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Chapter 375: Chapter 230 Dark Demon darkseer, completing level 9 promotion Mission 2In the hundreds of worlds that the Dark Ones had conquered, the throats and hearts of humanoid creatures had always been their weaknesses. Dark Demon Darkseer had fought in many worlds with his twin brother darkseer, which he was very familiar with. He had hit his target. But he had also failed. Because the opponent’s throat and heart weren’t vital points right now. Standing in front of the Dark Demon wasn’t the pure human ye Yuqiu, but the combination of an ice race and a human. When Ye Yuqiu was in the lead, she was a human. When Skaya was in the lead, she was an ice race member. And an ice race member had no vital points. Because Skaya didn’t have an innate soul, she rarely fought outside, but she had learned many battle techniques. One of them was her battle techniques with the Dark Demon. Her entire body was elementalized. As she dodged the Dark Demon’s attack, Frost rapidly gathered from all directions, freezing the dark demon’s black thorns in the blink of an eye. The Dark Demon’s black thorns were its claws. However, after using this move, the cold air around ye Yuqiu’s body visibly decreased. The light in her eyes also dimmed. After all, she had just stepped into level 8 not long ago. Even with Skaya and their souls being extremely compatible, it would still take a huge price to control a level 9, Level 1 dark demon. “One second!”Ye Yuqiu said reluctantly. Lin Xuan stomped on the ground and suddenly burst out. The Ice Dao Child Talisman in his palm flickered with cold air. “Kill!” Cold light surged on the Ice Dao Child Talisman. In an instant, four ice spears that were ten meters long were formed. They were huge and majestic, and they were bone-piercing cold. Darkfiend Darkfiend Darkfiend felt the fear of death. It instinctively wanted to break free, but it was unable to break free from the shackles of the frost. Boom! The first ice spear and the second ice spear smashed into its body without any hindrance. The ice spears that entered its body seemed to have a life of their own as they exploded within the DARKFIEND’s body. In a moment of desperation, the dark demon turned its left foot into a sharp knife and sliced through its arms, cutting off both of its arms! Dark elements sprayed out from the wounds crazily. The Dark Demon used all of its strength to roll, barely dodging the third and fourth ice spears. It only took the edge of the damage from the ice spears. Even so, its HP had been reduced to 10% , almost dying. Ye Yuqiu exhausted her mana points and fell to the ground. The Dark Demon Roared soundlessly. It stared at Lin Xuan for a second without any facial features, then turned around and charged at the nearest tier 8 warrior. It wanted to plunder the dark elements in these people’s bodies as soon as possible and quickly recover. “You want to recover?” Lin Xuan did not hesitate and directly chased after it. Even though the Dark Demon was a Tier 9 level 1, it did not dare to be careless when facing Lin Xuan’s attack with its current HP. It had no choice but to stop its attacks and turn around to defend itself. Meanwhile, the two cunning and agile dark demon beasts had been defeated by Lin Xuan’s five doppelgangers. Meanwhile, Adamson and the others were temporarily forced back. “It’s time to go!” Frost domain’s doppelganger cast the Great Ice Seal. The great ice seal was relatively weak and could only control the dark demon for a quarter of a second. However, this quarter of a second was enough for Lin Xuan and his four doppelgangers to deal full damage! Flame Burst! Moreover, it was five flame bursts! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! It was like a meteor shower, like a meteor falling from the sky. The Dark Demon’s pitiful 10% hp was also completely wiped out by Lin Xuan’s five flame bursts! “Single-handedly killed a tier 9 creature and caused over 50% of its damage contribution.” Lin Xuan glanced at the data panel and let out a long sigh. Tier 9 promotion mission, completed! Darkfiend darkseer slowly fell backwards. On the ice wall, the Arctic Army warriors hugged each other and wept with joy, celebrating this small victory. They could not interfere in the battle between tier 9 warriors. As long as they could kill Darkfiend and darkfiend, it would be a huge success! The moment Darkseer died, Simon, who was fighting Ji Ruyue, suddenly felt a sharp pain. Simon could not control his body, and a hoarse and angry roar came out of his mouth. “My Brother is dead!” Darkseer was beyond furious, and directly seized the complete control of Simon’s body. He directly gave up Ji Ruyue and attacked Lin Xuan explosively. Ji Ruyue’s expression changed slightly, and she wanted to turn around and save him. However, Ying was tightly entangled with her. Once Ji Ruyue turned around, she would