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Chapter 605: Slaughter and Test

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A strange wind blew from behind her, messing up Susanna’s curly hair. She covered her precious hair and looked behind her subconsciously.

However, the person behind her had disappeared.

“Did that person give up?”

Susanna secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She turned her head, slightly more relaxed, but the next second, she suddenly shuddered all over!

The figure that was standing in the dark had appeared in front of her at an unknown time!


Susanna exclaimed and took a step back instinctively.

“Who, who are you?”

Susanna asked in a trembling voice. As the figure ten meters away before her had its back to the light, she could only see a silhouette. Even so, for some reason, this figure was vaguely familiar.

The figure did not answer but still stood quietly at the entrance of the alley, blocking the road from which she came.

Susanna’s heart was even more uneasy. She did not think about finding out the identity of the figure at all, but turned around again, fleeing into the alley on high heels!

“Clack, clack, clack!”

Her high heels stumbled unevenly across the concrete surface. The deep alley sent back repeated echoes. As Susanna ran away, she kept looking back but she was a little relieved that the other party had not taken a step all this while. It was just quietly watching her run away gradually.

When Susanna completely escaped from the alley and ran to the street and saw her door not far away, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Susanna looked back again. At this time, the deep and dark alley had completely obscured her line of sight. She could only see that the person had not run after her.

“Please, please don’t come out...”

Susanna prayed inwardly. She came to her door in a panic, took out a bunch of keys from her newly bought brand-name bag, opened the door at the fastest speed in all her life, and slipped inside.

With a “clang”, the door was shut again.

“Huff, huff...”

Leaning with her back on the door, Susanna gasped in silence, suppressing the panic in her heart. It seemed that the person earlier must be just a homeless man or a gangster, who had bad intentions but insufficient courage.

“It seems that after these few months, I still have to move...”

Susanna thought silently. She had no money to live in the wealthy area before, so she could only rent this kind of suburban single-family house. Originally, she still thought that the security here was good, but now that she was carrying a huge amount of money, she was starting to become paranoid.

After she silently made up her mind, she glanced into the peephole at her door again but saw that the doorway was empty. Occasionally, a car passed by the street with the roar of its engine.

It seemed that the fellow did not follow her.

Susanna’s original worry was completely assuaged. Before she left the entrance, she took off her high heels by the doorway, and at the same time, threw her coat on the sofa.

After a busy day, she could only unload her exhaustion now. She just wanted to go to the bathroom to freshen up but when she passed by the dark living room, she was taken aback.

The light from the street dimly shone into the living room. With the external glow, she noticed that there seemed to be a person sitting on the sofa in the living room?

At this moment, Susanna only felt the hairs on her body stand up. She tried her best to widen her eyes and looked into the living room, praying that all this was an illusion, but the hazy figure stood up directly.

“Who’s there...”

Susanna stammered, but the next second there was a blur before her eyes!


The figure suddenly flickered, appearing in front of Susanna as if it had teleported, only a few centimeters away from her!

At this time, Susanna finally saw the figure. The person in front of her turned out to be...

“Ms. Susanna, we just met this afternoon. Have you forgotten me by now?”

John grinned, revealing a brilliant smile, his white teeth glowing in the dark.

“The Guardian?”

Susanna’s expression changed drastically. She opened her mouth wide and instinctively wanted to scream, but John directly pushed her against the wall!


The entire house seemed to tremble faintly and the violent impact even choked her scream off.

“Ms. Susanna?”

John flashed a cruel smile. He looked at the panicked woman in front of him, slowly stretched out his hands, and forced her face to meet his eyes. At the same time, he chortled. “Aren’t you pleasantly surprised to meet me here?”

“Please, Guardian, for the sake of God, please let, let me go...”

Susanna trembled like a leaf. Her head was gripped by John and she was forced to look into his eyes. At this moment, she was shocked to see that his eyes were so dazzling...

