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Chapter 560: Taking down the wind bottle (1)

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To the heavenly court, no world was useless.

The world of Jianguang was suitable for cultivating all kinds of resources and was also suitable for water element cultivators to cultivate. The world of clear sky was suitable for leadership, planning of immortal cities, and extracting the ancestral bloodlines.

Although the Qianyuan realm had been plundered by the eight desolates world, it had a deep foundation due to the space-time node. It was still a wonderful place to comprehend Dao.

The other Immortals did not have Chen jingzhai’s innate talent, nor did they have a clone of the way of heaven. But once they became true immortals, it was extremely important to continue improving their Dao Comprehension.

Although Chen jingzhai had easily broken through to become a celestial immortal and transcended the first tribulation, in reality, advancing from a Grotto-heaven true immortal to a pure yang true immortal was a major challenge.

So far, except for the constellation Heavenly King and the five calamity Immortals, no one had become a pure yang true immortal. However, the newly opened Qian Yuan world would probably usher in a new wave of breakthroughs. The heavenly Dao’s net was a blessing for the immortals of the heavenly court.

“Senior brothers, you must have some new understanding?”

Chen jingzhai received the five tribulation Transcenders in the Imperial garden. Although the five true immortals had yet to break through, their auras had already changed, which was rare for tribulation Transcenders.

“The five curses of heaven and man is indeed terrifying.” Immortal taizhen sighed.”I died 11 times before I finally gained some enlightenment. I think I’m not far from breaking through to the skyimmortal realm.”

“We tribulation Transcenders don’t seem to have the five curses of heaven and man. Their appearance seems to be helping us cultivate.” Immortal Long Yuan said.

“That’s true.” Chen jingzhai nodded slightly.”Tribulation Transcenders are not afraid of karma. They feed on tribulations and use karma as their food. The only thing they are afraid of is merit. The power of merit is the restraining power of tribulation Transcenders.”

“Merit?” Immortal great furnace couldn’t help but say,”we’ve never met him before.”

“That’s because the real power of merit can only be derived from a macro world.” Chen jingzhai explained,”for worlds like the Qianyuan realm, even if they have a deep foundation, it’s still very difficult for them to produce the power of virtue. They need to accumulate a certain amount of heavenly Dao power. The power of virtue can only wear down disasters and tribulations, so there’s no need to worry too much.”

Only in a macro world could the heavenly Dao be fully awakened and contain enough Dao laws to form a complete system of the world. Even without reincarnation, it would give birth to merits. Merits were derived from the heavenly Dao rewarding Immortals who had contributed to the heaven and earth. It was a reward measure for the heavenly Dao to guide Immortals to perfect the heaven and earth. Of course, this was from Chen jingzhai’s perspective and position.

To all Immortals and cultivators, the heavenly Dao was an existence that they revered. Only Chen jingzhai could treat it as an equal because he himself had mastered the heavenly Dao and was an existence higher than the heavenly Dao. This made him the most special one.

The power of virtue could wear down calamities and tribulations and resist them. In addition, only some special natural spiritual objects or strange objects of the universe could resist them. From this aspect, it could be seen that the potential of tribulation Transcenders was very high, and they were also very difficult to deal with.

Hearing Chen jingzhai’s words, the five Immortals were more confident. Although they could be resurrected after death, it would consume the natural disasters in their bodies. Other than the power of merit, they could also seek death.

If they were in the eight barren world, Chen jingzhai could resurrect them directly. This involved the power of rules and the authority of the heavenly Dao, so they did not need to worry about dying in the eight barren world. They could experience the five decays of heaven and man to their heart’s content.

“The constellation Heavenly King is about to send troops to the wind bottle world, I hope you can make the trip.” Chen jingzhai revealed the reason for gathering them.”There is a pure yang true immortal in the wind vase world. I hope to subdue him and obtain more information about the vacuum Daoist sect.”

“Sure.” Immortal taizhen said,”it’s just a pure yang true immortal. The five of us should be safe. However, you have to be prepared for the threat of the heavenly light world, venerable sovereign. Even if you break through to the celestial immortal realm, we’ll still be at a disadvantage.”

“You should know the characteristics of the eight waste world,” Chen jingzhai said.”Even golden Immortals can find the Qianyuan world and lock onto the Qingyun world, but they can’t find the eight waste world, let alone enter it. We are born to be invincible.”

“Even golden Immortals can’t be found?” Fu Yunzi exclaimed.

“Yes.” Chen jingzhai nodded slightly.”That’s why we need to be wary of the large worlds but not too concerned about them. Our goal for the next thousand years will still be the middle Worlds. To be honest, the ten generals have already started to search for more Middle Worlds. We have obtained star maps from the Jianguang world and the Emerald Cloud world.”

Before he went into closed-door cultivation, he had already issued a decree for the ten marshals and the ten Lords of Heaven to search for and conquer the middle Worlds. Currently, there were a million perfected Immortals forming 10000 teams of perfected Immortals and they were traveling in the starry sky.

Some of them started from the Qianyuan world, some from the light world, and some from the green cloud world. Their purpose was to find a world, lay a heavenly Dao net, absorb more of the world’s origin, and promote the growth of the eight wastelands.

“Since that’s the case,” immortal taizhen said,”let’s travel outside after we take over the wind bottle world! If you can find a world, make a mark. ”

“I agree,” Fu Yunzi nodded,”it’s just the right time to take a look at the starry sky.”

“No problem,” he said. Iron sword immortal responded in a rare manner.

Everyone had stayed in the Qianyuan realm for too long and had never set foot in the starry sky. Perhaps it would be very beneficial for them to travel in the starry sky, especially for their understanding of Dao and the world.

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