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Chapter 96: Chapter 96: Damaged

“Black Tortoise Egg? How is that possible?” Xiao Huang was displeased.

Pure divine beasts were at the Golden Core realm from the moment they were born. They were far from what the random beasts could compare to.

If the Xuanwu Clan had Black Tortoise eggs, they would have hidden them and kept them for their own hatching. How would they casually carry it around everywhere and take them out to exchange for something else?

Hearing this, Xuan Hong’s face turned red and he remained silent.

Instead, Lin Jin who was at the side said, “Xuanwu Clan is established on the remains of a mountain-sized Black Tortoise. Rumor has it that when the clan was founded, the ancestor got hundreds of Black Tortoise eggs but due to various reasons, they failed to hatch, could this be one of them?”

Seeing that he had been exposed, Xuan Hong stopped trying to hide it. He scratched his head and said, “You guys know the value of divine beasts that can be hatched successfully… the rate of hatching is extremely low, but ultimately there is a slight probability… I’m not lying.”

‘Even if it’s one in a billion, there’s still a chance, isn’t there?’ Xuan Hong thought to himself.

Hearing his words, Xiao Huang snorted coldly. She smiled and said to Chen Chen, “Senior Brother Chen, instead of taking his broken egg, why don’t you take my Vermilion Bird Feather instead? There are only a few Vermilion Bird Feathers in the entire Vermilion Bird Clan, it is the top material for refining magic treasures and its value is immeasurable.”

“Junior Brother Chen, I have a golden dragon pearl here, although it is only an ordinary demon dragon’s dragon pearl, but it contains a trace of the true dragon’s breath!”

Lin Jin took out a golden dragon pearl and joined the bidding.

The other successors followed and echoed, and a few moments later, the entire courtyard of Yiran Inn was illuminated by the light of treasures.

Looking at that piece of supreme treasure, Chen Chen’s jaw dropped.

The value of those things was not comparable to the 10,000-year red ginseng, but this group of successors took them out without the slightest hesitation.

It was like the frenzy that a person who is dying of thirst would feel when they see water!

“System, where is the most valuable thing within a 30-meter radius?”

“A half-dead Black Tortoise egg two meters ahead.”

“Where’s the second most valuable item?”

“The Tiger Spirit Chain Armor three meters to your left.”

Hearing the system’s answer, Chen Chen hesitated for a moment and handed the 10,000-year-old red ginseng to Xuan Hong.

“Junior Brother Xuan, I’ll take this egg of yours. You might not know this but I like to take gambles. In case a Black Tortoise hatches out of this, I’ll make a lot of money.”

Xuan Hong could not care less about being called Junior Brother when he heard that. Happiness was written all over his face!

‘Hatching a Black Tortoise? This fool… The Xuanwu Clan hasn’t hatched a single Black Tortoise in thousands of years. You’re an outsider of the industry and you think you can hatch one?’

‘Aren’t you teasing me?’

However, despite feeling disdainful towards Chen Chen, he was quick to hold onto the Black Tortoise egg and place it in Chen Chen’s hand. He even sent him a demonic beast bag, as if he was afraid that Chen Chen would go back on his word.

Seeing Xuan Hong taking away the red ginseng merrily, the other successors’ faces turned extremely gloomy.

Now that the red ginseng had been taken away, there was no longer any hope for them…

Just as they were about to leave, Chen Chen reached his hand out to retrieve another 10,000-year-old purple ganoderma.

“This is my life-saving item… I would have never taken it out at first but after seeing you guys… Ah, we’re all from the 36 clans and it pains me to see you hurt too!”

As Chen Chen spoke earnestly, he even wiped the corner of his eyes, causing the successor’s faces to twitch.

‘As if I’d believe you, you’re just trying to take advantage of the situation!’

“My Vermilion Bird Feather…” Xiao Huang took out that Vermilion Bird Feather again.

However, Chen Chen waved his hand and hinted, “I heard… you have a special jade pendant…”

Xiao Huang’s face turned drastically sullen. ‘I keep that jade pendant with me at all times. Apart from the Clan Master of the Vermilion Bird Clan, no one knows about it. How did this kid find out? Could he have peeked at it before…’

She inhaled sharply.

Thinking of this, Xiao Huang’s pale face turned a little rosy.

‘Shameless little thief!’

Ignoring Xiao Huang’s expression,Chen Chen ran to Ye Wusheng’s side again, and gently knocked on Ye Wusheng’s armor.


