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“Ugh… How come these are so big? I can’t wear these outside!”


Hitomi said quite annoyed, as she threw the “yet to be put on” pants angrily. I can't really wear my little gothic Lolita dress either, especially in broad daylight. This wasn’t Akihabara, so if I did people will definitely stare at me!


System… Come on girl! This is the first step for you to change and stop being so introverted!


Just when I was in the midst of being extremely annoyed, System’s very timely comment cut me like a knife, which made my heart feel like a trapped cat with no place to go.


Well, I guess I was wearing my Gothic Lolita dress.


After a short time, my thoughts gradually focused on my one true remaining option. I was a cute silvery-white haired little girl, or rather loli. So I was very conspicuous all the time. So, no matter what I wore I was going to stand out anyway. ‘Hmm… I – I have an idea…’


Opening my phone, clicked on the software for live streaming, and start the live mode. Could I get their help so I could go out?


…I scrolled down to the ‘join room’ link.


Okay. Now, I click on ‘join room’.


After a long wait, it showed that the number of people present was less than 10% of the maximum for the room.


“Hello everyone, it’s Hitomi. Unfortunately, this isn’t a fun broadcast this time. I want to go out, but sadly I don’t have suitable clothes to do so and I don’t know the area. Anyway, what I mean is, I hope there are a few people in this city who can take me out to buy clothes! The city where I am now is... umm, ‘K’ city? Yes, that city.. Ah, what do you mean, contact information? Leave your phone number and I'll call you! Yup!”


I quickly shut down the software and let out a long sigh. I really couldn’t get used to the feeling of so many people watching me. Even if it was just on video I still felt timid and a little afraid. Although, I might have been a little addicted to the feeling that people who liked me were waiting to see and hear from me!


Scrolling down I looked for the ‘Support Hitomi Group’ and click join. This group mainly consisted of news and gossip about me.


→ Did you say that Hitomi is now in K city?" Wasn't she in S city a short time ago?


→ I'm a student in K city and I don't have any class this Saturday. Where does she stay?


→ How can a little princess like Hitomi not have suitable clothes to wear?


→ Do you think Hitomi will use a secondary ID to lurk in the group?


I felt my cheeks growing hotter and hotter. These people were not as stupid as I thought. They knew I might be using a secondary ID.


There were four or five phone numbers posted for the group and I chose one that watched the broadcast I had just made. A boy with a quiet voice, who was also supposed to be a high school student and seemed to be very excited. Anyway, he was someone who could accompany me. After he confirmed the address of Lan Hao Yu’s apartment, I hung up and I gave a second person a call. My luck was good or should I say I was lucky, because the second person was also a boy. Although, this should have been normal, I didn’t really think girls would be watching my live broadcasts. After I gave a few simple instructions, he embarked on the journey like the first boy. Okay, things had gone normally so far. Now I had three and a half hours left to kill. [Heh] [Heh] [Heh] There really wasn’t enough time…  


Approximately half an hour later, someone suddenly knocks on the door. This was ’music to my ears’ right now.


“Coming! I’ll be right there!” (Hitomi)


I shouted as I ran with a [Thump] [Thump] [Thump] to the front door and opened it. When I peeked my cute face around the door, I saw a stunned teenager? Or maybe, young man? I think I’m right to say so, but he seemed to be a little too tall to me and a it took real effort for me to look him in the eyes.


“You ... Are you the one I called to come help me?” (Hitomi)


I asked the boy who was staring at me. All the things I could think to say were suddenly blown out of my mind, so I was at a loss for what to do.


"Uh... I'm sorry to be startled by your appearance. I really did not expect you to look as you did in the live broadcast, you really are small and very cute, although it would be better if you didn’t dye your hair. Oh, you didn’t take out your contacts either? "


I listened to the flustered deluge of words that flowed out of him, which left me slightly confused as to how I should begin to answer him.


“Umm… I didn’t dye my hair, it’s this beautiful naturally! This is all me!” (Hitomi)


I yelled at him angrily. He then pushed the door completely open and took a step inside. It was then I noticed there was something rather strange about the way he was looking at me. It should be needless to say, it made me uncomfortable, extremely uncomfortable!


“What the hell do you think are you doing? Oh, you want to take a picture? I'm sorry, but I’m really in a hurry right now.”  


I said trying my utmost to sound calm as I did so, but, of course, things were never that simple. I looked at myself to double check that nothing was exposed. Well, nothing was showing, so what was he up to?


[Riri] [Riri]


Group Announcement Special Message: Hitomi’s pictures revealed. Sent directly from the front line by the expedition force sent in. Pictures included. Yes. That's right. She's tempting us by wearing loose fitting shirt with half-exposed snow-white shoulders, not so well-developed breasts, and her long silvery-white hair falls almost completely to the ground around her bare feet. She is indeed very tempting!


So, who amongst you in this group of perverts is going to explain this to me?



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