“God? I’m God!”

John shook his head pitifully. “You insulted and humiliated me in front of countless people. Now, enjoy the fun that comes before your death!”

With that, his eyes instantly flared up and turned a thrilling blood red. In the next second, a red beam shot from his eyes and pierced directly into Susanna’s eyes!


Susanna unleashed a piercing scream but John did not use his full strength at all. He just turned on his optic blast at the minimum power, but even so, her eyes were instantly reduced to two lumps of coal!

“No one! No one can humiliate me, humiliate the greatest superhero in the world!”

John roared, watching his opponent’s eyes scorched a little as she struggled. He could not help but feel a morbid pleasure in his heart. His humiliation and bitterness during the day were released at this moment!


Susanna’s wails continued but they became weaker and weaker. After the high temperature penetrated Susanna’s eyes and into her brain, Susanna finally stopped screaming.


A corpse whose eyes had turned into two charred deep holes fell straight down.

John exhaled slowly. He glanced at Susanna one last time, then turned and walked into the kitchen, opening the gas valve.


A few minutes later, Susanna’s home erupted into a fireball that rose to the sky amid an Earth-shattering explosion...

New York demonstration leader Susanna who boycotted androids — dead!

The moment the house exploded, John rose from the flames of the explosion. The explosion that was powerful enough to devour everything did not cause any damage to him. At this time, he looked at his wrist again, where the location of the second target was already marked.

It was located in the middle of Washington and New York, in Philadelphia. Seeing this, John turned back and flew in the direction of the target.

After flying out of the range of New York, John immediately accelerated. There was a series of “booms” as his speed quickly broke through the sound barrier, and he kept approaching the target at a speed comparable to a fighter jet.


However, when he looked at his wrist again, he frowned slightly because he realized that the target was constantly moving.

Seeing this, John pressed the watch and called up the coordinates of the target. Only then did he find that the target was flying in the direction of Washington.

Nonetheless, John did not switch targets. He was very confident in his speed and was still getting closer.

About twenty minutes later, he came to the location of the target. A dark plain lay under his feet and above his head, a luxurious exclusive plane was flying forward.

At this time on the plane, the city councilor Matthew frowned and looked at the report in his hand. Just half an hour ago, a pawn he had manipulated had suddenly died in her home and her entire house was completely reduced to ashes.

“Is this Blackwatch’s revenge?”

Matthew was a little bit confused. Judging from his knowledge of Blackwatch, they would not have taken action so lightly. It was a little bit unlike Blackwatch’s style.

“Dad, look!”

Even so, while Matthew was thinking, his son, who was leaning against the window, suddenly said with excitement, “It’s the Guardian! Outside the window, that’s the Guardian of the Superpower Combative Police Force!”

Matthew reflexively followed his son’s gaze and he saw a human figure closely following the plane in the dark sky. By the light from the plane, he could faintly see that the figure wore a cloak. It was indeed the Guardian.

“What is this guy doing?”

Matthew suddenly became a little puzzled but in the next second, he saw the other party turned his head and looked at Matthew swiftly. At the same time, two points of red light burst out of the Guardian’s eyes!

“Oh God...”

Matthew’s face changed suddenly. At this moment, he finally understood what the other party was about to do!


The thick red beam instantly cut through the fuselage. The thin fuselage was sliced open by that red glow like a piece of paper. The entire aircraft suddenly split in the middle and turned into two slowly falling fireballs in mid-air!

Watching dozens of people being sucked out from the plane, falling downward with harsh screams, John’s expression was calm. He watched all this in silence. At this moment, he suddenly realized the insignificance of human beings.

“Three more left...”

John murmured in a low voice and then with a bang, his figure moved away again, disappearing into the dark night.

“In just one night, John had spanned most of Northern America and killed five targets.”

The next day, Chen Chen learned the news when he just got up from the fully automated medical platform.

Looking at Little X who was reporting, Chen Chen raised his eyebrows. “Were any innocent people involved?”

