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Chapter 1319: 1319

Lilith’s return did not bring much change to the mansion .

She remained in the same position, which was lying on the sofa with her Phantom Helmet on, for eighty percent of the day . If she was not in the living room, then she was in Jiang Chen’s office . There was no need to eat or go to the washroom . From this perspective, the digitalized human’s body was quite convenient…

Time passed day by day, and it was soon June 15th, five days after Lilith had returned home .

Unsurprisingly, Timochenko called again .

The NATO Coalition Force was fully prepared and on the aggression . Although the troop carrier had yet to enter the Gulf of Mexico, the thought alone frightened him every day .

When FARC publically stated it was 140,000 soldiers strong, its modern army force was less than 20,000 people . With the support of Russia and Xin, FARC could easily defeat the Colombian government force . However, against the well-equipped and well-trained NATO Coalition Force, they stood no chance .

Timochenko wanted to pull Celestial Trade into the Colombian Civil War, but it was impossible before the results of the UA election .

“If you can hold your ground until the end of November, I can consider launching an orbital airborne brigade to Colombia,” Jiang Chen said .

“The end of November?” Timochenko’s face turned a bit sour, “Five months? You just gave me a tough problem . ”

“Ha, who has been giving us problems? It’s you! If you waited until November before you tore the peace deal, I promise it would not take a month for you to be the new president!” Jiang Chen couldn’t stand the facts as he scolded him .

Timochenko smiled bitterly . When the SEAL Team 5 went to South America and Abel Torres tragically died on the street, he thought the CIB had learned of his plot, and hurriedly seized the opportunity when the Colombian President was assassinated . However, who would have thought that from the beginning these two things were not connected at all .

The SEALs went to South America for a missing agent, and Torres died because he provoked Celestial Trade…

A series of coincidences led to the current situation, and it was futile to point fingers . At this moment, even the CIB probably didn’t expect that tracking down a missing agent and a Colombian drug lord could lead to this conspiracy .

“My friend, it doesn’t make sense to discuss whose issue it is now,” Timochenko said with a cheeky sophistry . “I admit that in some places I may be a little ill-conceived . I promise that I will discuss with you in the future… but what should I do now?”

“Turn offensive to defensive . I’ll transport you another batch of arms . You should try to arm as many soldiers as soon as possible,” Jiang Chen tapped on the desk as he continued . “If you can’t hold the city, just give it up, withdraw to the Andes, and carry out guerrilla warfare to the end . Even if NATO tanks are powerful, they can’t fly, right? Don’t tell me you can’t beat NATO using guerrilla warfare . ”

After Jiang Chen slammed down the phone, he leaned back on to the chair, looked up to the ceiling, and let out a long sigh .

“Is there something troubling you?” Lilith, who was lying on the sofa, proactively asked him for the first time .

“Somewhat . ”

“Can I help?”

“Of course not . ” Jiang Chen smiled and shook his head .

“How are you so certain?” Lilith asked blankly . “Based on the existing intelligence and the analysis of the content of your previous conversation, the one thing that can annoy you so much is probably the NATO Coalition Force . Am I right?”

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, sat up from the chair, and looked at Lilith with intrigue .

“Yes, what do you think?”

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“Since the UA has already mobilized its allies to participate in the war, why don’t you also ask your allies?” Lilith asked .

“Russia’s position is similar to ours . Sending weapons to FARC for us is their limit . It is impossible for them to send soldiers to the other side of the Earth to fight for someone else’s interests . ” Jiang Chen shook his head .

As for Hua…

Based on their neutral position, it was even more improbable for them to join this mess .

“Are your allies only Russia and Hua?” Lilith asked rhetorically .

Jiang Chen was taken aback for a moment . He first frowned and then suddenly hit his head .


If she didn’t mention it, I would have forgotten I still have so many little brothers!

Without hesitation, Jiang Chen immediately called Santos .

Since MLL Island became independent from Country F, the dictator’s life had been incredible, not inferior to the leader in North Korea . With over 800,000 army troops, millions of reserves, countless guns, ammunition, tanks, and artilleries, the majority of his weapons were aid from Celestial Trade in the form of loans in the Moro-Country F War .

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These pieces of equipment, just like Moro soldiers, were collecting dust in the barracks . When Santos heard that Jiang Chen planned to hire his army at an “appropriate price”, General Santos immediately agreed .

But when he heard that the destination was in South America and the opponent was the NATO Coalition Force, the dictator started to hesitate…

“The opponent is the NATO coalition?” His hand tembled as he tried to hold the phone . Then, Santos started to sweat . “I…I just want to help, but I can’t beat them . ”

“Why not? Would I let you lose while fighting with my equipment? Plus, the tropical rain forest environment in Colombia is exactly the same as your island . Guerrilla warfare is also your specialty . It’s not like I’m making you go into direct battle with NATO’s armored division . ”

“If NATO brings the aircraft carrier to my door…” Santos hesitated .

“NATO won’t do that . South Asia is our home ground . If they dare to extend the war to the Western Pacific, I promise it’ll be a one-way trip!” Jiang Chen said without hesitation .

Santos nodded . “Well then, I’ll just do as you said . ”

With Jiang Chen’s assurance, he was completely relieved .

It meant no matter how much trouble he caused, the fire won’t burn him .

Consuming excess weapon inventory, using NATO to gain prestige, this decision seemed to be a good choice? What’s more, he could earn some “foreign exchange” from Celestial Trade . After he hung up the phone, Santos even started debating what he should say to the reporters to reflect the righteousness of the Moro Army and to highlight his impeccable leadership qualities…

With Moro to make the water even cloudier, FARC was saved .

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However, Jiang Chen, who just gained a brand new strategy, was not satisfied .

Santos alone was not enough, he must drag someone else into the water .

After he debated for a while, an idea appeared and he immediately called .

Since South America was already in a mess ahead of schedule, then let’s turn the global situation even messier .

Especially Turkey, which made up half of the coalition forces .

Jiang Chen didn’t think that with a fire on its doorstep, Turkey would still be willing to cause chaos elsewhere .

It was time for Syria!

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