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Chapter 97: Chapter 97: You’re Next

“In the future, people won’t think that I turned a heavenly treasure into a spirit, right?”

Chen Chen was secretly worried.

In fact, he was already the same as Xiao Huang. Just a tiny portion of his blood would be enough to be used as medicine.

Sighing, Chen Chen picked up the Dragon-Slaying Sword and slit his arm once again, however this time, he watched the wound heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“It’s not easy to let blood out…”

Chen Chen was speechless. He simply pressed the Dragon-Slaying Sword onto his wound, letting the blood drip down the sword, and then onto the Black Tortoise egg. Doing this, he felt good but terrible at the same time.

After releasing around a hundred millimeters of blood, Chen Chen put away the Dragon-Slaying Sword.

Lying in front of him, the Black Tortoise egg had been dyed red with blood. The glistening blood then began to slowly penetrate before finally seeping into the eggshell.

Suddenly, the Black Tortoise eggshell began to shine, and dense blood energy erupted from within.


With a soft crunch, a small crack appeared in the Black Tortoise eggshell.

Immediately afterward, there was no movement.

“System, where is the most valuable thing within a 30-meter radius?”

“The Black Tortoise egg that is about to hatch prematurely in front of the host.”

Chen Chen was pleased to hear the System’s answer.

The egg went from being half-dead to hatching prematurely, which was a huge improvement. However, the egg still needed to absorb a lot more blood if it wanted to continue hatching.

Chen Chen couldn’t bleed now. God knows if someone would challenge him tomorrow.

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Chen dropped a few teardrops of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite onto the eggshell, and then carefully placed the Black Tortoise egg into the demonic beast pouch.

On the following day, the successors of the 36 clans and 18 clans were still assembled on the school grounds.

Only a few of them were missing, all of whom had been seriously injured the previous day and hadn’t been able to recover in time.

When Chong Ye saw the energetic Lin Jin and the others, a rare look of surprise appeared in his eyes.

Lin Jin and Ye Wusheng were personally injured by him the previous day, but they were in alright condition today. It seemed as if the White Tiger Clan and the Green Dragon Clan did have a good foundation.

However, it didn’t matter because he could just hit them again.

However, after paying the ‘painful price’ the previous night, each of the clans had already learned their lesson. When Chong Ye challenged Ye Wusheng again, Ye Wusheng would choose to admit defeat even if he had to be branded as someone who surrendered without putting up a fight.

It couldn’t be helped since they had already given out his clan master token the previous night. He couldn’t possibly sell his body today.

Now, his only strategy was to save his energy and do his best during the final battle tomorrow afternoon. Even if they were now excluded from the 36 clans, they had to bear with it as well.

At this moment, Chen Chen was sitting on the high platform, watching the scene in the ring and finding it boring. The successors were barely fighting and they surrendered as soon as they went inside the ring. What was there to watch?

Hence, he dozed off while watching.

In the afternoon, there were finally meaningful changes within the situation.

The clans like the Green Dragon Clan and the Vermilion Bird Clan not only had to maintain the ranking of their clans, they also had to maintain the status of their ally clans.

For example, the Tianyun Clan helped the Youshui Clan, which improved their alliance.

Hence, after Chong Ye used up his opportunities to challenge others, several top experts from the 36 clans made their moves once again.

Also, a few people have now also become resourceful as they specifically chose to challenge clans that were restrained by their own techniques.

In the end, they would all restrain each other.

Hence, it didn’t take long for a few successors of the 18 clans to be defeated. Even the successor of the Xuanbing Clan who had just recovered, had become seriously injured once again by Ye Wusheng.

Right after Ye Wusheng defeated the successor of the Xuanbing Clan, the successor of another weak clan immediately challenged Ye Wusheng who simply conceded defeat without thinking about it. He then retreated and occupied a seat for his ally.

Xiao Huang and others saw this and followed suit. Upon sight of this scene, a trace of anger surged in Chong Ye’s eyes.

None of the successors were fools. In order to retain the status of the 36 clans, they would do anything that they could. They would all remain still until he used up his chances for challenging others.

If things continued to develop according to their plan, the Green Dragon Clan and White Tiger Clan would probably remain among the top 36 clans.

At the thought of this, he turned and looked towards Qi Bufan.

In response, Qi Bufan nodded slightly to assent.

At this moment, Lin Jin had just defeated a successor from the 18 clans. Seeing that an allied clan was about to challenge Lin Jin, Qi Bufan’s expression turned sullen, and an invisible pressure surged towards the successor who was about to speak up.

The successor, who was only in the late stage of foundation building, was caught off guard. He grunted as he was too much of a coward to say anything.

By the time he snapped back to his senses, Qi Bufan had already made his way into the ring in front.

“Lin Jin, you just said that you don’t want to rest. You won’t regret your decision, will you? If you won’t back out, come spar with me.”

Seeing Qi Bufan in the ring, Lin Jin looked a little upset. Qi Bufan’s abilities were not too bad. If he were to challenge him now, he wouldn’t be able to remain in the best state for tomorrow.

Seeing Lin Jin’s hesitance, Qi Bufan mocked, “You said that day that I was not worthy to be your Senior Brother. Are you going to concede defeat to me now?”