“Yes, but not many.”

Little X smiled sweetly at one side. The morning sun draped over the girl, reflecting a different kind of brilliance. “The only one with collateral damage is the second target, Matthew. John directly destroyed the target’s plane. However, when he later assassinated the other targets, although he also killed all their psionic bodyguards, he still maintained restraint and didn’t massacre people wantonly.”

“Is that so?”

Chen Chen pondered for a while then nodded and said, “I hope he’s not too far gone.”

“In that case, has he passed the personality test?”

Little X tilted her head. “I thought that you only allowed him to do this as you intend to sacrifice him at a critical time and use him as your nourishment.”

“Being able to become an Alphlevel psionicist has proved how extraordinary he is.”

Chen Chen solemnly said, “It’d be a pity to give up on such a person. That’s why I set a test to see how far gone he is. If he had become too corrupted thanks to his strength, thinking he’s invincible and that no one could match him, then I’d give up on him completely.”

With that said, Chen Chen turned around with his hands behind his back, toward the bustling city under his feet. His expression was neither sad nor happy. “Since he has passed the initial test, then let him come to see me...”

After a one-night raid, John was still in high spirits. He took advantage of the daybreak to return to the New York branch building, only to see Liu Zhijian standing silently outside his office, seemingly waiting for him.

“John, you did well.”

Liu Zhijian no longer bore the arrogance of a superior. He looked at John with faint fear in his eyes. At this time, he had received the news of the death of those targets.

One should know that, except for one of the five targets, the remaining four people were the heads of various consortia. Many of these people secretly controlled the Northern American Congress, but they all died overnight. This was no longer something achievable by an ordinary psionicist.

With such power, even if John killed Liu Zhijian himself, Blackwatch would not take revenge.

“Mr. Liu, what are you doing in front of my office?”

John asked with a blank face. After a night of killing, he recognized his powers more and his mentality was more detached.

“I’m here with an old friend.”

Liu Zhijian forced a smile. With that, he pushed open the door of the office, and suddenly, a familiar figure showed up behind the door.

“It’s you?”

John frowned slightly. Standing in front of him was a woman with a sharp temperament like a knife. Even so, her appearance was extremely beautiful and these two contradictions merged in her as if they could be reconciled as a single intoxicating poison...

“John, we meet again.”

The woman took a step forward, a rare smile curling up at the corner of her mouth. This woman was Sarah, who had deceived and roped John into the Blackwatch Corporation.

Looking at Sarah in front of him, John’s pupils shrank slightly because he felt a sense of danger which he had not felt for a long time. The aura of the woman in front of him was even more formidable than the few Betlevel psionicists he had killed last night...

“Have you become a psionicist?”

John asked solemnly.

“Yes, I was also injected with L compound by the company.”

Sarah nodded and said. Her eyes suddenly turned icy and she abruptly stretched out her hands and scratched John’s face!


Sarah’s attack was without warning. John was immediately shocked. He instinctively retreated backward but he felt the space around him instantly transform into endless darkness, and at the same time, a peculiar tearing force struck him from the front!


A sense of crisis arose in John’s heart. Before he could even think about it, he shot out two balls of fire. Then, he launched the optic blast he was most well versed in, immediately shredding the darkness, and at the same time blasting Sarah who was behind the darkness!


Sarah crashed heavily into the wall behind her, and the entire floor quaked!

“Why are you attacking me?”

John was irritated, but he suppressed his anger and questioned her. He still felt favorably towards the woman in front of him.

“I’m just testing your power.”

Sarah stood up and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, her expression still indifferent. “Your power is really strong and even my destruction prison was broken instantly. It seems that the boss is right. You’re indeed qualified to meet him.”

“Meet who?”

John narrowed his eyes.

“Chen Chen.”

There was a zealous gleam in Sarah’s eyes. “The real god behind Blackwatch!”

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