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The Western Highland was beyond vast. The boundless red soil connected with the firmament far off in the distance. The vegetation here was sparse, and the land was filled with gravel.

Chu Feng couldn't quite get used to the changes. He was just walking absent-mindedly on the plains when he encountered such an incident—it truly worsened his mood.

He glared furiously with an unfriendly expression.

But as those people saw it, this was really nothing serious. They were sure that he was a cross-dressing lady and even felt that his anger was rather charming.

"Her actions have an ethereal temperament to them, and both her smile and scowl are beautiful. It can be said that she's has a heart like a stream in autumn and bones made of jade."

One of them praised in admiration. There was a young man clad in purple robes standing on one of the brown rocks. His eyes shone as bright as the stars and he was fairly elegant as he flapped his fan.

That was a purple snake in human form. After arriving on earth, he didn't go to Kunlun to join the liveliness because he knew he couldn't win against Ying Wudi, the Destiny Immortal Physique, Qin Luoyin, and the others.

He had been scouring through the remote areas in search of fortunes. The group behind him also had the same thoughts, but the snake was still the most powerful among them.

"Scram!" Chu Feng said coldly. However, that cute sound caused even himself to feel stupid. It made other people think that he was a girl pretending to be coarse because he was really lacking that masculinity.

He really wanted to curse out loud. This was a truly awkward and uncomfortable experience.

"Oh my, she's quite proud too and has an attitude. But little sister, you're still lacking in life experience. It's too dangerous for you to be walking around dressed like a man. We've already seen through your disguise, see? You'll be in danger of getting kidnapped if you encounter one of those old demons or evil evolvers," said a yellow bear spirit whose face was covered with a thick beard.

Chu Feng was about to choke. Did he really look like a simpleton? He touched his face subconsciously and found that he really did look like a naive person who could be deceived by just anyone.

The yellow bear spirit's attitude was righteous. He patted his chest and said, "Little sister, follow me. I'll take care of you when the time comes."

The purpled-robed young man smiled. "Old Yellow, you're like a clay Buddha crossing the river. Who're you trying to fool when you can't even protect yourself? I'm worried that this might be a young princess who's run away from a big family."

With that, he walked forward in a good-natured manner and said to Chu Feng, "I'll take you to Kunlun. You might find your family there."

"Enough, everyone scram! I'm in a horrible mood right now, so I don't want to talk with you!" Chu Feng turned and left. He could no longer stay here because he might lose it and attack them.

Chu Feng had never imagined that he would one day be taken advantage of by other men. He was so indignant that even his face was twitching. He was trying his best to suppress this inexplicable emotion.

However, some people from that group weren't friendly at all. They sounded like nice people, but their gazes were odd when no one was around. They had taken Chu Feng as a noble lady who had run away from home.

Chu Feng sneered because some people really had no idea what was good for them—they didn't know the immensity of the heaven and earth. He could slap them to death in one hit!


It was at this time that a ball of fire descended from the sky accompanied by an exceptionally bright light. It was only daybreak at the moment and the hazy sky was just lighting up, so this fireball was exceptionally dazzling.

Instantly, the soil in the entire area exploded with gravel flying high into the sky. A giant pit had appeared in the ground, and its floor was filled with dense cracks. The gaps in the earth were so big that a boar could fall into it, and they also stretched several kilometers out.

All evolvers took a step back in shock.

Even Chu Feng was cautious as he stared at the big crater.

A wisp of smoke emerged as the rock in the crater began to crack open and something metallic emerged from within. It was like a spaceship but was covered in flowing runes. Apparently, it had been refined countless times.

The cabin door opened and out walked an old woman. She was tottering and almost seemed as though she would be blown away by the winds of daybreak. A boy and a girl appeared hurriedly from behind to support her.

The old lady was well-dressed with all kinds of brilliant gems embedded in her clothes. The hairpin on her head was also shining brightly and flowing with scarlet clouds. She was fairly advanced of age but apparently unwilling to acquiesce to it. She was glimmering from head to toe and still as eye-catching as a young lady.

"Haha, I just descended but I'm already seeing nice food in front of me. My luck's not bad, I must say!" the old woman spoke with a kind expression, but her voice made one tremble. It was raspy, hoarse, and resembled the cry of an owl.

