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Chapter 903: Chapter 901, the origin of ten thousand daos

After this vague maxim appeared, the surrounding starry sky suddenly dimmed.

Chen Chen’s right hand trembled faintly before he lifted the maxim.

The more than twenty proverbs that were pressing down from the sky all deviated their direction at the same time and collided with the Maxim in Chen Chen’s hand.


The surrounding space began to tremble as if the sky and earth were about to collapse. Soon after, an extremely dazzling light bloomed from Chen Chen’s hand and illuminated the entire world.

After the light dissipated, the maxim in Chen Chen’s hand was still there. As for the other twenty or so maxims, they had shrunk by countless times. They slowly revolved around the maxim like obedient children.., they no longer had the power that had just destroyed the world.

“Ten thousand paths return to the source.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself. Then, he threw the blurry “Source”maxim in his hand into the sky.

The ‘source’word proverbs shone with light. The power of the proverbs controlled by the seven supreme-beings in the surroundings completely went out of control and finally returned to the ‘source’word proverbs.

Immediately after, the other powers also turned into air currents and merged with the ‘source’word proverbs.

After a few breaths, the six seven supreme-beings lay on the ground around them like mud. They even lost the power to breathe.

Mo Chong was the same. However, the shadow behind him was still hovering in the air, seemingly unaffected.

“The origin heart is indeed powerful. Hehe, I’ll be waiting for you!”

The shadow didn’t even look at the supreme-beings who had lost their power. After letting out a strange laugh, his figure gradually faded and finally disappeared completely.

Chen Chen didn’t chase after him. Instead, he retrieved the origin word proverbs and looked at the seven path supreme-beings.

After having all their power retracted by the source, they were already at the end of their lives. It wouldn’t be long before they turned into ashes.

Looking at the aura of the source of all evil gradually dissipating from their bodies, Chen Chen sighed lightly and flicked his sleeves.

“Forget it, let’s all go to reincarnation.”

With this flick, the seven supreme-beings all turned into ashes, leaving behind only a beam of spirit light that entered the reincarnation passage.

Even so, their eyes were filled with gratitude as they were on the verge of collapse.

After dealing with this group of people, Chen Chen looked at the struggling giant spirit world lord.

At this time, the giant spirit world lord was already withered from the torture of the vengeful souls, and his blood qi was almost exhausted.

“On account of the countless living beings that you have nurtured with your body, I’ll give you a chance to reincarnate. 3,000 lifetimes of the Beast Dao, if you perform well, you can return to the Human Dao.”

As he spoke, Chen Chen pointed out. The ferocious expression of the giant spirit world lord froze.

Following which, his body began to transform. Not long after, it transformed into a huge world. The small worlds within his body were preserved.

After doing all this, Chen Chen looked at the vast starry sky. With a thought, he jumped out of the myriad world map.

Looking at the universe in the myriad realm diagram, Chen Chen muttered, “Go back to where you came from.”

As soon as he said this, the myriad realm diagram began to glow. Those alien races that had invaded the universe and were not tainted by Karma were all sent out of the myriad realm diagram.

As for those who were tainted by Karma, Karma should be punished by reincarnation.

In less than fifteen minutes, the universe completely returned to peace.

After that, Chen Chen moved the universe out of the myriad realms painting.

The universe returned to peace, and Chen Chen no longer had any worries.

Back then, in order to prevent the Master of the immortal realm from sensing, everyone who was born in the three realms had all hidden in the internal space of Mung bean.

And mung bean followed Supreme Doom and the others to awaken those who had chosen to self-seal.

At present, only the sin of origin and the sin of origin remained in the primordial void space. His strength had reached an indescribable level, and he naturally did not need any help now.

However, he still did not have the confidence to solve the two sources of evil.

Regardless, he still had to solve the problem. This was a mission that he could not shirk.

However, before he completed this mission, he wanted to see those people that he was familiar with.

With this thought in mind, he turned his head and glanced at the universe before flying straight into the depths of the primordial chaos.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

Chen Chen finally found mung bean, undying underworld emperor, and the others in a great world far away from the universe.

The World Master of this world also participated in the conquest of the universe. In the end, he died at the hands of the insect race empress and never returned.

Hence, the world was quite peaceful now. The true Nether Immortal Realms were released just like that and no experts came to investigate.

“Where did Paragon Doom and the others go?”

Chen Chenyuan scanned the true nether immortal realms with his divine sense and discovered that there were only mung bean undying underworld emperor, refined God underworld emperor, and other people below the paragon level.

As for Paragon Doom and the other so-called helpers, he didn’t see any of them.

Eternal underworld emperor sighed when he heard this. “The first person we went to awaken after we left the universe was naturally the most powerful paragon, Paragon South city.

“Afterwards, Paragon South City brought us to awaken five other six-path paragons. However, at this time, Paragon South City suddenly received a mysterious message saying that the sin of origin and the evil of origin have completely erupted. The two nine-path paragons are about to fall…”

When Chen Chen heard this, he frowned.

His powerful divine sense of the origin extended into the distance. It didn’t take long for him to track down a group of experts.

It was none other than an eight-path paragon bringing six six-path paragons. They were already very close to the sin of origins and the evil of origins.”

“Hence, they decided to go and defend for a while.”

Chen Chen spoke in a soft voice.

“Yes, cough cough. Ordinary paragons like us are nothing but a burden in their eyes. Also, there must be someone in the true nether immortal realms to look after us. If something were to happen, it might affect your state of mind.

“Hence, we all stayed here… right, fellow Daoist Chen Chen, how are your injuries recovering?”

The undying underworld emperor lightly coughed twice as he spoke. As he spoke, his old face turned red. Clearly, he felt somewhat apologetic for being considered a burden even after reaching this realm.

“I’ve already recovered. I’ve also taken care of everything in the universe.”

Chen Chen replied calmly.

“Cleaned up… clean? The Master of the immortal world… The giant spirit world master and the others…”

Eternal underworld emperor’s mouth was wide open, as if he didn’t dare to believe it.

Chen Chen waved his hand and a projection appeared in front of everyone.

In the projection, a wild ox was giving birth on the grassland. Two calf calves were lying beside the wild ox, crying and waiting to be fed. The amniotic fluid on their bodies hadn’t dried yet.

“They are here.”Chen Chen pointed at the two calves.


The eternal underworld emperor sucked in a breath of cold air. Then, he subconsciously looked at the others. When he saw that the others were also dumbfounded, he confirmed that he wasn’t dreaming.

“They are…”

“Reincarnated again.”Chen Chen said as he retracted his projection.

Then, he ignored the puzzled expressions on everyone’s faces and started to fight.

Soon, some of his relatives and other familiar people in the true nether immortal realms were all moved to his front.

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