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975 The eight barren Institute (2)

“what do they think about the celestial gate?” ji shuanghua asked.

” there are many opinions, ” su qingluan said. ” in conclusion, the heavenly court is the largest, followed by the immortal sects, immortals are the most important, and the venerable sovereigns are the core. ”

“that’s not bad.” Ji Shuanghua sighed. the heavenly court is naturally the largest, and the venerable sovereigns are indeed the core. Without them, the heavenly court will fall apart. The immortals are the foundation, and I originally thought that the immortal sects were not important.

“then why did you change your mind?” the empress asked with a smile.

” i once went to the multi-universe to inspect the academies and found that many immortals like to join the immortal sects before joining the academies. ” Ji Shuanghua said, ” I didn’t think much of it at first, until they formed a group in the name of the immortal sect and confronted each other in the Academy.

This moved Ji Shuanghua. On one hand, the heavenly court was growing in size, and they couldn’t be present for everything. There would always be some matters that involved individuals and couldn’t be easily resolved because it would involve too many people.

on the other hand, the celestial gate had become the bridge between the heavenly court and the immortals. the celestial gate could do whatever the heavenly court could not do. even without the celestial gate and daoist sect, there were still groups of immortals in the heavenly court. it was better to let the celestial gate go. at least the celestial gate and daoist sect were clear about it rather than hiding in the dark.

” the immortal sects naturally have their own uses, but they’re not as big as you think, ” the celestial empress said. ” have you ever thought about regulating the academy and making it a half-official, half-immortal sect? it’s a tool to manage the immortal sects and daoist sects. to be honest, that’s why i asked you to come today.”

” the heavenly court academy itself is an official academy of the heavenly court! ” ji shuanghua was confused.

” remove it from the ministry of rites, ” celestial empress said. ” just like the stargate, it’ll be directly led by the celestial heavens. in the future, the celestial heavens academy will bear the responsibility of the progress of all immortals, and every immortal will have to go to the celestial heavens academy to study. ”

the heavenly court academy was under the ministry of rites in name and was personally led by ji shuanghua. in the eight desolates universe, other than the main academy of the heavenly court, there was another galaxy-level academy in every galaxy. after that, there would be at least one academy on every vital planet and continent.

star-level academy, galaxy academy, cosmos academy, and main academy were the divisions of the heavenly court academy. as long as one was an immortal who had ascended from a universe, they would enter the academy for cultivation and advanced studies. if they performed well and were lucky enough to be accepted as a disciple by a grand unity immortal, they would obtain a heavenly record and stay in the eight desolate universe.

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the reality was that basically every person who submitted to the universe was a disciple of the academy, and the immortals who submitted to the various immortal sects also came from the academy. the empress’s intention was to expand the influence of the academy and operate it like an immortal sect and dao sect, so that the disciples of the immortal sects and dao sects would recognize the academy and correspond with it.

I kind of understand what the celestial Empress is trying to say. Ji Shuanghua laughed bitterly. isn’t this a case of mutual exploitation? They’re not only disciples of the Academy, but also disciples of the immortal sects and Daoist sects, and they’re also citizens of the heavenly court. Celestial Empress, you’re just adding another layer to their ranks!”

” many disciples of the immortal sects have forgotten that they came from the celestial heavens academy. ” celestial empress smiled. ” increasing the influence of the celestial heavens academy and making the immortal sects wary is good for everyone, and the immortal sects can’t do anything about it. ”

“Then what should I do?” ji shuanghua asked.

we have to set up the school network, ” the Empress said. every student has to use their real names to verify their identity. You can also help them obtain heavenly citizenship. Of course, there won’t be too many of them. You also have to share some news from time to time.

the empress had said a lot, and many of her suggestions touched ji shuanghua. she took note of them so that she could give them a try later. as for separating them from the heavenly court academy, ji shuanghua didn’t have much of an opinion, as it wouldn’t affect her much.

Increasing the influence of the heavenly court Academy was something that Ji Shuanghua was very happy to do. After all, she was walking the path of enlightenment. If the immortals of the heavenly court only knew about the Academy and not the immortal sects and Daoist sects, she felt that she could even be promoted to the zenith heaven.

