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Chapter 119: Group Training? I’m Tied Up!

“Over 50!”

Lin Yao could not reconcile himself with this ranking. At the same time, he was determined to get the Bodhi Leaf promised by the principal.

‘It is not just the Bodhi Leaf promised by the principal, but also the immeasurable rewards of the city. The champion will probably attain an opportunity to apply for diamond resources. I must find a way to win.’

The Angel Gem, which he had gotten with the last opportunity to apply for diamond resources, had allowed Lin Yao to upgrade his Tree of Light directly. Lin Yao had not forgotten such a good thing.

‘There is no way to win with my current strength. Fortunately, there is still a week left until the competition, and I can make use of this time to improve my strength.’

With this thought in mind, Lin Yao felt that he was racing against time and wanted to go and train. However, he was stopped before he could do so.

“You guys can train later. Let’s talk about the rules of the city competition. This competition has two formats—the individual competition and the team competition. As far as the individual competition is concerned, you can register and then participate according to the rules. As for the team competition, it is a five-member team competition. I’m planning to form two teams that will participate. The top five will form a team, and the sixth to tenth students will form another one. During this period, you guys will need to gather and train together…”

“I’m tied up.”

Instructor Tu Hong was about to carry on and explain the group training. However, he was interrupted before he could finish his words.

Lin Yao was the one who had interrupted him, and his swift and direct refusal made the instructor’s face turn wry.

“China… No, the entire world places a great deal of emphasis on team competitions. You’ll need to form a team when you enter the mystic realms in the future. Therefore, team competitions will account for a large proportion of the points you’ll get at school. If you wish to clinch the second place and get the principal’s Bodhi Leaf, you’ll have to defeat the other two schools in a team battle, and the five-member team that has gone through training will be several times stronger than a motley team. Therefore, you guys have to train together…”

He planned to convince Lin Yao with reason and move him with sincerity. Furthermore, what he had said was indeed logical. In addition, Lin Yao also believed it was right for the country to value small teams.

Every individual had some shortcomings. As the saying went, two heads were better than one. With a suitable team, the fighters’ chances of survival would be much higher when they carried out the missions. The armed personnel Lin Yao had encountered, including the personnel in the mysterious land, the night patrols, and special forces such as the Red Fox Team, had all formed a team to help one another.

However, while teams were important, this was also a world where an individual force could subdue everything.

As the instructor patiently attempted to convince him, Lin Yao also said, “The country certainly values team battles, and group training can truly improve the team’s combat power. However, I remember that team competitions are not judged based on team chemistry but on the outcome of the match. If one is strong enough, one can also defeat the opponent in the absence of good cooperation.”

These words made Instructor Tu Hong grin.

“There are indeed such rules, but the problem is that you guys are not powerful enough to crush the opponent!”

“They will be beaten to a pulp.”

Upon finishing his words, Lin Yao left the school and headed to Professor Li’s research institute before Instructor Tu Hong could utter another word.

“Come back, Lin Yao.”

“Scoundrel, come back!”

In Lin Yao’s opinion, the best place to become stronger was no longer the school now that he had attained the thunder talent. Although the school had a gravitational training facility and a spirit energy training ground, these could not increase his strength as fast as electric current development.

This was normal. After all, Project Thunder God was the focal research of all the countries around the world. How could it be ordinary?

As he arrived at the entrance of the research institute, Lin Yao heard a miserable scream before he could take another step.


The heart-wrenching howl made Lin Yao’s body twitch, and he recalled the past torture that he had experienced.

However, the memory and the twitching movements of his body did not stop Lin Yao. God’s Virtue and the Brave Soul gave Lin Yao the courage to face all kinds of pain and torture.

“Senior Sister, I’m here to undergo electric current development again.”

Lin Yao had left the school and entered the research institute. In the meantime, Tu Hong, who couldn’t stop Lin Yao from leaving, discovered that Yan Yan had also left. He then looked for the principal with a wry face.

“Principal, Yan Yan and Lin Yao are unwilling to participate in group training. What should I do?”

“Did you tell them about the importance of the team competition?”

“I did, but the two of them still left after hearing about it.”

These words made the principal frown. “That can’t be. With the Bodhi Leaf as motivation, they should train hard even though they are arrogant… Don’t tell me youngsters nowadays have such disregard for the Bodhi Leaf…”

After contemplating this for some time, the principal asked about the specific situation. He was told that Lin Yao had said, “If one is strong enough, one can also defeat the opponent in the absence of good cooperation.”

The principal laughed in response.

“That explains it! His consecutive victories have made him arrogant.”

Upon seeing Tu Hong look puzzled, the principal said, “Since Lin Yao has awakened, everything has gone smoothly for him and he has not experienced any failures. His consecutive victories have made him look down on everyone. By the way, why didn’t you give him an opening gambit? I remember that when new students join the top class, you usually find someone to take them down a peg and let them know that no matter how strong they are, there’s always someone stronger.”

“I did.”

At this point in the conversation, Tu Hong felt somewhat aggrieved.

