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Q: Would it be possible for both you and Joey to reveal your photos? We’re looking forward to seeing your photos!
A: Absolutely refusing to reveal personal information is my bottom line. Dear readers, please just imagine “Mr. F” and “Joey” as characters from a book.

Q: Everybody feels that Mr. F is nearly perfect, and is an ideal man. So what exactly is it about Joey that attracts you?
A: I’m not perfect – the ‘Mr. F’ whom you see is only a side of me which Joey has written. I’m not actually as good as she claims I am. In actuality, I have many flaws which many people are unable to accommodate or accept; conversely, Joey is able to accept my flaws – for her, gentleness is a dominant part of her personality. In my eyes, Joey has many virtues and attractive points – she possesses a very caring attitude towards the world in general, has a great sense of humour, and is sufficiently open-minded and optimistic. Furthermore, she’s also a very strong and kind woman. She has a immense amount of mental strength, which allows her to successfully overcome various obstacles whilst remaining thoughtful and kind – this is a very precious ability, and in that aspect she’s very similar to my mother. She frequently tells me that many people often tell her that she must have saved an entire galaxy in her previous life to have met me in this life. However, those who have truly interacted with Joey wouldn’t think that way. In fact, I feel that I must have been the one who saved an entire galaxy in my previous life in order to meet her.

Q: Did you fall in love with Joey at first sight, or did your feelings accumulate over a period of time?
A: I’m extremely logical when handling my relationship, and wouldn’t develop good feelings towards the other party purely because of the romantic atmosphere at that point in time or because of a special attribute possessed by the other party. Thus, it’s nearly impossible for me to fall in love with the other party at first sight. It’s extremely difficult for me to ascertain precisely when I started developing romantic feelings for Joey; rather, I grew to like her more and more as my understanding of her deepened. My feelings for her accumulated over a relatively lengthy period of time.

Q: Who was the party who fell for the other party first?
A: It’s rather difficult to answer this question – I myself remain unclear about when I started to possess romantic feelings for her.

Q: Who confessed first?
A: I’m the one who confessed first, but she rejected me. However, she doesn’t admit this fact and often insists that what I said didn’t constitute a confession.

Q: Mr. F, why were you able to harden your heart and stop all contact with Joey during your four years in England?
A: I felt extremely embarrassed and ashamed as I was rejected after my confession. Furthermore, I felt that my feelings were disregarded and flagrantly trampled on. I was still rather young then, and was extremely immature in my approach to various matters. In actuality, what I did was incorrect, and I regretted my actions immensely after some time – however, I was still unable to put aside my pride and reconcile with her. Thus, we ended up waging a cold war against each other for a few years. Whenever I think about the incident now, I’m embarrassed by my immaturity.

Q: Joey quit her job in order to follow you to Beijing. What were your initial thoughts when you found out?
A: I was extremely shocked. Based on my understanding of her then, it’s impossible for Joey to have done something so uncharacteristic. It was only later that I discovered that I didn’t understand her at all.

Q: Is there a moment when you felt extremely blessed?
A: There’s nothing that particularly stands out to me – males and females have extremely different trains of thought, so this question ought to be directed to Joey.

Q: When do you and Joey intend to create a Little F?
A: There are no such plans at present.

Q: What do you think about Guan Chao?
A: He’s extremely smart. In the past, I often relied on my hard work when studying, whereas Guan Chao relied entirely on his naturally high IQ. This caused me to feel slightly depressed. His personality is the entire opposite of Joey’s – Guan Chao is more individualistic, and often fails to consider the feelings of others whenever he does or says something. It would be best if the two siblings could meld parts of their personalities together. Guan Chao had previously asked me which time period of my life I wanted to return to if I had a time machine. I told him that I’d go to his house to beat him up. When he asked me why, I told him that it’s because he always bullied my wife.

Q: What do you think about Young Master?
A: I’m not close to him.

Q: What’s the secret to maintaining a sweet and perfect marriage?
A: We don’t intentionally try to maintain a sweet and happy marriage. Joey’s a person who rarely confides in people about her difficulties. Rather, she only ever talks about happy incidents. Thus, the marriage life that is presented to the readers is one that appears trouble-free and smooth-sailing. However, this is not entirely true in actuality – we too engage in cold wars and quarrels. These are simply part and parcel of marriage. A marriage can only be described as ‘perfect’ when both parties accompany each other till they’re both 90 years old. For now, our marriage cannot be considered ‘perfect’.

Q: It appears that you are always extremely busy with your job. How do you juggle your family along with your job?
A: Although love is extremely important, our lives do not revolve around it. Instead, we are usually busy with our individual matters for majority of the time. After all, a relationship requires some support from material comforts as well. Such material comforts necessarily requires one to expend huge amounts of time and energy. Thus, I often have extremely little time which I can utilize to accompany Joey. In this regard, I’m extremely thankful to Joey for her understanding and acceptance. On a separate note, there are two types of animals which are able reach the top of the pyramid: the eagles and the snails. However, there are extremely few eagles in comparison to the numerous snails. Thus, as snails, we have no right to be lazy.

Q: Do you have anything which you would like to say to your readers?
A: Do not be lazy.

Q: Do you have anything which you would like to say to Joey?
A: No. I’ve said all that I wanted to say.

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