As soon as this thought appeared, she couldn’t control herself. Ji Shuanghua’s idea was simple. She wanted to keep up with her husband and stand by his side forever. She wasn’t satisfied with being at the primordial level. She wasn’t pursuing eternity, but the venerable sovereign.

Ji Shuanghua stayed for a long time before leaving.

From that year until year 35000 of the octoterra calendar, which was the start of the small court Assembly, the heavenly court Academy began to disband. It no longer had the heavenly court as its name, but was instead called the octoterra Academy.

It no longer belonged to the heavenly court alone but to the entire universe. After becoming independent, Ji Shuanghua became the first Prefecture master and established a hierarchy for disciples. The third class was true immortal, the second class was heaven immortal, the first class was golden immortal, and the Grand unity was the teacher.

moreover, ji shuanghua had also created the school network based on the ideas provided by the empress. every disciple of the school could join, and as long as they could prove it, they could contact the immortals from the same school and chat in the same space.

the octoterra academy had even cooperated directly with the heavenly court’s business department and obtained the moonview restaurant’s supply chain. they had built a specialized store within the academy, and even immortals from the golden immortal universe could obtain discounts as long as they joined the academy.

The premise was that one’s performance was good enough within the disciple’s level. The Academy’s disciples, regardless of whether they were third-class or first-class disciples, were divided into upper-class, upper-middle class, upper-middle class, middle-lower class, lower-upper class, lower-upper class, lower-middle class, and lower-lower class. As long as their performance was medium, they would get a discount.

With Skynet’s convenience and the market’s temptation, the change in the octoterra school was a success. It gained the recognition of almost all the immortals, especially the immortal disciples, who cried tears of joy.

with the academy mall, even third-class immortals could enjoy the benefits of heavenly immortal status. as long as they seriously improved themselves and performed well in the academy, they could even obtain the qualification of heavenly immortal status. this was too attractive.

in just a few hundred years, the octoterra academy’s influence had risen by several levels. in year 35000 of the octoterra calendar, when the small dynasty assembly was once again held, the immortals went out to socialize, increasing the number of disciples of the academy.

those who were not disciples of the academy could not integrate into the group. there was even an invisible exclusion and chasm, which directly broke the defense of the group that was originally centered around the immortal sects and daoist sects. even the immortal sects and daoist sects could not stop this.

“what a powerful technique.” jiang lin sat on his wine gourd and sighed silently. for so many years, he had been guarding the luofu sect and had not participated in anything. he had seen all the changes in the heavenly court.

he had paid attention to such a big event in the octoterra academy. at first, he didn’t see the secret behind it. it was only after the appearance of the academy mall that he saw how extraordinary this step was.

“what should we do?” Chen fuxiao was still standing on the wine gourd.

the celestial Empress is using the Academy to break the situation. It’s the way of the king, ” Jiang Lin said, ” we can’t stop it, and we can’t stop it. This plan has been in place for a long time. With this move, it has also directly broken the circle built by the immortal sects and Daoist sects.

in the past, whether it was in the heavenly court or in the universe, the disciples of the immortal sects were the main ones when they walked outside. after all, everyone belonged to the same camp of the heavenly court, but it was not inferior to the same immortal sects and daoist sects, so it was reasonable to distinguish each other’s identities.

Nowadays, the Celestials recognized the disciples of the Academy more. Even the disciples of the Luofu sect were proud of being a disciple of the Academy. The celestial heavens Academy had become the octoterra Academy, not because of the change in name, but to buy people’s hearts and stir up the trend.

the trend was that the octoterra academy had already been added to the octoterra universe. this meant that the era of the celestial daoist sect was over. the influence of the celestial daoist sect was declining, and the octoterra academy would become the mainstream.

“we can’t just wait for death, can we?” chen fuxiao sighed.

” of course not, it’s not that serious. ” jiang lin smiled. ” it’s just a trick. if they can set up an academy mall, we can do the same. ”

Chen fuxiao’s eyes lit up when he heard that.

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