An old woman had appeared out of nowhere. She was fairly amicable and smiled at everyone immediately upon arrival. This caused everyone to feel apprehensive—even the purple-robed snake spirit and the boorish yellow bear didn't dare say anything.

"You're all good children, so grandma can't bear to kill you all. I really want to take you in as my followers, but unfortunately, I'm hungry," she laughed.

The man and woman behind her wore stern expressions. The occasional smile on their faces was cruel as they helped the old woman out of the pit and looked down on everyone.

Everyone quietly took a step back. They had noticed that things weren't quite right and that they needed to flee.

However, the old woman was standing on a tall rock and saw everything very clearly. Her originally turbid eyes erupted with golden radiance. She then said in a cruel tone, "Who dares leave without my permission? I'll eat that one first."

A banner appeared in her hand. It was as tall as a person and as red as blood. The banner unfurled into the wind amidst ghastly wails and immediately filled the air with bloody qi. Shadowy figures rushed out from within and quickly engulfed that person—everything was over following a miserable cry.

Only some skin and bones were left behind. All the flesh and blood in his body had been stripped away and drawn into the banner!

"Divine Blood Banner!"

Someone cried out—his face was pale and his expression, one of terror. The other evolvers' expressions also turned miserable. Everyone was incomparably shocked.

The moment this weapon's name was spoken, it was as though a demon had escaped from hell. The temperature of the entire wilderness plummeted and caused this dawn to turn dark.

"Senior of the Spirit Race, you can't do this. The major characters from the outer realms are all looking at you. You… please let us go!"

The boorish yellow bear from just now fell to his knees. He was quite blunt with his words and trembling in fear. His expression was full of trepidation and completely devoid of the boldness from before.

Very soon, Chu Feng was also moved. He had always wanted to enter the starry skies, so he had made all sorts of preparations. He had asked Yellow Ox to explain the important things he needed to pay attention to. He had also done a fair bit of research on his own, so he knew about this Divine Blood Banner.

The spirit race back then was a race that dared to claim themselves as descendants of the godly spirits. Later on, they named themselves the spirit race in order to avoid a conflict with the Deity Race.

There was a special type of treasure belonging to the Spirit Race called the Divine Blood Banner. This item was simply too heaven-defying—it could devour the bloodline of myriad races and use them to improve one's cultivation. It was overflowing with an intent to massacre.

This treasure had reached an ultimate form during the era where the race called themselves the Godly Spirit Race. Moreover, this ultimate treasure was the best of its kind. It had established its might in the hands of the race's old ancestor who had used it to kill a heaven-illuminator. This shook the entire starry sky.

Later on, even the Ten Greats could no longer sit still. Who could guard against this weapon if it were allowed to keep on evolving? It only needed to devour the blood of myriad beings to transform. It was too terrifying.

In the end, no one knew how an agreement was reached among the Ten Greats, but the race became Spirit Race and the banner was dismantled. It was no longer allowed to devour the bloodlines of other races.

During that era, the evolvers of their race used ordinary versions of the Divine Blood Banner—corresponding to their own level—as standardized weapons.

After being suppressed by the Ten Greats, however, all these weapons were dismantled and no longer allowed to appear. The race could no longer use them to fight their enemies.

It was considered a forbidden weapon!

The Ten Greats were fairly tyrannical, so many races didn't have a good impression of them. However, people agreed with their course of action regarding this matter. Everyone felt like this was the right thing to do.

But today, this old woman had actually brought out such a weapon. This shocked everyone. She actually allowed this object to see the light of day once more. What was she intending to do?

"We, the descendants of the Godly Spirit Race, have been suppressed for far too long. Today, the broken cosmos is no longer peaceful and thus requires us to put exert ourselves. The Deity Race has allowed us to descend and eat the food here, heh, heh…"

The old woman laughed amiably, at least her expression was so. However, the sound was simply too harsh to the ears. It was almost like a ghastly wail, capable of shaking one's soul.

"But some of the other Ten Greats haven't agreed yet, so we can only do this stealthily. There are some burial pits on this planet where the blood hasn't yet dried. They'll make for great blood food, so how can we let it go to waste? But a meeting is also a type of fate. Since you people have discovered our traces, we naturally can't let you go. You'll become food for us. Oh, you can forget about people in outer space discovering us. This Divine Blood Banner isn't ordinary—it can cover up all signs of movement nearby."

