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Chapter 110: Chapter 110: Prehistoric Crocodile!

Inside The Miz Maze aircraft carrier.

The crew members of The Miz Maze aircraft carrier endured the roars of these two tyrannosaurs for more than ten hours. They were on the verge of collapse.

After the two tyrannosaurs stopped scaring them, the crew members of The Miz Maze aircraft carrier all fainted out of exhaustion.

At this moment, Blake was also checking his attribute evolution points.

[ Ding! Host’s total attack has obtained attribute evolution points: 220 points! ]

Blake could not help but frown. He finally understood that he could not keep scaring the group of people.

This was like shaving a sheep. Sooner or later, there would be a day when the sheep would be plucked clean.

Moreover, these people’s energy was limited. Even if the big mouth and the two big legs of the Tyrannosaurus rex scared The Miz Mystery Aircraft Carrier’s people for half a day, they would only gain this little attribute of evolution. It seemed that he had to increase the range of the humans that he scared a little.

However, all in all, these attribute evolution points today had to be put to use as soon as possible.

“System, if I were to exchange all these attribute evolution points for my king of Monsters Progress Bar, how much would it increase?”

[ Ding! Answering the host’s question! ]

[ The ratio of attribute evolution points to the king of Monsters Progress Bar is 10 million to 1. ]

Blake was completely dumbfounded.

A total of 10 million attribute evolution points for one point of the King of Monsters Progress Bar? If that was the case, why not give all of these attribute evolution points to its little brothers for evolution!

Blake shook his head helplessly, then led his two little brothers away from the beaches of the Giant Beast Island.

Linley had long ago told the other tyrannosaurs to return to their original world after their afternoon exercise.

Although Blake didn’t need to eat, the tyrannosaurs under his command truly needed to hunt and eat.

Early the next morning, Blake brought his two underlings and returned to the prehistoric era.

This time, Blake was prepared to do something new.

At this moment, in the huge basin of the prehistoric world.

Blake had already summoned three extremely huge Imperial Crocs.

“System, help me modify the three Imperial Crocs in front of me. Each of them will be given an average of 10 attribute evolution points.”

“Help me change their body density and adapt to the oxygen content of the future world.”

[ Ding! Completing host’s command! ]

[ target: Imperial Croc ]

[ quantity: 3]

[ evolution direction: strengthen muscle and bone density, strengthen respiratory organs ]

[ required attribute evolution points: 30 points ]

[ Ding! Beginning Evolution! ]

After a few minutes, the three Decepticon crocodiles in front of Blake finally completed their evolution.

Blake looked at them after their evolution and nodded in satisfaction.

Yesterday, through his senses, Blake could sense that there were three nuclear reactors 500 kilometers away from the Giant Beast Island.

Through the conversation between Will Quake and the others, Blake knew that the three nuclear reactors were The Miz Miz aircraft carrier of Japan.

To Blake, as long as he wanted to, all the sound waves on the giant beast island could be easily captured by him.

Moreover, it could be filtered, as long as he heard what he wanted to hear.

And right now, the three emperor crocodiles that Blake had evolved into were the gifts that he was prepared to give to the three Miz Miz aircraft carriers!

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Within the Giant Beast Island!

Three super emperor crocodiles that were dozens of meters long directly followed Blake out of the wormhole.

At this moment, when the researchers around the wormhole saw this scene, their entire bodies trembled in fear.

Fortunately, these imperial crocodiles listened to the giant beasts. Otherwise, if they were targeted by such terrifying creatures, it would be meaningless even if they wanted to run.

There was only one ending for them, and that was death.

Blake swaggered with the three imperial crocodiles to the beach south of Giant Beast Island.

“Oh my God! ! ! I just saw such a terrifying Super Tyrannosaurus yesterday, and now I see a super giant crocodile?!”

On The Miz Maze Aircraft Carrier, another crew member saw the three giant imperial crocodiles following behind Blake.

They were completely dumbfounded!

“Are you sure this is a giant crocodile? I can guarantee you, this is a giant imperial crocodile! A prehistoric imperial crocodile!”

“Oh my God, I measured it with a telescope. At least this imperial crocodile is more than 30 meters long! We are really in the human world, aren’t we in the Cretaceous period? !”

“I really don’t want to stay here anymore. I want to go back now! I want to go home!”

Blake directly used the three crocodiles to plunder the emotions of The Miz Maze aircraft carrier as he spoke to the three crocodiles behind him.


“The three of you, go and harass the aircraft carrier in the distance. If the enemy intends to attack you, you can try to withstand it.”

After all, Blake had used the 30 attribute evolution points given by the system to modify the three Imperial Crocs in front of him.

Blake really wanted to know what the situation was like when the Imperial Crocs and human firearms collided head-on.

The three Imperial Crocs nodded their heads in a very human-like manner, and then quickly entered the sea.

The three Imperial Crocs all had a body of over 30 meters. In the current Pacific Ocean, they could be said to be invincible. No living creature was their opponent.

Even the largest blue whale in the ocean had to give way when facing the prehistoric giant crocodiles of the Cretaceous period, certainly when faced by imperial crocodiles that were evolved by Blake.

Now that the three super imperial crocodiles had entered the ocean, their speed had soared.

Originally, their speed was at most 30 knots, but now it has reached 50 knots!

Blake, not far away, narrowed his eyes and slowly walked to the Mizz aircraft carrier in front of him.

At this moment, there were quite a number of crew members on the Mizz aircraft carrier.

These people could not be wasted!


Blake directly gulped twice.

Not far away, there was also the research base of the United States.

When Will Quake heard Blake’s voice, he immediately put down the work in his hands.

“What happened, Mr. Will Quake?”

Galgado stood up with some confusion and asked.

“The giant beast is calling me.”

Will Quake couldn’t help but smile.

Galgado was very shocked, and his eyes were wide open.

“Mr. Will Quake, you can actually understand the words of the giant beast?”

Will Quake nodded and said, “Yes, but only a little.”

Galgado said curiously, “Then Mr. Will Quake, I’ll go with you. I also want to see how you and the Giant Beast chat.”

Will Quake nodded and said, “Then let’s go.”

Beside him, Ueda Cuozhi also quickly followed.

“I’ll go too!”

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