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The ten scallion pancakes were made really quickly. Some of those townsfolk in the queue knew how difficult it was to buy the scallion pancakes. However, they still persevered and came to try their luck. After all, they were used to it already.

The people that queued up frequently were mostly familiar with one another. Sometimes, when people didn't come, they would ask one another about their whereabouts.

"Hey, why didn't Elder Wang come today?"

"Elder Li didn't come today?"

It was like a place for them to network. If they were in luck, they would be able to get scallion pancakes as a bonus.

Especially since the re-sellers were buying the scallion pancakes at high prices. Those that managed to get their hands on the scallion pancakes could earn quite a big sum of money by selling them.

However, that was a rare sight. Most people were already under the control of the scallion pancakes. They always chose to eat it instead.

Also, the businesses of the other shops in Cloud Street were getting better. Each time the queue ended, many townsfolk would go to the shops and buy things from them.

Therefore, the popularity of one single shop had already helped to boost the economy of the entire street. It was pretty scary.

Many other shop owners wanted to set up their shops on Cloud Street but it was a pity that all the units on Cloud Street had been taken up. There weren't any available to be rented.

Some of them tried to go by the back door and sent gifts to the estate developers of Cloud Street. However, those developers didn't dare to risk anything.

To them, Master Lin was like the God of fortune. If they really dared to do it, the other shop owners would be driven away and Master Lin would definitely be infuriated. If Master Lin were to change his location, they'd be crying over it.

They always remembered how bad business was on Cloud Street in the past.

It was really pathetic.

Furthermore, the current Master Lin wasn't the same anymore. He was more influential now and average people didn't dare to mess with him.

At noon.

After eating his lunch, Lin Fan laid there and drank the tea that Wu You Lan had made. He felt really great.

"Brother Lin, who are you waiting for?" Wu You Lan walked to Master Lin and massaged his temples gently.

Lin Fan closed his eyes and enjoyed the massage. "I'm waiting for the student to come over. The one that got burnt in the fire. I'm thinking of helping her."

Wu You Lan was stunned, "Are you able to help her?"

Lin Fan smiled, "Should be able to."

Although he said that, he was really confident of doing it.

This time, the completion of the task depended on this.

Jin Shan Ping had a really tough life. If she had a bad attitude, she would have shut herself out from the world. However, she managed to get into University which showed that she was really resilient.

Even if a person was resilient, he/she would definitely break down at the mockery of others.

Wu You Lan said, "It'd be really great if you can treat her."

Lin Fan laid there comfortably, "Please press a little harder. It feels great."

"Okay," Wu You Lan said and nodded. Then, she massaged with greater force.

She had decided to follow Lin Fan for the rest of her life. Of course, that was what she was thinking about. She didn't want to tell any other people about it.

After a short while.

A mysterious person appeared. She wore really thick clothing to cover herself.

Jin Shan Ping was nervous and emotional upon arriving at Cloud Street. She didn't know what the final outcome was going to be.

"Master Lin," Jin Shan Ping said as she saw the person lying down.

He didn't even need to look to know who had arrived.

Lin Fan smiled, "Come in."

Wu You Lan asked curiously, "Brother Lin, is she Jin Shan Ping?"

Lin Fan nodded, "Yes. Come in, please."

Jin Shan Ping didn't dare to show her face as she was afraid of scaring people. She usually didn't leave her room in University. Even if she were to leave her room, it would just be to buy some daily necessities.

Because her family wasn't really well to do, she wanted to get a scholarship. However, she couldn't get any since nobody wanted her.

She looked really scary. The companies were afraid that she would scare people and affect their reputation. Of course, everyone rejected her.

Fraud Tian and the others looked at her curiously. Although they saw pictures of her online, they had never seen her face to face.

With Fraud Tian's personality, he was definitely okay to look at her directly. However, he was behaving like a transgender. He acted really calm and normal. He didn't show any signs of curiosity.

He was probably afraid of making her feel different and depressed.

Although Fraud Tian was a blunt and straightforward man, he was still pretty thoughtful.

At the resting area in the shop.

"Take off your mask and your sunglasses," Lin Fan said.

Jin Shan Ping was hesitant, "Master Lin, can they not look at me? I don't want to scare them."

"I, Fraud Tian, have seen so many things in my life. I'm not afraid! As long as you're kind, you're beautiful in my eyes," Fraud Tian said.


Lin Fan was stunned. He didn't expect Fraud Tian to have said such nice things. Furthermore, he said it so fluently and it sounded really convincing.

Zhao Zhong Yang nodded, "Yeah. Only those that are judgmental would feel scared."

They were really friendly to Jin Shan Ping.

Lin Fan was really happy about their words. They were indeed the righteous followers of Master Lin.

Jin Shan Ping was really emotional as she looked at them. She knew that they were encouraging and comforting her.

Then, she just removed her mask and sunglasses without any hesitation.

Lin Fan's heart trembled for a second when she showed her face despite having seen her looks before. She looked hideous and that was the only word that could describe her. Perhaps even the word 'hideous' couldn't justify it.

Fraud Tian gently closed his eyes. He wasn't afraid. He was just sad that such a loving lady had suffered so much.

Zhao Zhong Yang's hands trembled. However, he calmed himself down and didn't show any signs of fear.

Wu You Lan asked softly, "Brother Lin, are you confident about it?"

Lin Fan stretched out his hand and touched her face. It was pretty tender and some parts of her face were hard. It was definitely severely burned.

Even if he were to swap her flesh, she probably couldn't recover fully.

"I have to try. Follow me to the hospital. I have to use the tools there," Lin Fan said.

Fraud Tian asked curiously, "How are you planning to treat it?"

Lin Fan said confidently, "I'm going to use a medicinal pill."

Fraud Tian was stunned. He didn't believe that he was going to use a medicinal pill to treat her.

It wasn't logical at all.

"Let's go to the hospital first," Lin Fan said.

"Okay." Jin Shan Ping was really nervous but she was looking forward to it.


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