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Chapter 92: Chapter 92: Time For Revenge

You Lanxin slowly flew off the high platform and landed in the center of the ring.

As soon as she landed, aquatic ethereality began to rotate around her body, protecting her tightly.

The successor of the Houtu Clan laughed at the sight of You Lanxin’s cowardly appearance.

“The 36 clans have so many resources but they produced such a cowardly successor like you?”

Having been humiliated, You Lanxin blocked her ears with two wisps of aquatic ethereality instead of retaliating.

Seeing this scene, the 36 clan successors on the high platform all remained silent.

‘Where did this joker come from?’

Even the corners of Chen Chen’s eyelids began to twitch. He had seen cowards before but it was his first time seeing someone as wimpy as You Lanxin.

If it weren’t for his master’s lover, he would have definitely given that silly woman a teaching.

“Let’s start, the rules of the competition are very simple. Beat your opponent until they admit defeat or lose their ability to move, remember, no killing.”

The Golden core elder acted as the referee and retreated to the edge of the ring after giving out the instructions.

As soon as he said that, Zhu Zhi’s smile became hideous. He then stepped on the ring and countless spikes emerged from the ground under the ring, extending towards You Lanxin.

Seeing this, You Lanxin immediately flew up into the sky and chanted an incantation. Soon, countless aquatic ethereality formed a rain of arrows that were shot towards Zhu Zhi.


All of a sudden, the arrows covered the sky with incessant sounds of whistling!

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s eyes lit up.

Although You Lanxin had a terrible personality, she had good reflexes and combat techniques. She was indeed worthy of her ranking among the elites.

“Houtu Shield!”

After Zhu Zhi yelled sternly, a two-meter thick earth wall rose up from the ground below the ring, rising to more than five meters high in the blink of an eye to block all the water arrows.

Zhu Zhi then stepped on the ground and flew up, shrouded in a large amount of earth ethereality as she flew towards You Lanxin.

Be it the successors of the 36 clans on the high platform or the people of the 18 clans blow, they were all watching the fight between the two with great focus.

At the same time, they were also silently estimating the strength of the two parties.

Although they were fighting each other, they would be the opponents of the others present in no time.

The two people in the ring fought back and forth for two minutes, and You Lanxin gradually showed signs of defeat.

Honestly, in terms of combat techniques, the Youshui Clan was indeed better than the Houtu Clan but their attributes clashed and You Lanxin lacked experience. Hence, no matter how much effort she put in, she still wasn’t Zhu Zhi’s match.

“Just admit defeat,” Chen Chen said, seated on the high platform. He condensed his voice into a line and transmitted it towards You Lanxin.

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, You Lanxin persisted for another minute before admitting defeat and retreating from the ring.

Staring at the successor of the Houtu Clan, You Lanxin looked away.

“The Houtu Clan replaces the Youshui Clan as the clan in the 14th place!”

The Golden Core elder announced loudly before waving a hand. The Youshui Clan’s flag which was beside Chen Chen, was lowered slowly, after which the earthy yellow flag of the Houtu Clan was raised.

Looking at the flag of her clan being replaced, You Lanxin could not hold it in any longer and burst straight into tears.

The successors of the 36 could not bring themselves to laugh.

Well, the clans that could earn a place on the high platform all had a heritage of at least a thousand years.

The 36 clans had been in their rankings for at least hundreds of years.

The status that her clan had been upholding for hundreds of years were ruined because of her weakness. One can only imagine how emotionally stressed she must have been.

If they were in her place, they might cry too or even commit suicide if that was possible.

They were truly too embarrassed to return to their clans and see their masters and fellow disciples.

“Saintess of the Youshui Clan, return to your seat.”

The Golden Core elder pointed to the seat under the high platform and said coldly.

Hearing this, You Lanxin wiped her tears and sat down among the 18 clans.

The successors of the 18 clans did not have the slightest sympathy for her, because they could not wait for the 36 clans to be replaced.

Hence, when they saw how devastated You Lanxin was, they mocked her mercilessly.

You Lanxin sat among them like a small sheep in a wolf pack.

However, she was not completely vulnerable. When she heard the surrounding mockery, she stopped crying, sat up straight and kept a cold and straight face again, restoring her aloofness and condescending attitude.

“This woman has probably brainwashed herself again.”

Chen Chen was a bit speechless.

You Lanxin was good at nothing except deceiving herself. She could even be called an expert at blocking out criticism.He had seen the way she acted when she was teaching the girls at Yiran Inn.

You Lanxin sat down below while Zhu Zhi naturally went up to the high platform and sat beside Chen Chen.

“Hah, this feeling of looking down on others is wonderful.”

Zhu Zhi leaned back against the seat like Chen Chen did and looked at Chen Chen provocatively from time to time.

“You should cherish this period of time, it might be the peak of your life.”

Chen Chen said indifferently without even looking at Zhu Zhi.

Zhu Zhi had a protection time of two hours after the fight, which he could use to rest and restore his ethereality.

After two hours, whoever wanted to challenge Zhu Zhi could go up to the ring.

“Chen Chen, I’m not your match, but don’t be arrogant. If you can challenge me, there will naturally be people who can challenge you too. I hope you can still sit on this high platform and talk big at the end!”

After taunting, Zhu Zhi took out a pill and swallowed it. He then took out two more Spirit Stones and absorbed it maniacally.

At this moment, another disciple of one of the 18 clans went on the ring to challenge the Golden Sword Clan, which was ranked 15th among the 36 clans.

That disciple cultivated fire techniques and managed to beat the Golden Sword Clan successor easily, blasting him out of the ring in a moment.

The defeated Golden Sword clan successor looked up at the sky for a long time, his desperation making the hearts of the other successors of the 36 clans heavy.

The next few scenes were more or less the same as the first two, and after two hours, eight of the 36 clans had been replaced.

Seeing that the successors of the 18 clans intended to continue to challenge, Chen Chen looked at You Lanxin who was at the far side of the border of the ring, and the corners of his mouth moved slightly.

After receiving Chen Chen’s message, You Lanxin stood up fiercely and shouted, “I challenge successor Chen Chen of the Tianyun Clan.”

Hearing her words, the successors quickly turned their heads to look at Chen Chen who was on the high platform.

‘It’s starting!’

‘This successor of the Tianyun Clan is going to take revenge for being insulted!’

Although they had expected that this would happen, no one thought the Tianyun Clan’s successor would do it now.

He did not hesitate even though the successors of the 18 clans had consecutively been winning the previous battles.

He must be very confident!

Previously, they had never seen the successor of the Tianyun Clan, who was ranked seventh among the elites, attacking. Now they had the chance to!

Hearing this, Chen Chen stood up and leaped off the high platform.

“I concede defeat.”

Hearing this, the Golden Core elder signaled for the Youshui clan to replace the Tianyun Clan as the 13th of the 36 clans.

“Elder, can I not rest?” Chen Chen asked.

“Yes,” the Golden Core replied indifferently.

Receiving this affirmative answer, Chen Chen looked towards the high platform where the Houtu Clan successor was seated and said, “I, Chen Chen of Tianyun Clan, would like to challenge Zhu Zhi the successor of the Houtu Clan.”

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