Lin Jin’s pupils instantly constricted upon hearing his words. He was at least ranked second among the elites and was the successor of the Green Dragon Clan, how could he tolerate such ridicule?

Besides, Qi Bufan was just a lapdog. What right did he have to act so arrogant?

With that in mind, Lin Jin responded coldly, “In that case, let’s spar. Let me see if a member of a small clan like you deserves to be ranked third!”

After he spoke, Lin Jin roared into the sky as his right arm quickly began to expand. In no time, his entire right arm had turned into an extremely thick and huge dragon claw. The fluctuations that it emitted were filled with power.

Along with his arm, half of his face began to distort as dragon scales began to appear all around it.

It was Lin Jin’s first time using such means. Even when he previously faced Chong Ye for the first time, he didn’t use such a state!

“Rumor has it that you have the genes of a demon. Hah, seems like it’s true. How dare a bastard call himself a human successor!”

Qi Bufan had a sharp tongue.


As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Jin roared, and a wisp from the power of the dragon covered the entire ring. Moments later, the dragon claw rapidly began extending towards Qi Bufan.

Before the dragon claw reached Qi Bufan, the ground of the ring had already begun to rip apart.

The power of his arm had already vaguely surpassed the peak of foundation building!

Standing in front of the incoming claw, Qi Bufan murmured, “Flames of Falling Tranquility!”

In an instant, black flames sprang up under the earth. The flames were extremely bizarre as they were hovering over the ring without affecting it. However, when it touched Lin Jin’s dragon claw, it made his expression drastically change.

“Hah, do you think I don’t know you well? These Flames of Falling Tranquility specialize in burning ethereality, and your current state of consumption of ethereality is not so small. I’ll see how long you can last!”

Qi Bufan laughed coldly. At the same time, the black flames had spread across Lin Jin’s entire body.

If Lin Jin sealed his ethereality completely, the black flames would naturally vanish.

However, sealing one’s ethereality was no different from admitting defeat.

Thinking of this, Lin Jin’s expression suddenly became fierce, and an unparalleled power violently erupted from within his thin body.



The black flames continued to burn, however, Lin Jin didn’t care about it at all. In an instant, he emptied all the ethereality from his body, and once again pushed his palm out with unparalleled power!

A fan-shaped depression immediately appeared on the ring and Qi Bufan who was in the middle was blasted away by the impact.

Just as he was about to fall out of the ring, Qi Bufan suddenly stopped his body and forced himself to stop at the edge.

However, his clothes had already been torn, thus revealing his glistening armor underneath.


Qi Bufan spat out a mouthful of blood as his skin turned incredibly pale. However, his lips were still curled smugly.

He had blocked Lin Jin’s overwhelming blow.

With ruthlessness in his eyes, Qi Bufan looked at Lin Jin, who had had his ethereality depleted by the black flames, standing in the center of the ring. He then took out an elixir from his pocket and swallowed it.

As soon as he ate the pill, his wounds began to recover at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Seeing this, the successors subconsciously looked at Chong Ye.

The only elixir that could heal wounds so quickly was the Wuxin Clan’s Heartless Elixir!

However, the elixir was impossible for outsiders to obtain and now that Qi Bufan had swallowed it in public, it meant that he had revealed his ties with the Wuxin Clan!

“Hah, didn’t you make a wild claim to me a few days ago? How about now? You’ve lost, haven’t you? The second best elite within the State of Jin is a good-for-nothing!”

Qi Bufan walked up to Lin Jin and mocked him straight to his face. When he was almost finished, he kicked Lin Jin four times to cripple his limbs, so as to vent his anger to his heart’s content.

Moments later, he threw another forceful kick at Lin Jin that sent him flying out of the ring.

The power of the kick was witnessed by each person in the crowd. If Lin Jin was not half-demon, the kick would have certainly meant his death.

The expressions of the successors who saw this scene were extremely complicated. Lin Jin, the second top elite of the State of Jin and the strongest of the 36 clans, had been defeated.

‘Will the Ranking Battle go on according to plan?’

‘We can’t even deal with Chong Ye, and now Qi Bufan has intervened as well.’

To add to the misery, Qi Bufan was a very ruthless person. A few days prior, Lin Jin had merely bickered with him, but today, he decided to deal him a heavy blow.

The successors were all shocked by Qi Bufan’s ruthless methods, and their eyes were filled with fear.

Sensing the gazes of amazement and awe in the eyes of those around him, Qi Bufan was thoroughly pleased. However, seconds later, something appeared in his mind as he immediately turned his head to look at the 14th of the 36 seats of the top 36 clans.

“Chen Chen, did you enjoy watching this battle? I have good news for you, you are next. If you have the guts, don’t concede defeat when the time comes.”

The successors subconsciously looked at Chen Chen who was seated quietly on the high platform, with a trace of sympathy in their eyes.

Qi Bufan was clearly a person who liked holding grudges. Even now, he still bore a grudge about the fact that Chen Chen had severely injured Zhu Zhi, the successor of the Houtu Clan. Now that he had dealt with Lin Jin, he naturally shifted his attention to Chen Chen.

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