the Blackguard instantly soared.

He knew better than Xia Ping of the terror of that terrifying owner of the bookstore!

Because the owner didn’t even need to do it himself.

He didn’t even need to summon his servants, those extremely terrifying monsters.

It was just that what would thirteen witches in the city and the leader of the Beast sect do when they found out about that?

What would they do if their Lord was humiliated?

The thirteen witches in the city might use taboos to create destruction that was comparable to the full power of the Commander-In-Chief!

If the leader of the Beast Sect had transformed into a truly terrifying dark monster.

Even the Commander-In-Chief might not be able to subdue him in an instant.

Not to mention that they wanted to take revenge. There must be a terrifying monster supporting from behind.

Whoever stopped them would have the same plot as in novels.

They beat up their grandson and provoked their grandfather.

However, unlike the novel, no main character could defeat that grandfather.

Therefore, even the Blackguard had no choice but to sit back and watch.

Giving them space to vent as they please.

Because they couldn’t provoke them!

Moreover, it would be the best ending if it was just the witches and the Beast sect who took action.

“Immediately! Immediately!” Situ He picked up the phone and immediately ordered, “Everyone gather!”

“I want to see all the Blackguard seal off the target’s area in ten minutes!”

But at that time, there was a new change in the surveillance screen.

Situ He looked at the screen.

He collapsed powerlessly.

“It’s over… Everything is over…”

Ling Pingan looked at the bodyguards who were approaching him fearlessly.

He put down the shopping bag in his hand and patted the cat on his shoulder, Bastet, “Little one, don’t be afraid…”

“They won’t dare to do anything in broad daylight!”

The law had enough strength to protect him.

That was something Ling Pingan had known since he was young.

Those who broke the law would be punished!

So, he looked at the bodyguards and said calmly, “Do you know that you are going against the law?”

The bodyguards laughed when they heard that.

Of course, they knew!

They were breaking the law.

But, so what?

At most, they would apologize and pay the money.

How would the commoners know about the extravagance and advantages of the rich?

If they beat him up, they would pay him 100,000 yuan, okay?

If he were disabled, they would pay him 1,000,000 yuan, okay? So what if they went into jail for a few more years?

One could do anything if they had the money!

One could even make the situation reverse if their power of money reached a certain level!

The eyesight and knowledge of ordinary people are limited.

They would never know how terrifying the rich people were when they have enough wealth!

The law could only intimidate people forever.

It would always have its boundaries and limitations, and there would always be loopholes that others could take advantage of.

And the rich people could always find flaws and loopholes.

They made legislators cry, made law enforcers helpless, and made countless people sigh.

That was reality!

There would always be loopholes, no matter how perfect the law was.

Because legislators could only protect most people.

The bodyguards had naturally seen countless cases.

So, they all laughed.

Ma Baobao even had his hands behind his back, calm and unruffled.

He felt that victory was in his grasp, and everything was under control.

Ring …

His cell phone rang at that moment.

Ma Baobao picked it up and took a look. It was a call from the confidant of Young Master Ao whom he had bribed.

“Mr. Ma…”

“Young master especially praised you just now…”

“He even called you Old Ma…”

Ma Baobao’s eyes lit up when he heard this.

Old Ma…

That title made him very excited.

Therefore, he made a decision that would make him suffer for the rest of his life. It was also the decision that he thought was the best under the current circumstances.

He hung up the phone and looked at the young man that looked extremely thin and weak, who was surrounded by bodyguards.

He gently raised his palm and quietly circulated his strength.

“Shadowless Fist!” He softly chanted and then slowly walked over.

As a well-known ancient martial art practitioner, he had been immersed in fist techniques for decades and had already cultivated inner strength.

“Young man…” he said with a smile, “Why don’t you know your place?”

He walked out from the group of bodyguards and stretched out his fist.

Ma Baobao was full of confidence.

Because in his opinion, that young man simply could not and could not block his palm.

That was the shadowless fist!

Inner Strength!

The recipient would not be affected, for the time being, once struck with the fist. However, as time passed, the inner strength would explode within three to five days, and it was very normal for him to lie in bed for a few years.

And that was also Ma Baobao’s pledge of allegiance.

He wanted to use this method to continue explaining that he could do anything for Young Master Ao!

That included taking the risk of being punished by the Blackguard.

Ling Pingan looked at the old man, pushing his bodyguard aside before lightly striking out his fist.

“Shadowless Fist!” He muttered.

Ling Pingan subconsciously stretched out his hand.

Then, he grabbed the old man’s hand.

That was the so-called 18th generation Tai-Chi Hsing-i’s successor?

Ling Pingan frowned, and at the same time, he slightly exerted some force.


The old man screamed!

“As expected…” Ling Pingan thought in his heart. “Another pretentious actor…”

When he was in university, he had encountered a person who claimed to be an ancient martial arts grandmaster.

He played around with the spear for a long time in front of him.

Then, the man collapsed when he exerted only a little force.

Just like that? Just like that!

At that time, he was incredibly surprised. Later, he found out that the grandmaster had been living in the flattery of others.

His so-called actual combat was all acted by actors.

Just like the Emperor’s new clothes.

Until he met that innocent child, who refused to act with him…

The person in front of him was the same?

Ling Pingan felt that these ancient martial arts circles were complicated.

Therefore, he gently let go of the old man.

“Old sir…” Ling Pingan smiled and said, “It seems that your kung fu is not good enough!”

The moment he let go, the old man took a few steps back.

Then, the old man and his bodyguards looked over in disbelief.

Ling Pingan shook his head and said, “Why aren’t you leaving?”

“Should we wait for the police to come?”

He turned his head and glanced at the camera.

He felt that the police should be coming soon.


He hated trouble.

If the police came, they would need to make a statement and sign the papers. It wouldn’t take long for them to settle everything.


Ling Pingan looked at the old man.

There was no point in making a big fuss!

Fortunately, he didn’t have much to lose, right!

Therefore, it would naturally be a happy ending for everyone if they were willing to leave just like that!

Ling Pingan avoided trouble, and the old man could also avoid making a scene on the news channel.

Just think about it. Wouldn’t it make a bad reputation if the headline of ‘The eighteenth generation of Tai-Chi Hsing-I inheritor defeated by a passerby’ appeared on the news?


Thus, Ling Pingan put down his kitten, bent down, and picked up his shopping bag.

He slowly walked to the bus stop in the distance under the terrified gaze of Ma Baobao and his bodyguards.

Situ He looked at the screen. The old man, who wanted to attack was directly grabbed on his wrist.

He seemed to turn around and look at the monitor at that moment.

Then, as if he had thought of something, he gave up on pursuing the person who had offended him.

He gently let go, and his control of strength was just right.

Then, Situ He saw that he put down the cat goddess as if there was no one else around in the surveillance. Then, he bent down and picked up the shopping bag. Then, he turned around and left, ignoring everything.

Situ He gulped.

He roughly understood.

He patted his heart that was almost scared to the point of breaking.

“Fortunately, fortunately…”

“He still has feelings for this city and this world…”

That was obvious.

If not for that, he might have already revealed his true form.


He only needed a thought to reveal the cat goddess’ true form, and it was enough to turn the entire city upside down!

That was a true God, a true God with authority and status who had all returned!

Picking up the phone, Situ He dialed the number of the capital city while trembling.

“This is Situ He… please contact the Commander-In-Chief’s office…”

The matter had to be reported, and the Commander-In-Chief’s opinion had to be sought.

He had to severely punish the old man!

Even if that person didn’t say a single word about it.

But looking back into the surveillance camera already explained everything.

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