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Chapter 1342: 1342
Chapter 1342: Infiltrate The Base

Compared with the bustling streets of Yoto, Yokosuka was a much quieter city .

A black Volkswagen car was parked at the entrance of Mikasa Park . After an Asian male got out of the car, he stopped at the entrance of the park for a while, and soon walked toward the park, like other tourists visiting there .

Mikasa Park faced the Yokosuka Port . With trees and plants of all varieties grown here, it was known for its beautiful scenery, but it was named after a battleship that had been abandoned for almost a century . The Mikasa battleship was built by the British Vickers Shipyard in 1900 and named after Mikasa . It participated in the war as the flagship of the combined fleet and played a decisive role .

The rusty battleship was repainted with gray paint to attract tourists . Next to the giant cannon, girls and boys cosplayed the Kantai Collection . The small vendors nearby all innovatively sold posters or merchandise as well . As for the small souvenirs of the old age, most were swept into the tomb of history as they laid in the corners to eat dust .

Unlike the others, the Asian male went straight through the park and into the depths of the grove .

Few tourists chose to go into the woods at night for a hike, but he was an exception .

After he entered the woods, he looked around and saw that no one was following, then he pressed a button on his collar .

Digital ripples spread from the tip of his nose to the surroundings . After a burst of light and shadow distortion, the true face behind the optical camouflage was revealed .

If a reporter saw the scene, that person would scream .

Because he was no other than Jiang Chen, President of Celestial Trade .

Jiang Chen walked straight to the back of the park and looked at the port across the sea . Then, his eyes narrowed .

“Is it in the front?”

The Maritime Self-Defense Force’s military base was right in front of him . On the other side of the military base was the central island Hakone, the location of UA Navy’s military base, and where the Seventh Fleet was currently docked . On Google Maps, the location was a gray area with only rough terrain contour lines visible .

However, it was not an issue for the Skyeye X1 Observation Satellite .

Maybe Jiang Chen knew the current location of the patrols better compared to the actual soldiers in the base .

The reason why he chose the farther away Mikasa Park was because of the laxer security in this region . Especially because of the number of tourists, it was easier for him to mix in with the crowds .

Jiang Chen equipped the amphibious K2 kinetic skeleton in the woods on the shore, then tossed his clothes into the storage dimension and did a warm-up exercise . He then grinned at the port not far away .

“I hope I can find something good this time . ”

It was the second time he sneaked into a military base .

Last time, it was District 51 in Nevada .

The icy sea water was isolated by a fully enclosed kinetic skeleton . Jiang Chen, who jumped into the sea, flipped his fins and swam about fifty meters to the deep-water area . He then took out a person-tall sized underwater thruster from the storage dimension, like a torpedo, he grabbed the handrail and rode on it .

A series of small bubbles ejected from the turbine behind the propeller as it pushed Jiang Chen forward . He circled the Maritime Self-Defense Force’s port and advanced to the UA military base .

Important military facilities like Yokosuka Port were monitored by underwater sonar twenty-four seven and were patrolled underwater by frogmen to prevent enemy frogmen or submersibles from approaching . However, it was not an obstacle for Jiang Chen . The 21st century monitoring method like sonar was not much different from a blind man in front of the anti-sonar coating of the new amphibious kinetic skeleton and its thruster .

As for the frogmen on patrol…

They must be able to see him to detect an enemy intrusion .

Jiang Chen returned the thruster to the storage dimension when he approached the edge of the port . He hid behind the reef and narrowly avoided two patrolling frogmen . After they left the area, Jiang Chen swam out, and flipped his fins up and down to avoid disturbing the nearby fish . He slowly floated to the shore .

While he passed underneath the USS Lexington, Jiang Chen hesitated, but finally suppressed his urge to do something on it .

Although the thought of sinking an aircraft carrier was great, it would do more harm to his plan . His ultimately goal was to make the Seventh Fleet leave Asia, not to let the UA stay here with an excuse like repairing the aircraft carrier .

He took a deep breath and tossed the alluring thought out of his head . He slowly flipped his fins to the edge of the shore .

Optical invisibility’s number one weakness was during the switch of the physical environment, especially when floating up from underwater, it was the moment most likely to be exposed . However, with the bird’s eye perspective from Skyeye X1, Jiang Chen avoided the patrol team .

As soon as he landed ashore, he went to the apocalypse to dry himself to prevent water droplets from exposing himself . Then, after he confirmed with the drone that no patrols were near him, he finally returned back to the military base .

The sentry on the watchtower leaned the sniper rifle to one side, took a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it while no one was paying attention . He didn’t notice that just below him, an invisible ghost slowly sneaked by .

After he passed the watchtower, he carefully avoided the infrared sensor hidden by the wall, moved more than ten meters closer to the warehouse with naval supplies, and hid in the blind spots of the patrol teams . He carefully removed a tablet from the storage dimension and released four Hummingbird drones in four different directions .

The next question was where those servers might be .

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The worst-case scenario was that they have not been transported to the military base and he snuck into the base for nothing .

But this possibility was tiny and Jiang Chen believed his instinct .

From the CIB officials’ perspective, if they decisively abandoned Mitsui Horoto, then they must have believed that Ghost Agents already followed this clue to discover something, it was just that they were uncertain how far the Ghost Agents got .

Then there seemed to be only one option left, and that was to transport those servers into the military base as soon as possible, in particular, the base where the Seventh Fleet was docked . Because in Nippon, apart from the seemingly safe embassy with full diplomatic immunity, the military base was the safest place .

As for where these servers were placed…

There was no better choice than searching through the warehouses one by one .

Just as Jiang Chen tirelessly controlled the drones, looked into the windows, then scanned the containers with supplies one by one, two gray cars stopped in front of the checkpoints of the military base . After they showed their documents, they were permitted to pass .

Jiang Chen, who sat against the wall and was on his fourth warehouse, noticed two bright dots appear in thermal images of the minimized satellite image . They were moving towards the center of the military base on the main road .

Jiang Chen stopped the drones that were scanning the containers . He clicked a few times on the tablet and switched the camera to the drone that was closest to the two heat sources .

“Two gray cars…two normal license plate numbers?”

With the help of the streetlights, he noticed the license plates of the two cars . Jiang Chen, who was staring at the screen, questioned himself .

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If he recalled correctly, vehicles of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other government departments, as well as the vehicles of the UA Military, all had special license plates . The two cars with normal license plates driving into the military base were quite intriguing .

With a frown, Jiang Chen controlled the drone and followed the vehicles from afar .

The two cars parked at the entrance of a barracks in the middle of the military base . On the car in the front, four people in suits got off . Jiang Chen connected to the Ghost Agents database, pointed the drone at the person in front, and whispered into the headset .

“Lilith, help me confirm his identity . ”

In the augumented reality interface of the tactical eyepiece, the icon in the lower right corner flickered slightly .

Soon, a familiar electronic sound entered his ear .

“Roger that . ”

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