definitely reveal a huge flaw. Ying was now a level 10 fighter, and his strength was almost on par with Ji Ruyue’s. This flaw might be the deciding factor. Lin Xuan, who had just been feeling happy, also felt the surging threat of death. But before he could react, Darhk’s attack had already arrived. A huge black palm descended from the sky! An area of ten meters above the ice wall was completely enveloped. Ye Yuqiu barely managed to roll over and dodge the attack range of the black palm. But the Arctic Army warriors who were cheering were not so lucky. Before they could react, they were smashed into meat paste from head to toe! Crack. Lin Xuan’s indestructible overlord set barely reduced his damage to 50% . The durability of his equipment was completely depleted and shattered on the spot! Lin Xuan also coughed up blood and flew back more than ten meters. “Still not dead? !” Darhk roared and slapped down with his black palm again. Lin Xuan wanted to use Flash to escape, but as a tier 10 creature, Darhk was still too fast. Before he could use Flash, the second black palm had already slapped down. He could only use ice path child talisman as soon as possible. Boom! With Lin Xuan as the center, a huge hole appeared in the ice wall. All kinds of defensive equipment were sent flying everywhere. Crack. The ice shield protecting Lin Xuan also shattered. This was the last bit of energy stored in the Ice Daozi Talisman. Previously, 80% of the energy was used to deal with the Dark Demon. The remaining 20% of the energy was left in the Ice Daozi Talisman in case of emergency. Just now, he had used 20% of his energy to form an ice shield, barely blocking the attack. However, a portion of the energy still invaded Lin Xuan’s body, causing him to spurt out blood. Moreover, the invasion of the aging energy had caused his maximum HP to temporarily drop by quite a bit. “He’s not dead yet? !” Darke was a little dumbfounded. He was so furious that if he attacked with all his strength, not to mention a tier 8 warrior, even a Tier 9 warrior would die on the spot. He really did not expect Lin Xuan to have so many life-saving things! Darke wanted to launch a third attack. The sharp black sword light had already come down from all directions. “You have harmed my Kunlun Palace disciples. You must be killed!” Ji Ruyue was full of killing intent. She slashed three black sword lights straight at Simon’s back. Meanwhile, Ying was trapped on the spot by the Ice Daozi Talisman, unable to move. Ji Ruyue had used the eternal frozen essence to create a new ice dao child talisman. Its power was greatly increased, and the binding energy was even stronger than before. This was how she was able to barely trap shadow, who was at the same level as her, and escape to deal with Simon. Rip! Simon’s Back was deeply cut by the sword light. However, what flowed out of it was not fresh blood, but black gas. “This body has restricted my ability to perform. It’s time to abandon it.” Darhk roared. A moment of clarity appeared in his eyes. Simon screamed, “Lord Darhk, don’t!” Rip! Simon’s body was torn in half with the wound as the center. A two-meter-tall humanoid creature walked out from Simon’s body. Faceless and pitch-black, it was the Dark Ones! The head commander saw this scene from afar and was shocked. Atlas said in a low voice, “That’s the most common way for Dark Ones to conquer the various worlds. They occupy the body and descend directly. To them, the body is just a container, and they will definitely abandon it when it’s time to abandon it.” “That’s why I said that Dark Ones are not reliable allies. As long as the benefits are in place, they will definitely stab the Holy Spirit clan in the back.” The leader nodded his head heavily. He could also feel the Dark Ones’unscrupulous methods and ambition. Lin Xuan let out a long breath and quickly took out a great health potion to recover his health. At the same time, he picked up ye Yuqiu and opened his mouth to gulp down two bottles of great health potion. “Almond, don’t hold back. Kill this white-clothed black sword, and our cooperation can continue.”Darhk roared. “Didn’t I just make my move?” The new pope’s voice was completely different from before. Then, his body split open on the spot. A figure flashing with golden light rushed out from within. Lu Pingjiang, who was fighting with him, felt a great sense of danger and subconsciously retreated. However, his left side was still penetrated by the terrifying light. His left arm was shattered on the spot, and most of his chest was exposed. One could see the ghastly white bones and his still beating heart. Lu Pingjiang lost his fighting strength on the spot and fell to the ground. At this moment, Ying had also broken free from the bindings of the Ice Daozi Talisman. Darhk, Amund, and Ying, the three level 10 attackers, surrounded Ji Ruyue!

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