The old woman's smile grew even more resplendent. Her entire body erupted with a treasured aura as she walked forward using the banner as a walking stick.


The group of four was shocked out of their wits. They were too terrified of the legendary Divine Blood Banner. They had no designs on it at all and scattered immediately.

"Kids, you can't escape. Grandma will love you all." The old woman laughed in a ghastly tone. A shake of her hand sent the Divine Blood Banner out with a boom. Scarlet color filled the air amidst ghastly wails. This object was an ancient tool possessing miraculous powers.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh...

The group flew backward but couldn't escape at all. Afterward, many of them collapsed to the ground and turned into a suit of human skin and bones. This weapon was simply too malicious.

The remaining people fell kneeling onto the floor and kowtowed continuously, begging for mercy.

That was because they had realized that the old woman's level was so much higher than theirs.

"Children, be on your way," The old woman remained unmoved.

"Old woman, we'll fight it out with you!" The yellow bear roared furiously. He erupted with thunderous power as he smashed forward with his giant hammer.

Surprisingly, this bear was incredibly strong. He was at the peak of visualization realm and only one step away from the cloudeater realm.

"Do you know who I am? Back then, I was one of the heavenly knights. Although I'm one of the weakest among those alive today, I still managed to reach the Golden Arhat level. I paid a great price by destroying my own golden physique in order to descend to earth. Everything was for the bloody burial pits, everything for my race to rise again. Are you trying to court death by attacking me?"

The old woman's laughter was sinister. This time, she didn't use the Divine Blood Banner. She merely tapped the air with her hand and fired a beam of sanguineous light. The radiance crushed the yellow bear to pieces and turned him into a bloody mist.

After that, she shook the sanguineous banner lightly and had it absorb the cloud of blood.

Everyone was shocked. The heavenly knights from back then were a group of ruthless people. They were the most blood-thirsty, so much so that many people in the outer realms could no longer stand them.

That was because they wouldn't even let the old and the young go. They would kill just about everyone, including ordinary people. All of them were evil and cruel, stained with the blood of countless innocents.

In the distance, Chu Feng was badly shaken and feeling quite hateful.

He had seen the records on the moon and personally witnessed the scenes of the past. The Heavenly Knights were simply a group of demons. They slaughtered the old, the young, and the weak, chasing them into the starry skies. Their methods were outrageously cruel.

He had seen a white-robed young girl being decapitated, a four-year-old boy being run through by a spear, and a one-handed old man cut into two halves. Meanwhile, those Heavenly Knights laughed loudly and bathed in the blood of the ancestors. Their horses trampled through the starry skies as they chased the refugees down.

Back then, the Heavenly Knights were made up of wanderers from various races. There were galactic pirates, explorers, criminals, and fugitives among them. Their composition was complicated and more like a band of demons.

As time passed by, many of them had died of old age. Those still alive were no doubt major characters.

Chu Feng had never imagined he would encounter one of them here. His killing intent was practically overflowing.

However, the people nearby had pale faces. Above visualization were three realms: cloudeater, transformation, and golden physique. The old woman was an expert at the golden physique level, and no one was a match for her.

She had cut down her own cultivation, so she should be at the transformation realm at the moment. But her strength was still formidable.

"Heh, heh… I haven't been here for too long. It was such a carefree time back then. Unfortunately, we couldn't use the Divine Blood Banner back then because we had to toady up to the Deity Race. Now, however, the restrictions on us are finally gone. Oh, I smell delicious blood. This planet is indeed very beautiful. Even if I can't attack openly, I can still incite confusion throughout the land like causing a beast stampede. I'll then come in from behind and harvest the blood!"

The old woman's eyes narrowed as she observed the land. Her expression was somewhat absent-minded and full of desire as she reminisced about the past. She wanted to continue stirring up havoc on his land.

At this moment, Chu Feng made a resolute decision to kill her immediately. She must not be given any chance.

This was the first Heavenly Knight he had encountered face to face. This was a group he had sworn to wipe out one day. Now, he was about to take action and cut down the first person from that notorious group.

"I'm about to head into the starry skies and it just so happened that I'm lacking a weapon to cause trouble with. This thing isn't bad at all, it can even misdirect disaster to the Spirit Race."

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