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Chapter 1083: 1083
Chapter 1083: Type T3 Automation Production Plan

“…The negotiations between our South America delegation team and the Ecuadorian side have ended, and we made great progress . The President of Ecuador has agreed to connect their power grid with us and even welcomes us to register a power company locally to export electricity directly to them, as well as helping them invest in the construction of the national grid . Their only requirement is that we must bear the cost of construction and maintenance of the submarine cable . ” Through the interdimensional communication device, Xia Shiyu reported the progress of yesterday’s work to Jiang Chen .

South American countries were generally poor . Ecuador’s finance couldn’t support a submarine cable that spanned the ocean . It was basically impossible to recover their investment through the domestic electricity market . Therefore, the country simply outsourced the entire project to Celestial Trade .

Jiang Chen also didn’t intend to recover his investment from Ecuador; his real goal was Brazil, which was behind Ecuador . As the largest economy in South America with the eighth largest electricity consumption in the world, Jiang Chen’s ultimate goal was to export cheap electricity to Brazil and push his Global Grid Plan to South America .

Ecuador’s conditions matched Jiang Chen’s expectations . As for the convenience of investing in the construction of the local power grid, it wasn’t a problem of Celestial Trade .

However, the Ecuadorian government certainly weren’t guarded against Celestial Trade, as the government allowed a foreign company to operate their state grid .

Jiang Chen smiled and nodded at Xia Shiyu on the holographic screen, .

“Thank you . ”

“If you really want to thank me, come back sooner . ” Her index finger twirled a strand of hair beside her ear, and she rolled her eyes . Her seductiveness always tickled his heart .

Generally speaking, work reports like this were typically done at night . However, because Jiang Chen had to stay in the apocalypse for a few days, Ayesha loaned her EP to her and he conducted interdimensional communication with the chip designed by Lin Lin .

It was time to get off work and Xia Shiyu finished the work at hand . After they discussed the important matters, they began to chat .

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When she heard Jiang Chen talking about the apocalypse, Xia Shiyu made a request .

“Can you show me what’s outside the window? I’ve always been very curious about the apocalypse you talked about… What kind of world is it? Ah, of course, if it’s not convenient, then that’s okay . ” Xia Shiyu suddenly somewhat regretted her request .

She was certainly curious . Since Jiang Chen confessed to her the secrets of this world, she had always been very curious . What kind of war, in just three years, had turned the jewels of the human civilization for 22nd centuries into ruins?

However, she was hesitant because she wasn’t certain if Jiang Chen could present everything in this world that only belonged to him . Although she wouldn’t be disappointed by a rejection, she was very worried that Jiang Chen would overcomplicate the issue…

Women in love often overcomplicated things . Jiang Chen didn’t think too much about it at all, let alone the fact that there was nothing to hide .

“There’s nothing inconvenient about that, but there isn’t much to be seen here . ” Jiang Chen pointed the camera on the watch outside the window . “The weather is nice today . You can see the blue sky and white clouds . Outside the wall of this mansion is Fishbone Base . Now that all the mutants and zombies in Wanghai have been cleared out, you can only see mutants in Jia City . If you’re interested, I’ll bring you some video footage back if I get an opportunity . ”

“Fishbone Base? That’s a real strange name . ” Xia Shiyu snorted and giggled, covering her mouth .

Jiang Chen also laughed . “It’s from a canned food brand . It gives me feelings of nostalgia . ” The experience of using sandpaper to grind the outer packaging was certainly nostalgic .

Just as Jiang Chen looked out the window and remembered the “hard times”, softness embraced the back of his head . Two arms hugged him from behind .

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“What are you doing?” Sun Jiao’s voice rang beside his ears and she looked at the holographic screen with interest .

Jiang Chen was just about to say that he was on the phone . But then he felt a murderous gaze which locked on him across the dimension .

He involuntarily shuddered and suddenly realized that it wasn’t Ayesha who was on the phone with him…

“Hello,” Sun Jiao said hello with a smirk . Her eyes scanned across Xia Shiyu’s chest, and her smirk became even more obvious .

This move naturally didn’t escape Xia Shiyu’s eyes . When she looked at Sun Jiao’s 36D then thought of her body only bigger than Ayesha, her self-esteem was critically damaged .

Even if Jiang Chen had confessed to her that he had a “family” in this world not smaller than in the modern world, she still felt jealous and her vinegar jar (1) tipped when she saw another woman embracing him .

“She… is Sun Jiao, the woman I mentioned before . ” Jiang Chen introduced her to Xia Shiyu, feeling numb, but he couldn’t think of things to say .

Looking at the awkward expression on Jiang Chen’s face, Sun Jiao suddenly understood . With the same smirk, she moved her face closer to him and embraced him . “Dear, why are you so nervous?”

The cold and elegant beauty was getting colder and colder .

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“I’ll ask you when you come back! Hmph!”

Xia Shiyu hung up the phone .

Jiang Chen shook his head and turned off the holographic screen . He looked at Sun Jiao, who sat down on the sofa making an innocent expression, and sighed .

“You’ve created a big problem for me . ”

“You have to kneel on the washboard (2)?” Sun Jiao mocked .

“Not that bad… Where did you learn this? There’s no such thing as a washboard here . ”

“From some novels; don’t worry about these details . ” Sun Jiao leaned back on the sofa and crossed her legs leisurely . “Let’s put the non-substantial things aside and focus on business . I’ve done everything you asked me to do . The Aerospace Science and Technology Research Institute has already established the ‘T3 Power Armor Gravity-free Environment Automation Production Project’ . Based on the space station specifications you provided, the production link is expected to be divided into five modules, completed by five different space stations with different functions . ”

“How long will it take to produce results?” Jiang Chen asked immediately .

Sun Jiao smiled . “It won’t be long; the technology is available . There are a few experts in Camp 027 who worked on outer space production modules before the war . Jiang Lin said the prototype will be available at the end of the month at the latest . ”

(1) Vinegar Jar – Describing women who easily feel jealous .

(2) Kneel on the washboard – A washboard is a tool to wash clothes before the invention of the washing machine . A washboard has a rough surface . Therefore, when the husband makes a mistake, the wife may force the husband to kneel on the washboard as a punishment .

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