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Chapter 338

Chapter 338: A man of culture .

There had been countless songwriters since the beginning of artistic expression of singing .

Do not think that all the songwriters and songs people saw normally was all of it .

Which company didn’t have hundreds or thousands of spare songs in their personal library?

There was a chance that it would never see the light and there was a chance for it to become extremely popular due to a lucky opportunity .

Of course, in reality the most famous songwriters in China were those same few people .

After all, it wasn’t like in the Western where the songwriters could live off from a song by a steady stream of royalties . To write songs in China, they must be renowned to make a living off it .

The continuous recovery of the music industry these past two years and Teacher Lu’s songs was a game changer while the songs from other songwriters also played a role .

For example, last year ‘I Sing My Song’ second place Li Bi and third place Jin Guwei were two very bright new stars,

They each released a very high selling album but not one song was written by Lu Xiaofeng .

Li Bi shined particularly brightly as her debut album ‘Pride’ was downloaded 7 million times in the past year and sold 150k hard copies .

The total sales were almost like Su Mo’s ‘Cupid Arrow’ .

Of course, even if Li Bi’s album sold ten times more than Su Mo’s, she couldn’t compare to him in terms of status and influence .

How could a newbie be compared to someone that had been an emperor for 20 years?

But it didn’t mean that Li Bi wasn’t good .

In fact, her career developed very well .

In august this year, which was last month, she released her second album called ‘Stubborn’ .

She released her second album in less than a year . It didn’t only represent her aggressiveness but also her big popularity .

If she rushed her second album while not having good popularity, the sales and review wouldn’t be good and it would incur people’s mocking . Who knew how many years it would set her career back before she could reach for the top again .

Li Bi’s popularity was certainly enough .

She already had 30 million followers in Weibo and she had received 5 first-tier advertisers endorsement, which set a storm for the young .

Had it not been for Han Dong’er release of ‘Red Bean’ this year, it would be impossible to stop her .

Li Bi’s second album ‘Stubborn’ was also made the domestic best .

Tang Yuan’s producer and the number one golden producer Lan Kai, worked on the album .

Yi Kanghai, Cheng Lu, Wang Zhao and others joined in, the entire album had 12 songs, all of which were high quality works .

Especially the song the album was named after ‘Stubborn’, Wang Xinyan personally came to compose the melody and write the lyrics . He received 1 . 5 million yuan in compensation .

He dared to ask such a high price because ‘Stubborn’ was worth the money .

The number one song in most song charts was this song ‘Stubborn’ .

If it wasn’t for the for Comeback being trending and occupied a few spots at the top of the charts, maybe the ‘Stubborn’ album could get the top three in the charts .

‘Stubborn’ was also very influential .

That influence manifested in the sales .

The singers talked a lot but it still depended on their album sales if they were successful or not .

‘Pride’ had 1 . 5 million downloads in two weeks but ‘Stubborn’ was even more impressive with more than 1 . 8 downloads in two weeks and sold 10k more than in hard copies than the previous 60k by ‘Pride’ .

It had been released for almost a month and a half now and the sales from the three major websites had reached 5 million while hard copies were 150k, almost catching up with Han Dong’er ‘Red Bean’ .

But things shouldn’t be looked at this simply .

The publisher for ‘Red Bean’ was Yongren Studio, a third-rate music company . They weren’t great whether it was in distribution or promotion .

The publisher for ‘Stubborn’ was the industry’s giant Phoenix Record . Their effort in publicity was much stronger than Yongren Studio .

Li Bi was also especially hardworking .

Before the release of the album, she traveled to 33 cities and participated in more than 20 fan meetings in 60 days or so, she did so much that she lost a whole size in weight .

It was with that much effort that she got such a good result on her second album .

In contrast, Han Dong’er…

That girl was really too lazy and her personality was too chill in other words . She only liked to sing good songs and didn’t pay attention to achievements .

If it wasn’t for ‘Red Bean’ being really good, she definitely wouldn’t exceed 10 million downloads today .

Back to the topic .

The success of Li Bi’s two albums allowed Chen Huan to see the skill level of this world’s top songwriter .

They may still be a little worse than the geniuses from his original world but their second-rate songs would still be enough to carry Comeback’s album .

One must strike when the iron was hot when making an album so they obviously shouldn’t just start preparing now .

As early as a month ago when everyone was still discussing giving a big check for Lei Daxuan medical and living expenses, Chen Huan already began to look for songs .

Lu Xiaofeng had a very high reputation in the music industry .

A musician, especially a songwriter, would definitely not be accepted by the mainstream if he simply made pop songs .

But it wasn’t the case for Lu Xiaofeng .

