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"Come to think of it, I've heard the information about a dragon girl."

"Yes, indeed."

At night, we told everything that happened to Mom and Dad. As expected from the two important figures in this country, they've heard of Carbuncle as well!

"But I didn't expect her to settle on my children's school… and Lyra's class, moreover."

"Uhm, Dad, Mom… She also said something weird!"

"Something weird?"

"Oh, you mean, that, Lyra?! That's right, I almost forgot!"

That's right, Alt-nii.

We have a "homework" to do, given to us by the dragon girl, Carbuncle.

"Carbuncle said that we're of [mixed dragon descent]! We insisted that we are only of human and elven descent, but she gave us an irrefutable evidence…," I propped my chin as I reported it.

"Yeah, she said that she used a healing item that would have an effect only to those with dragon blood, and we felt the effect of it!" Alt-nii quickly backed up my sentence.


Mom and Dad exclaimed in their surprises—and their faces genuinely screamed, "What the heck?!"

"So, she said we have to ask our family… Hey, Mom, Dad, do you know anything?"

"No… my family only has mixed with the elves…"

"No, wait, I don't know anything…"


See, Carbuncle?

I'm pretty sure that she's mistaken and that the healing item incident was just… a coincidence? Luck?

"I've never heard of it from any family history… … ah."

Dad suddenly said, "ah!" as if he just thought of something.

"Dad, did you just remember something?" (Lyra)

"No, no, that's… just a possibility. I have nothing to back it up… Perhaps I'd need to see the dragon girl to clarify something." (Cyan)

"Huh, you want to see Carbuncle?!" (Lyra)

"Well, it's quite intriguing! I also would like to meet her. I'm sure she will be brought to the royal court soon, though…" (Cass)

Mom clapped her hands, her face showed that she's enjoying the situation.

"Hmm… that means… uhm… I must invite her over?" (Lyra)

"You can also invite your friends if you want, Lyra." (Cass)

"Ah, I want to invite my friends, too!" (Alt)

"Oh, right. You've never brought your friends here other than Clavis. You know that it's fine to invite them over, right?" (Cyan)

"Yes, but I honestly had never thought of it!! Harvey enthusiastically goes straight home whenever there's holiday, so it never crossed my mind. " (Alt)

…so, the reason why Alt-nii has never brought his friend over… it's not that it's forbidden, he just never thought of doing so!

And sometimes, I got convinced that he only had Clavis as his closest friend… but seeing Harvey, I become relieved.

Come to think of it, Alt-nii has even mentioned his name several times before, hasn't he?

…A lot of things happened today, so let's list them!

One, Carbuncle, the dragon girl is officially my friend, and she will be joining my class from now on!

Two, I need to verify that thing about a mixed dragon descent with Carbuncle…

Three, apparently, Iris and Alt-nii's friend, Harvey—they're childhood friends and I'm curious of their story—especially Iris! Why did she decide to repeat a year and enroll here? How did they get separated in the first place?

It seems that my world can never be a simple world.

Anyway, it's no use thinking of them right now. I can't do anything right now, anyway. Everything has to wait until tomorrow!

So, let's start preparing stuff for tomorrow!

Where is that piece of paper that detailed my lesson schedule, again?

[ Day 1 - General Knowledge (Math, Science), Home Economics

Day 2 - Social Studies: Geography & History

Day 3* - Magic, Physical Combat, Elective (Music, Arts, Literature)

Day 4 - Moral & Etiquette, Physical Education

Day 5 - Reading, Practical Classes or Adventure ]

Tomorrow is… Day 2… Social Studies… Since I'd be repeating what I've learned more or less, I think that class will be boring tomorrow… Except, there's Carbuncle to make sure my school day isn't going to be that monotonous tomorrow.

Yes, let's try to be positive! …Though I'm more skilled at being negative…

Ah, I can't wait for Day 3 to come, though!

I laid on my bed and closed my eyes full of anticipation for Day 3. I think it's the most interesting day—oh wait, Day 5—[Practical Classes or Adventure] also sounds fun!

In my last school, I used [Practical Class] or a lesson that's similar to it to practice my swordsmanship and spar with the others. Though we have some lessons there where we learned of many things in the noble society, being a school exclusive for nobles.

Actually, [Home Economics] also sounds tasty—I mean, interesting!

Just like that, I drifted myself to sleep…

Wait, no.

It still feels unreal to me that I encountered a real pure-blooded dragon and even made friends with her.

Perhaps… this is just… a dream?

*Normal POV*

Meanwhile, around the same time, in the Harmonia Academy's dormitory…

"Little shee—I mean, Iris-chan! From now on, we're roommates!"


Iris rapidly blinked at the scene projected in front of her eyes. Carbuncle was standing right in front of her dormitory room, and there were several boxes behind her. The boxes seemed to be her luggage.


"Or do you not want me to be your roommate? Shekai-san offered me a personal room before, but I wanted to have a Non-Draconis roommate and so, here I am, but guess I should just accept that personal room…"

Carbuncle tilted her head at Iris' lack of response. As Iris hadn't gestured for her to come in or anything, she assumed that Iris wanted to reject but couldn't find the heart to. So, she turned around to leave.

And that managed to wake Iris up. She quickly grabbed onto Carbuncle's sleeves.

"No, wait, please come in, accompany me!"

Iris spontaneously pleaded.

She was surprised when she first arrived in her room—because there was no roommate assigned to her yet! She was anxious from just arriving in a new place… although she had forced herself to sleep despite being anxious from a new environment, she never wanted to go through that experience again if possible.

The fact that her roommate is actually a dragon?

Well, at least a dragon can protect her from any evil spirit!

Besides, she looks pretty much like an ordinary girl when she's like this! Yes, no problem!

"Teehee~! You're so cute, little she—Iris."

If only she'd stop doing that…

"I'm using the right side of the room… the left side's still very vacant."

"Thanks, I'll be tidying up my luggage, then! Oh, did you just sleep when I knocked on your door? You can continue to sleep, I'll mind my own business!"

"Good night."

"Nighty, little sheep~!"

"…It's Iris…"

"…my bad, nighty, Iris-chan!"

Iris yawned and returned back to her own bed.

As she closed her eyes, she could feel the presence of another person inside the room, and that made her feel relieved.

…but then her mind started to trail off on the events happening today.

First… her very first friend ever, Lyra, is actually a duke's daughter?!

What's more, she's not an ordinary girl, that's for sure…

Her big brother looks even more extraordinary…

…And Lyra's friends…

I am very ordinary compared to her, though…

…Wait a second.

Luca and Kiri, they're from the royal castle?!

Last damage: she actually befriended a dragon (indirectly through Lyra)?!


Iris curled up her body again, wondering if she was actually dreaming at the moment, and that when she woke up, everything would… return to ordinary?

But if everything is true, then… She is the plain one among her circle of friends?

When she thought that everything didn't seem to make any sense, she suddenly remembered that she just met Harvey again.

Inside her current messy world, Harvey is the only one that provides her the sense of stability…

At long last, Iris finally managed to fall asleep while reminiscing on her past memories that she had with Harvey.

…But then, Iris, aren't you just pushing the current matters aside in a denial this way?

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