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Chapter 675: The Admiration of the Crowd

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A crushing defeat. Elder Tie had made two consecutive moves, but he was unable to shake Chu Yunfan in the slightest. However, Chu Yunfan had casually made a move and instantly trapped Elder Tie.

The difference between the two sides was clear at a glance.

There was no doubt about Chu Yunfan’s strength. Just by looking at Elder Tie, who was easily subdued in an instant, one could tell.

Chu Yunfan held Elder Tie’s body in place. He lifted Elder Tie up like he was lifting a chicken.

Elder Tie felt extremely humiliated. He was completely caught off guard.

Chu Yunfan’s hand was like an iron hoop, and Elder Tie could not break free.


Elder Tie let out a furious roar. The True Energy in his entire body exploded out, forming a terrifying shockwave that swept toward Chu Yunfan, attempting to send him flying.

However, with the current strength of Chu Yunfan’s body, his feet were as steady as Mount Tai, rooting him firmly to the ground.

Then, Chu Yunfan made his move. He gently placed his fingers on Elder Tie’s body.

Elder Tie instantly stopped moving. All the True Energy in his body was withdrawn as if a ferocious beast had been locked in its cage.

“Acupoint?” Chu Yunfei and his friends lit up when they saw this scene. This was just like the acupoint in novels. Of course, with the great development of martial arts in modern society, there were people who explored the way of acupoint. But in the end, it had all proven to just be nonsense.

Modern martial artists were different from the high and mighty people in novels.

The masters in novels all practiced internal strength from the beginning of their cultivation journey. Very few had practiced their external strength. Even if they did, they usually only practiced a part of their body, such as the palm, the leg, and so on.

In other parts, they were no different from ordinary people. Even a top-tier expert would be pierced by a sword.

However, modern martial artists were different. The path of martial arts cultivation began with the tempering of the physical body. The more powerful an expert was, the greater their control over their physical body would be. For a top-tier expert in the Innate Stage, their control over their physical body had reached the peak of perfection.

It was simply impossible to use acupoint techniques to subdue someone. They could even take a cannonball head-on. How could they be subjugated by the acupoint technique?

That was why Chu Yunfan’s move shocked them so much.

What they did not know was that Chu Yunfan’s technique was not the acupoint technique in novels. Instead, it was a sealing technique. Although it was only a relatively basic technique, its effect was first-class.

“How is this possible?!”

Elder Tie felt that all of his True Energy and blood seemed to have been locked by a force. Only then did he finally realize the seriousness of the problem.

“Tianluo will have your head for this!” Elder Tie shouted with all his strength.

“And what does Tianluo think it is?” Chu Yunfan sneered.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the Tianluo sect was terrifyingly powerful. But Chu Yunfan had even offended the Jiangs and the Huangs without hesitation, let alone a mere sect such as Tianluo.

After throwing Elder Tie, who was already limp and powerless, aside, Chu Yunfan walked toward Chu Yunfei and his friends.

When Chu Yunfei’s friends looked at Chu Yunfan, their eyes were filled with incomparable shock.

Domineering. It was too domineering. In Chu Yunfan’s eyes, the grand Tianluo sect was nothing at all.

If it was an ordinary person who said it, they would only think that that person was just bragging. However, Chu Yunfan’s move just now had really subdued them.

“Yunfan, that old fellow just now said that the young master of Tianluo will be here soon. W better hurry and leave,” Chu Yunfei said after a moment’s pause as he looked at Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan frowned and thought for a moment. Then, he said, “Take the flying car back to Xihua City. Once you’re in the city, even Tianluo wouldn’t dare to make a move.”

“What about you?” Chu Yunfei asked.

“I’ll stay here and tie up some loose ends. I’ll help you guys settle some future troubles,” Chu Yunfan said.

Only then did everyone understand that Chu Yunfan meant to stay behind to cover the rear. Chu Yunfei was extremely touched. Only now did he truly feel that blood was thicker than water.

“You guys head back first. I’ll stay behind,” Chu Yunfei said through gritted teeth after a brief pause.

“All right. You can stay,” Chu Yunfan agreed after thinking for a moment.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfei’s friends looked at each other and did not linger any longer. After this incident, they finally realized how childish they had been. This world was far crueler than they had imagined.

After they left, only Chu Yunfan, Chu Yunfei, and Elder Tie, who had collapsed to the ground, were left in the empty field.

“You’re dead meat. You’ve offended Tianluo. No matter where you hide, it’s useless,” Elder Tie said stubbornly, “Now, let me go. There might be a chance for you to survive if you do.”


Chu Yunfan slapped Elder Tie in the face. His True Energy gathered into his palm as he fiercely slapped Elder Tie’s face.

This caused half of Elder Tie’s face to swell up. It was a patch of green and purple, making him look extremely miserable.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfei looked at Chu Yunfan with some admiration. This was his first time getting into such a situation. When he looked at Chu Yunfan, he felt like he was looking at a god—an Innate expert who was unattainable to others. When Chu Yunfan said that he would teach someone a lesson, he did not hesitate at all.

“Do you know why I didn’t kill him?” Chu Yunfan asked as he looked at Chu Yunfei.

“I don’t.” Chu Yunfei shook his head.

“That little girlfriend of yours was taken away by the people of the Tianluo sect. I think that an elder of the Innate Stage like him should be enough to exchange for her,” Chu Yunfan said.

Chu Yunfei looked at Chu Yunfan excitedly. He had not made such a request because he knew what kind of existence Tianluo was. To a behemoth like Federation University, it might not be much. But to an ordinary person, it was simply despairing.

Chu Yunfan had come all the way here to save Chu Yunfei. That was enough. He could not let Chu Yunfan take on any more risk for his sake.

However, when Chu Yunfan revealed his purpose, Chu Yunfei felt tears welling up in his eyes.

On the other hand, Elder Tie looked at Chu Yunfan in complete disbelief. On what basis did Chu Yunfan dare to challenge the Tianluo sect? Was he not afraid of death?

While the two of them were talking, a flying carriage arrived before them. A few figures stepped out of the carriage. The leader was a young man who looked to be about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. Behind him were a medium-built middle-aged man and a skinny old man.

The three of them all carried an oppressive pressure.

Three Innate Stage experts.

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