Whether it was ‘Mama Do You Remember’, ‘Chinese Kung Fu’, ‘Starting Back From Scratch’, ‘Laughter From the Sea’ or other songs, they were all in line with the mainstream view of the society . ‘Laughter From the Sea’ was even used as the poster song in the Gala by CCTV and that was akin to being recognized by the authorities .

So those mainstream composers or those aloof songwriters, whether they were convinced by Lu Xiaofeng or not, they would recognize his status and wouldn’t disrespect him just because he was 17 years old .

Besides, Chen Huan had his own good friend in the industry .

Two of the three emperors, Tang Yuan and Su Mo, were Chen Huan good friends .

Just these two alone, many of those top songwriters would have to show respect .

There was also the famous lyricist Wang Zhao on top of that who was Chen Huan’s good friend too and if added with the golden producer Lan Kai, not many people had connections as deep and good as Chen Huan .

But it didn’t mean that Chen Huan could invite those top songwriters to write songs for him at will .

And the works from those top songwriters were always in short supply .

Just think about how crazily people sought Lu Xiaofeng’s song .

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The other people’s songs weren’t super classic like Teacher Lu’s but Teacher Lu had not more than ten or so songs per year so how could it be enough for the hundreds of singers?

So as soon as the work of those top songwriters or first-tier songwriters came out, they were snatched away by people .

Even if those songwriters raised their minimum price to 500k and some daring one even to 1 million, they were still high in demand .

Which songwriter didn’t have ten or twenty songs in their hand?

Now that the prize had risen and that their songs were more valuable, it was even harder to obtain .

In short, those dozen renowned singers could request them but those ordinary singers without record company help definitely wouldn’t be able to .

Chen Huan understood those principles .

Fortunately, he didn’t ask much as he would still be able to squeeze them into 4 songs .

He successfully got two songs at the end of August .

Wang Zhao and Shang Ya’s ‘Return in Snowy Night’,  Bao Song and Shang Ya’s ‘I Don’t Understand You’ were all due to Wang Zhao’s influence and he got them under 20 days, they were also very high quality works .

Although they were love songs, they weren’t undying love songs but the kind with a hint of life experiences .

Shui Qingshan and the others loved it the moment they saw it so they spent 1 . 5 million for each song but nobody thought it was expensive .

The third song was from Yi Kanghai and Cheng Lu and this was obtained before the final . It was thanks to Lan Kai and Tang Yuan that this song was snatched by Chen Huan .

Now there was only one song left but it hadn’t been settled yet .

As a fan of Teacher Lu, Fu Bufan was really keen to write a song for Comeback .

However, the song he previously wrote for Zhao Changshou was criticized as being unsuitable . The style and aura of Comeback was also unsuitable to Fu Bufan’s ballad style so Chen Huan had some reservation against it .

A few days before, Su Mo called Chen Huan to say that he heard that Wu Xinyan had a great song that was unlike his previous love songs called ‘Travel in Vain’ that was very suitable for Comeback .

Su Mo also sent a demo to Chen Huan .

Chen Huan also felt it was very suitable after hearing it . It was like an old man whispering .

Shui Qingshan and the other also thought it was good .

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But the problem was Wu Xinyan hadn’t decided who to give the song yet and it was said that Zhu Shengyu also liked the song .

Zhu Shengyu and Wu Xinyan also worked together several times before so if they didn’t hurry up, Wu Xinyan may give it to him due to their existing relation and his status .

Su Mo just helped out delaying it and the details still depended on Chen Huan .

Chen Huan had some understanding of Wu Xinyan .

Although this person wrote love songs, he was withdrawn from society and didn’t like to interact with people .

Artsy people were more or less quirky just like how Teacher Chu Liuxiang didn’t want people to know his real identity so this wasn’t very shocking .

Chen Huan thought of a way now that he got a hold of Wu Xinyan’s personality .

He immediately wrote a handwritten letter and asked Su Mo to find someone to send it to him .

The day after the letter was received, Su Mo called .

“Holy! Little Huan!” Su Mo said excitedly over the phone, “Zhu Shengyu originally had a very good discussion but as soon as your letter arrived, Wu Xinyan called me this morning and told me he will sell the song to you!”

After Chen Huan hung up the phone, he couldn’t help but smile .

Throughout the age, it was unknown how many literati had been done by this!

Wu Xinyan’s personality was similar to that of Wang Zhao’s, he was very aloof .

He was writing love songs but he wasn’t some random guy in his mind .

Otherwise he wouldn’t give himself a nickname such as Yushan .

There was no harm in contacting people like that according to their personality .

Chen Huan suddenly thought of what Chu Liuxiang would do so he simply sent a letter out .

There were basically no people who wrote letters in this era .

But Wu Xinyan who was 40 years old, must have written letters when he was young so he must have been touched by this way of communication .

This was unexpectedly successful .

It seemed that he was indeed a man of culture!

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