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Chapter 920: A great victory in the middle lane (1)

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Plans couldn’t keep up with changes. No one had expected that the Empress would suddenly form a middle Army. As soon as this happened, even the Luofu sect changed their plans. Some heaven Immortals began to compete for the battleships to serve in the middle Army.

Because there were no heavenly troops and generals, this time, the immortal sects, Daoist sects, family clans, and other forces all had a strong desire and began to sign up, hoping that they could be selected. The only regret was that they were true immortals.

However, this was understandable. True immortals were still too weak, and such a threshold had greatly stimulated the true immortals. They all wanted to work hard in cultivation and become celestial Immortals as soon as possible. Otherwise, they would not be able to grasp many opportunities.

There were also many foreign golden Immortals who were very interested in the middle Army. For example, the Golden Immortals of the dimensional universe wanted to join the battleships of the middle Army. On the one hand, they were born in the dimensional universe and were not familiar with it. On the other hand, they wanted to explore the universe field to broaden their horizons and accumulate merit points.

Any ordinary immortal would know the benefits of merits, which were much more powerful than essence Qi coins. The Golden Immortals in the dimensional universe had long been trained. Moreover, they were ordered by the venerable sovereign to enter the heavenly court even if they left the dimensional universe to join the eight desolate universe. Naturally, they had a high desire for merits.

None of the Golden Immortals wanted to miss such a rare opportunity. Unfortunately, all the heaven Immortals and above in the eight desolate universe wanted to join, but the number of slots for the middle Army was limited. In order to prevent overloading, they had to be carefully selected. Celestial Empress had also added many conditions.

The first requirement was the cultivation base of heaven immortal and above.

The second requirement was to battle online. Those who made the list would have priority.

The third requirement was to complete 100% of the school time tasks.

The first threshold eliminated true immortals, the second one eliminated many heaven Immortals who were not strong enough, and the third one eliminated some newly joined golden Immortals. Golden Immortals had just joined the heavenly court, so it was impossible for them to complete the school-hour tasks in a short period of time, because besides studying, there were also tests.

There were three requirements, and this was only made public. In order to prevent the immortal sects and Dao sects from growing stronger, the Empress had even secretly suppressed the proportion of heaven Immortals and above from the immortal sects and Dao sects. Golden Immortals from the top immortal sects and Dao sects could forget about joining easily.

For example, the allheaven immortal sect and the Luofu sect did have golden Immortals who met the three requirements, but they were not 100% sure that they would join the army in the middle. There was still something that could be controlled, and that was the registration time.

If one acted quickly, one would get what they wanted. The celestial Empress could definitely play tricks in this aspect. However, for the sake of balance, the number of heaven Immortals on the warships of the middle Army would increase, and the weaker golden Immortals would be more likely to be chosen.

All in all, one should not underestimate the matter of building a middle Army. There were many problems to be solved and to balance the interests. Fortunately, the Empress had already planned it out and there was no shortage of talents at hand, so it was actually very easy to arrange.

Xuanyou heaven, the emperor’s residence.

“I actually didn’t get chosen.” Tian Feng came before Jiang Lin and grumbled, ” I’m a proud Son of Heaven at the Golden immortal level, after all. I’m only one step away from the Grand unity realm. I’ve won first place in the Golden immortal sect before, and I completed my school hours on time. I fully meet the conditions.

“If the Empress doesn’t want you to go, then you can’t go. Besides, martial uncle Mei is in charge of the Army. If we go too many times, the immortals will gossip.” Jiang Lin smiled indifferently. you shouldn’t have signed up. Otherwise, this wouldn’t have happened.

“I also made a mistake.” Tian Feng said dejectedly.

you’re really wrong, ” Chen fuxiao said unhappily. we already have Kong Guang leading the team, and several avatars of the Grand unity godfiends are following us. If chief commander Mei takes too much care of us, it will be difficult for her and the heavenly court.

“I know you want to advance to grand unity, but don’t be in a hurry.” Jiang Lin consoled her, ” it’s not that we don’t have a chance. After the first batch is over, you can go with the second batch. You won’t be going with your clone, but with your real body.

“Alright!” Tian Feng nodded.

He was indeed a little anxious. After all, among the paragons of his generation, he was the only golden immortal. The others were all grand unity godfiends. If he continued to fall behind, his mental state would be unbalanced. Fortunately, he was already at the perfected golden immortal realm.

What he lacked was an opportunity to make a breakthrough. He had wanted to follow Kong Guang, but because of the changes in the universe and his constant seclusion, he could only send a clone over. It was not appropriate for him to go over secretly now.

the heavenly court still knows their limits. They didn’t ask us to send out golden Immortals, but there are many heaven Immortals, ” Jiang Lin said. we’ll distribute the spots according to the needs of each mountain range. However, we can’t just put aside our previous plans. We’ll just reduce the number.

Whether it was the military, the Ministry of official personnel, or the Ministry of Commerce, they all had to pay a price to make arrangements. Fortunately, the Empress had given the order as soon as they had begun to prepare. This way, although the plan would have some impact, it would be even more perfect.

After all, it was always better to walk with two legs than with one. It was also very good to be able to join the Expeditionary Army and earn some merit. Therefore, Jiang Lin did not change his arrangement. He only reduced the number of people so that he would not be made so exaggerated.

In this way, even the sub-sects that had submitted to the universe had their heaven Immortals transferred. Almost all the heaven Immortals in the sect had a place to go. For a time, the Luofu sect was really empty. Fortunately, the genuine Immortals had been stimulated.

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