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Chapter 115: Two Months! Let the American Nuclear Submarine Stand At the Top of the World!

Raymond’s current identity, especially the identity of the construction of the nuclear submarine, was not exposed too much.

The American higher-ups knew that he was only involved in the matter, and the scientists knew that the blueprint was brought by Raymond.

Although everyone in the meeting room already knew, the people outside still did not know what was going on.

After Raymond made the call, he was stopped.

“Please state the correct password for the meeting. If you don’t have it, we will treat you as an intruder into the network and give you a warning.”

The voice on the other end was very determined.

“This is General Raymond. Isn’t this call obvious enough?”

“I know, but you are not invited to the meeting. If you don’t know the correct instructions now, I can’t connect this call to you.”

“Tell the Secretary of Defense that I’m looking for him. He’ll naturally know.”

“Please wait a moment.”

There was no sound from the other end of the call.

At this moment in the conference room.

“If that’s the case, then we can only use this method. Every 12 hours, more than one quadrant sonar will be used to seal off the American waters and strengthen the sea patrols. We must not let this Russian nuclear submarine have any chance to take advantage of us!” the Secretary of Defense ordered.


A general stood up and shouted.

At the moment, this was the only method left. Although this was a very passive method, it could at least make this Russian nuclear submarine feel some fear. It would not be like the last time, when the United States was caught off guard, it would directly invade the American waters,

As they thought of this, a helpless look appeared on everyone’s faces.

At this moment.

An officer walked over to the Secretary of Defense and whispered a few words.

Immediately, the Secretary of Defense’s expression changed.

“Quick, bring him in!” he shouted.

One minute later.

On the big screen in the conference room, half of the screen was cut off, and a tall and straight figure appeared.

Raymond was wearing a white coat that scientists often wore. Although he did not look old and heavy, he still had a little taste.

“I can already solve the nuclear submarine issue.”

He didn’t waste any time and directly said the main point.

This scene surprised everyone.

Already solved?

Hadn’t the gap that had been closed for fifty years already been solved? How long had it been? Not more than ten hours, and it had already been solved?!

During this period of time, no one knew what Raymond was doing.

But after meeting again for 10 hours, this sentence really made everyone’s faces appear shocked.

Looking at his expression, it was not a joke at all.

“General Raymond, at this time, don’t joke anymore!”

“You’ve already solved the 50-year gap period, which is already the limit. In these few short hours, how could you possibly know about the nuclear submarine’s updated technology?”

“There’s no room for modification on our old-model nuclear submarine. Even if we were to optimize it, it wouldn’t be able to surpass your Q-Series. I’m very clear on this point.”

“It’s already impossible to do this without any data. Although you’ve done it, at this time, it’s best not to joke about this matter.”

One of the scientists immediately stood up and spoke.

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Raymond. If he didn’t believe him, he wouldn’t have participated in Raymond’s nuclear submarine technology project.

But it was also because of this that he understood how terrifying Raymond’s actions were.

He had pulled the old nuclear submarine from the ground in one go.

This wasn’t something that an ordinary person could do. Even if it was the research that scientists had done day and night, it would still take at least 25 years to achieve. Yet, he had only used a week’s time.

Although the current Q-Series was a generation behind the world’s best, it was still an old model that was a hindrance.

Especially now, without more information, it was impossible to develop it.

Therefore, his thoughts still remained here.

Did he think that Raymond was trying to ease the pressure of this atmosphere?

“No, this scientist, aren’t you a little too excited? General Raymond only said that he had found a solution, not that he could solve it now. Perhaps he can reduce this time. For example, we need ten years now, and General Raymond can let us only use five years. In that case, we can also catch up to the world’s top level as soon as possible.”

Another scientist immediately stood up.

He wasn’t someone who liked to joke, so he knew that Raymond wouldn’t joke either.

Especially in this situation.

Since Raymond said that he could solve it, or that there was a solution, then there must be a solution.

But if he said that it could be solved immediately, then he wouldn’t believe it either.

“Professor Raymond, although you’ve made a lot of contributions, I think you should consider this matter carefully. Professor Raymond, if you were to follow up on this matter, wouldn’t it also take ten years? After all, many places now require independent research and development. How long do you think it would take?”

At this moment, a senior military officer stood up and spoke.

The person who spoke now did not indicate that Raymond could not do it.

Instead, it was how long Raymond would need.

“Professor Raymond, if you were to lead this matter, how many years would it take? If it’s possible, I hope it would be within ten years. I wonder how many years professor Raymond said it would take to resolve it?”

The questions that the Secretary of Defense asked were actually what everyone wanted to ask, and also what the president wanted to ask.

“The research funding is 10 billion, and the foundation of the Q-Series is pretty good. Among them, there are a few shortfalls in this research project. I will start from these shortfalls. As long as we solve these shortfalls, the United States will be able to catch up with the world.”

Raymond wasn’t too full of himself with these words.

But when he said this, the people in the two meeting rooms were shocked.

“General Raymond, you mean you have found a solution to these shortcomings?!”

The scientists asked almost in unison.

One had to know that it was because of these shortcomings that the United States could not continue to develop, especially when there was no updated information, and there was no comparison of the design drawings of the new nuclear submarines. They could only do experiments over and over again to start testing.

They could still research the problem despite the lack of information. In just a few short hours, they had already figured out the solution to the shortcomings.

This was simply too monstrous!

It simply crushed everyone’s IQ!

A genius among geniuses!

It couldn’t be because this nuclear submarine was just a toy to him, right?!

“Yes, I’ve already solved it,” Raymond said faintly.

The President’s face was stunned, and he asked with a stern expression, “Professor Raymond, do you think it’s true? How long will it take to take care of it?”

“It’s true, President. Give me two months, and I’ll let the American nuclear submarine stand on the world stage!”

Raymond’s voice was clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears.

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