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Chapter 1208 - God Creation Crystals

Within the palace, Tang Huan's pupils constricted, but his heart was incomparably calm.

Seemingly at the very instant that the gigantic flaming claws closed in, "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" came out of the Dantian and stood horizontally in front of them, hiding Tang Huan behind it.

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With an earth-shaking sound, the cauldron hung upside down.

The moment he bumped into Tang Huan's body, he merged back into the Dantian. After being struck, the flaming claw paused slightly in the air before clawing again.

But just at that moment, Tang Huan had already activated the slight power of the God Creation Art and went forward to face the attack.


The moment that strand of faint energy made contact with the gigantic flaming claw, an enormous trembling sound arose from the depths of Tang Huan's soul. Just like last time in the Heavenly King's Ancient Cave, the small and exquisite God-Forging Statue released billions of dazzling red lights that exploded outwards from the center of Tang Huan's body.

The red light seemed to contain an incomparably majestic power. In an instant, the flaming claw had shattered, and the flame statue had become much dimmer.

"Spirit Creation?"

Then, Tang Huan heard the True Fire Spirit shouting angrily, "This is the God Crystal of the God Crafting Stone, what is your relationship with the bastard God Crafting Stone?"

"God Crystal Forging? Do you know Senior God-level Blacksmith? "

Tang Huan was slightly surprised, but as soon as he said it, he immediately understood. This True Fire had existed for countless of years, so it was not surprising that it knew of the Divine Cast Dragon Abyss.

However, looking at the tone of the True Fire Spirit, even if it wasn't an enemy, it wouldn't have much of a relationship with the Creator.

"How could I not know him?"

The spirit of the True Fire was enraged to the point where it even started to mutter incoherently, "This old man knows that bastard too well! If it wasn't for that crafty bastard who imprisoned me here, I would have long condensed my body and climbed into the sky. Perhaps, I would have already become a true god like him! "

"Senior Soul Creator is actually a deity?"

Tang Huan was shocked, he never thought that the True Fire would be restricted to this place. It was actually the work of the Divine Cast Dragon Abyss, and the Divine Cast Dragon Abyss was actually a divine spirit.

Just that, what kind of existence was this so-called god?

The strongest warrior in the Heaven Realm? Or …

Tang Huan's eyes flashed with surprise. He had only learned the word "god" today from the spirit of the True Fire, so he did not know the exact details of the situation. However, he could confirm one thing now, and that was that the Divine Cast Dragon Abyss already possessed the ability to manipulate the laws of heaven and earth.

What sort of method was he using to manipulate the laws of the world?

To be able to control the laws of the world, he must have exceeded the limits of life and death and possessed an endless lifespan. The legendary immortality in his previous life actually existed!

In this instant, Tang Huan's shock could not be described with words, and a strong impulse and yearning surged out from the bottom of his heart. Cast Divine Dragon Abyss, should have originally been a small cultivator of this great world, if it was possible for him to reach this level, perhaps one day, he could too!


In the tens of thousands of great worlds, this was exactly what countless cultivators tirelessly pursued.

However, it was not easy to reach such a stage. He needed to become stronger and stronger, and he also needed to go through countless dangers. This road would definitely be very long. If countless people died on the road, the number of cultivators who could last until the end would definitely be very few.

The path of longevity was a true path that defied the heavens. On such a path, no matter how many difficulties and obstacles one faced, they were all extremely normal.

The thoughts in Tang Huan's mind raced, but the expression in his eyes was extremely resolute.

"That bastard! He left me in peace!"

The spirit of the True Fire did not know that in this short period of time, Tang Huan had thought about this many things, and was still cursing furiously, "If this old man can ascend to the sky and become a Divine Spirit, then I will not let this matter rest. I will kill all those who are related to him, and kill them all."

"I'm afraid you won't have that chance."

Tang Huan regained his senses, and suddenly said with a smile, "Regarding the matter of the True Fire's inheritance, you have already worked so hard for so many years. After being left behind for so many years, no matter how much you struggle, it would still be impossible for you to catch up with Senior God Forging. "

Tang Huan did not want to bother with the grievances between the True Fire's spirit and the God Creation God, but since it wanted to draw the "Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire", Tang Huan would not let it go so easily.

"What do you mean?" The spirit of the True Fire was startled.

"My meaning is very simple. Since you are unable to extract my 'Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire', it is for me to absorb and refine your firepower." Tang Huan squinted his eyes and laughed.

"Absorb my firepower?"

As if the spirit of the True Fire had heard the funniest joke in the world, a crazed laughter came from the mind instructs (in a second), "Little fellow, are you joking with this old man? With just a little Void Transformation Stage cultivator like you, you actually wish to absorb and refine my firepower? "

"Ah, right, I forgot that you have a magical equipment and also a God Crystal of that bastard God Forging God. If the power of that 'magical equipment' and 'divine crystal' were to burst out, even I would be scared out of my wits. What a pity, the current you can't use their power at all."

As he finished speaking, the mind instructs (in a second) passed down from the spirit of the True Fire was actually filled with ridicule and ridicule, "Kid, this old man advises you to quickly scram. You have that bastard's' divine crystal ', it's true that this old man will not be able to catch your' Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire '.

"If you could really take care of me, you would have already done so. Why would you speak so much nonsense?"

Tang Huan couldn't help but laugh, "If I guessed right, you will be restricted by the laws of the world and if you use more power than a certain limit, you will definitely suffer a backlash. That strike just now, I'm afraid you're not feeling well yourself? "

"The most important thing is that after you suffer from the backlash, the amount of power you can use will be greatly limited. It's impossible for you to use as much power as before. If you were to barely make a move, you might suffer another backlash and your power will be even more restricted. "

This point was something that Tang Huan could see from the change in the flame statue in front of him.

At the beginning, the flame statue was shining with light, as though it was alive, it seemed to be filled with spirit, but now, it had become much dimmer, the spirit was also greatly weakened, and from the flame statue, Tang Huan could feel a faint binding power.

The spirit of the True Fire must have gone through endless years of hard work in order to give him the ability to make a move in the Inheritance Hall. But the more he fought, the weaker the power he would have, and in the end, the fire sculpture was probably just a fire sculpture, and could only be passed down through the True Fire.

As a result, Tang Huan was now completely fearless against the spirit of the True Fire.

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