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Chapter 1561: Bit Spirit

In a blink of an eye, it was already January 2022. Two weeks had passed since the establishment of the World Union Reserve.

South of Coro Island, a building that covered an area of 20 acres completed the ribbon-cutting of the project in a low-key manner.

Rather than describe the place as a building, it was more fitting to describe it as a huge computer group. The east side of the entire building was directly constituted by an aluminum alloy shell. More than thirty quantum computer chips were connected in parallel on the main board of this large computer group.

The employees that worked in this building were like part of this supercomputer.

“Bit Spirit” was the name of this computer.

Although the headquarters of the World Union Reserve was temporarily set in Manhattan, the core of the entire world currency system was not located there, but in “Bit Spirit” on Coro Island. Although World Dollar was not a virtual currency, its monetary policy was determined by this quantum computer.

Every transaction of the World Dollar was tracked and recorded, all records were summarized in the central processing unit, and finally, the macro and micro economic data were analyzed by the artificial intelligence to make a macro forecast of the economic development trend, as well as formulate the most stable currency policy.

Bit Spirit took the concept of big data to the extreme.

After all, this quantum computer group in itself was the crystallization of the quantum computer technology of Future Group. The software program of Bit Spirit was written by Lilith, an advanced artificial intelligence.

Xia Shiyu stood next to Jiang Chen while she gazed at the huge computer group from a distance. She asked hesitantly.

“Does this thing… work?”

“Don’t worry about it. This system used to provide services for the Pan-Asia financial system. It is very reliable in both safety and practicability,” Lilith said in an expressionless state after she nodded, “In addition, I made some changes to the original system to adapt to the current economic situation based on Jiang Chen’s request.”

In the apocalypse, around the middle of the 21st century, Pan-Asia completed currency unification, and this system was not designed until the beginning of the 22nd century under the collaboration of multiple Pan-Asia financial institutions. Now after Lilith made some slight adjustments and then moved the system from the apocalypse to here, it was a natural fit for the newly formed World Union Reserve.

“I still feel that this is too risky. The Xin New dollar is in a great spot, and the risk of implementing currency reforms will only increase the risk. Even the best-case scenario where the reform succeeds, the success of the World Union Reserve currency system will only let those who lag behind us benefit.”

From Xia Shiyu’s perspective, her identity was the CEO of Future Group, so her first order of consideration was definitely the interests of Future Group.

In fact, her statement was true. From a purely commercial point of view, it was absolutely impossible for Future Bank to agree with First B City Bank’s proposal and join the “World Dollar” currency system proposed by the World Union Reserve.

However, it was meaningless to discuss the rationality of this proposal purely from a commercial point of view. After all, without Jiang Chen’s instruction, and the promise of Xin Reserve’s endorsement, as well as the bait of “DNA telomere extension agent”, the B City Consortium would not so desperately charge in the frontline, just for some seemingly tasty bread.

“Compared to what we got, we no longer need to care about these petty gains,” Jiang Chen smiled, “What’s more, if we don’t make this proposal now, we won’t have the chance in the future.”

The economic situation of Xin was in a great state. As Xia Shiyu said, for other countries with poor or normal economic conditions, Xin’s participation in the World Dollar currency system was the equivalent of giving everyone a freeride.

“From the position of the CEO of Future Group, I really hope that my president can consider the interests of the group more, and don’t be so selfless,” Xia Shiyu said in a teasing tone, “Also, at least discuss with me when something like this happens next time.”

In the following sentence, Xia Shiyu sounded like she was complaining.

Although she did not deny Jiang Chen’s approach, she was still a little bit disappointed that he did not discuss this matter with her.

“Sorry,” Jiang Chen put his arm around her slender waist. Jiang Chen smiled and met the pair of bright eyes, “Can you give me a chance to fix it?”

“You do not look like you’re sorry at all…”

She originally planned to say, but in the end, it was not what came out.

“Hmph, whatever you want.”

After she snorted softly, Xia Shiyu turned her head and looked away.

Her face, covered by a few strands of hair, was faintly pink, and it already revealed her mind at this moment.

Bit Spirit would be officially delivered to the World Union Reserve at the beginning of the following month.

Although by name, it would be delivered, this quantum computer group would ultimately be managed by Future Bank. After all, there was only one company in the world that possessed the relevant technology needed to maintain quantum computers.

After Jiang Chen attended the completion ceremony of Bit Spirit, he took Xia Shiyu and Lilith back to the mansion on Coconut Island by helicopter. They rarely returned to the mansion on Coro Island now, since the scenery on Coconut Island was much better, and the place was livelier.

At the dinner table, Sun Xiaorou explained to Jiang Chen the details of Future Group in Africa in the apocalypse. After she found her career, Jiang Chen was surprised to discover that she, who was always cynical and calculative, also has a side with a strong career focus.

The two attributes seemed to conflict but they unexpectedly fitted her.

Jiang Chen also didn’t know why he felt this way.

“…Our business in Africa is quite successful. The people there don’t understand what farming is. What they see as farming is to grab a handful of seeds and sprinkle them on the ground then harvest as much as they can in a few months. When we started off, we didn’t have enough people. We tried to hire some locals, but they were so lazy that they only came to work when they were paid. Later, I simply asked the person in charge there to fire them all. I would rather not have enough people than those lazy people.”

“You may offend the locals.” Jiang Chen chuckled.

“No, we’ll take care of the relationship with the War Chief.” Sun Xiaorou shook her head with a smile, and then looked at Xia Shiyu, “Speaking of which, this is the business trick Sister Shiyu taught me.”

“It’s just a side trick, you don’t have to be so diligent,” Xia Shiyu said a hand on her forehead.

“Just taking care of the War Chief is not going to work. You see that there are hundreds of tribes, large and small, in Mombasa alone. Have you noticed Chief Zaria that contacted us? He is one of the tribes under the War Chief. The situation in that area is different than here. The binding force of the War Chief on the regular chief is also different from our traditional understanding of the emperor to the minister. Even if you manage the relationship with the War Chief, those little tribes will seek trouble,” Jiang Chen pointed out the relationship nonchalantly.

“You have never been there, but how do you know the situation better than me?” Sun Xiaorou asked curiously.

“Because we also have Africa here. Ask Shiyu for the specific situation, maybe she knows better than me.” Jiang Chen smiled.

The sentence ‘people are a reflection of their environment’ seemed fitting.

Future Group’s business in Africa had been progressing slowly was likely related as well.

Of course, it could also be the large generation gap in technology that caused difficulty in adoption.

However, Future Military was an exception. Regardless of whether the global situation was tense or mild, the arms were always sold out. The African warlords even developed ingenious tricks with the “Scythe” drones, which made the veteran Celestial Trade soldiers stunned by their creativity in killing people.

While the group chatted, Xiaorou received a call from the apocalypse.

Since the girls moved here, Lin Lin’s sisters became the messenger and communicated important news from the apocalypse when Sun Jiao and the others were away.

After Xiaorou hung up, her beautiful eyes looked at Jiang Chen weirdly.

“Is there anything on my face?” Jiang Chen, who was eating, stopped what he was doing.

Xiaorou shook her head, but nodded again, and said in a half-joking tone.

“If it weren’t for the fact that you’re sitting in front of me, I would have thought you went there in person.”

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