“After knowing that someone comprehended the profound meaning this time, I deliberately sought out eighteenth-in-rank Xing Min to provoke Lin Yao and make the latter realize how strong the students in the top class are. Unfortunately, Lin Yao is too strong. He challenged the tenth-in-rank Xu Qingyang immediately, and then the fourth-in-rank Shi Qiang after he defeated the former. Xu Qingyang lost, but forget about that. His prowess stems from the mid-range to long-range attacks of his wind talent. Shi Qiang has solid strength, though. He has the steel fusion talent, entry-level titanium body, the strength of the dragon and elephant combined, as well as the Lion’s Roar. I thought this would be foolproof, but he unexpectedly lost…

“Furthermore, this challenge was between a beginner martial artist and an intermediate martial artist. I didn’t expect Lin Yao to beat someone at a higher level. I really don’t know what will happen after he becomes an intermediate martial artist…”

As Tu Hong exclaimed, sounding aggrieved, he suddenly paused after horrifically discovering something. When it came to ordinary people, it was indeed difficult for an uncoordinated team to defeat a well-coordinated team. However, given Lin Yao’s talent, there was indeed a slight possibility of this happening.

“Principal, if Student Lin Yao becomes an advanced martial artist, do you think he’ll be able to beat a team of five alone without the cooperation of the four other team members?”

These words made the principal think. After a while, he sighed and said, “That’s really possible if he becomes an advanced martial artist, but Student Lin Yao has awakened too late. It will be hard for him to become an intermediate martial artist before the competition begins.”

After uttering the theories in their hearts, both of them felt somewhat speechless. These big shots in the school had not realized this yet, but because of Lin Yao’s talent, they had already begun to contemplate whether Lin Yao’s words were true instead of blindly refuting them.

This was the greatest affirmation of Lin Yao’s talent, and it also went to show that the country had not distributed its resources randomly.

In the end, they concluded the discussion by deciding to make Lin Yao undergo group training.

In order to make Lin Yao participate in the training, the principal, who was a sly old fox, told Instructor Tu a few tricks.

“Student Lin Yao is unwilling to train because he feels that he is strong enough to be able to defeat the opponent without any cooperation. This is because his continuous victories have made him arrogant. When you have the time, get the advanced martial artists to fight with him. After he suffers a crushing defeat, he will naturally understand that there’s always someone better.

“Yes. Getting two well-coordinated students to defeat him will do as well.”

“Got it.”

Lin Yao’s academy affairs aside, upon seeing Lin Yao holding his slightly-recovered arm at the research institute, Jiang Rong attended to him immediately.

“Is Junior Brother here for recharge training?”

“Yes, but I would like to undergo in-depth electric current development first.”

Jiang Rong was stunned. “Didn’t you just go through it yesterday? Why are you doing it again today?”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Yao flashed her a smile that looked worse than a grimace.

“I did undergo it yesterday, but my light talent has advanced. My injuries from the electric shock will recover in one day instead of needing three days now. As long as it is a sunny day, I’ll be able to undergo electric shock development every day. Ha ha ha ha…”

Upon looking at Lin Yao’s smile, Senior Sister Jiang Rong inexplicably felt her heart ache.

“Ah Yao, you don’t have to work so hard. Your mind won’t be able to take it. You can follow the original method and do this once every three days.”

Senior Sister Jiang Rong’s words contained some truth. When one had been tortured by electric shocks for a long time, one’s mind might collapse before the body did so.

However, after integrating the strength of the Virtues, Lin Yao had attained the Brave Soul. This kind of God’s virtue made Lin Yao unwilling to give up despite the pain and suffering.

“I’m fine. Let’s proceed with the in-depth development.”

At Lin Yao’s request, they went ahead with the in-depth development.

The first process was physical development. As numerous electrode patches were attached to Lin Yao’s body, he had a sense of foreboding that pain was coming. This time, he did not back down. Gathering his mind and strength, he waited for the electric shock.

Buzz, buzz.

As Senior Sister Jiang turned on the switch, a stream of electric current poured into Lin Yao’s body through the various electrode patches. The electric current containing special energy circulated in Lin Yao’s body, destroying and rebuilding his body simultaneously.

Because destroying was always easier than building, most people would not be able to persist for a long time before their body suffered irreversible damage.

Lin Yao was different. At the same time that the electric current destroyed and optimized his body cells, both the power of life in the electric current and the light energy stored in his cells were repairing his body. This kind of repair was faster than that of thunder and lightning. As a result, Lin Yao could persist for a long time.

Buzz, buzz.

The bright electric current flowed in Lin Yao’s body, continuously destroying and transforming Lin Yao’s cells. Amid this cycle of destruction and reconstruction, Lin Yao’s body was gradually becoming stronger and more sensitive to electricity.

This was manifested by the fact that his Iron Person physical realm was increasing rapidly. Additionally, his Heavenly Thunder Manipulation proficiency was also rising.

While the electric current stimulated the body, Lin Yao didn’t fall into a coma because of the Brave Soul. He didn’t evade the pain either. Instead, he focused on the stimulation and changes brought about by the electric current in his body. He even attempted to make his body remember the feeling of the electric current strengthening his body.

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