“Senior Brother Ye, this armor of yours is really brittle. I love hearing such pleasant sounds.”

Hearing this, Ye Wusheng coughed violently a few times while his faceplate twitched continuously. After a long time, he said coldly, “I can’t remove this Tiger Spirit Chain Armor. If you can remove it, I’ll give it to you.”

Shocked to hear his words, Chen Chen looked at Ye Wusheng in amazement.

‘If he can’t remove this armor, how can he get married in the future?’

‘Damn, not to mention marrying a daughter-in-law, even his daily activities are going to be an issue.’

Fortunately, Ye Wusheng had a high status of cultivation and probably didn’t have to relieve nature’s calls and eat. However, wearing the armor all day was too inconvenient.

‘No wonder Chong Ye said that Ye Wusheng is filled with resentment. He lives in an armor all day. Of course he’d be resentful.’

‘I can’t take this armor, it’s too horrifying!’

“Chen Chen, this is the clan master token of the White Tiger Clan. I can give it to you. From now on, you can use this token to make me or the people of the White Tiger Clan do one thing for you.”

Ye Wusheng’s tone was still cold and aloof, but it contained a sense of determination to die, which caused the hearts of the surrounding successors to tremble.

It was obviously a desperate attempt since he had taken out the clan master token too!

“One thing? What is the extent of this one thing?” Chen Chen asked, his face becoming solemn.

“I can’t guarantee for the White Tiger Clan but you can make me die,” Ye Wusheng said straightforwardly.

“Okay, this purple ganoderma is for you.”

“Thank you very much!”

“Wait, Senior Brother Chen, I can give you my jade pendant!” Seeing this, Xiao Huang’s heart was filled with anxiety. She wanted to stop him but Ye Wusheng had already taken the purple ganoderma and ran away.

Chen Chen put away the clan master token and coughed gently twice.

“In fact, I still have an ultimate life-saving item, which is also my trump card that I will never take it out until the last moments before death!”

The successors were speechless.

Half an hour later, Chen Chen drove away several successors who wanted to see how many life-saving items he had. He then closed the door of Yiran Inn and began to count his spoils.

“One half-dead Black Tortoise egg that has a chance of hatching.”

“One clan master token of the White Tiger Clan.”

“One Phoenix Blood Begonia Pendant, a cultivation treasure that is capable of gathering spiritual energy. It will clear the mind and concentrate the spirit. It is rumored to have unknown metaphysical effects.”

“Dragon-slaying sword, dyed with the blood of several demonic dragons. Specializes in warding against all kinds of demonic and evil beings, it is the top spiritual weapon.”

Chen Chen naturally could not give each ad every successor a heavenly treasure, as that would cause inflation.

Besides, when the last few successors saw that he seemed to have numerous heavenly treasures, they had already begun bargaining. Chen Chen told them to get lost without hesitation.

Nevertheless, his harvest was extremely fruitful this time.

While it was late at night and no one was around, Chen Chen returned to his room and took out all the heavenly treasures in his storage ring.

Soon, they were strewn all across the ground and there were at least hundreds of them. If anyone saw it, they would probably be frightened to death before they even felt an urge to rob it.

‘He’s a walking mobile treasure vault!’

“System, is there anything within a 30-meter radius that can make Black Tortoise eggs hatch? You couldn’t have fooled me when you told me that this is the most valuable thing, right?”

“Yes, the 100,000-year-old Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite two meters to the left ahead of you.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen’s eyelids twitched.

He knew that he had to rely on the most valuable 100,000-year-old Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite. Otherwise, the Xuanwu Clan would have hatched a Black Tortoise long ago.

However, the system unexpectedly gave the second answer immediately afterwards.

“Your blood, Host.”

“Huh?” Chen Chen was dumbfounded. ‘My blood works too?’

After coming back to his senses, he was incredibly excited. ‘Blood is good since it’s renewable and can be replenished.’

Due to his stinginess, he was immediately no longer afraid of pain. Without hesitation, he took out the dragon-slaying sword and gently slit his arm.

As he sensed the sharp pain, Chen Chen inhaled sharply before aiming his wound at the Black Tortoise egg.

Pitter! Patter!

Chen Chen closed his eyes and listened to the sound of his blood dripping down.

However, the sounds soon vanished.

When he opened his eyes, Chen Chen’s pupils constricted and he thought that he was dreaming.

‘Damn it…’

‘My wound healed so quickly!’

“My body has been damaged…”

As that thought emerged in Chen Chen’s mind, he stared at the ceiling, on the verge of tears.

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