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Chapter 902: Chapter 900, send him to the cycle of reincarnation

Countless years ago, as an innate lifeform, he understood how powerful the eight paths supreme-being was,

however, he was extremely unwilling to give up the supreme innate primordial chaos treasure just like that.

After struggling for a moment, he squeezed out a smile, he said, “Big Brother, if I had known that you were the one who had the supreme innate primordial chaos treasure, I wouldn’t have had to go through so much trouble… Only You, big brother, are worthy of such a treasure.”

As he spoke, he had already passed Chen Chen Chen’s exact location to the other seven supreme-beings through the myriad realms painting.

There were only eight supreme-beings of the seven paths. Not to mention the Samsara supreme-being who was in a weakened state, even a samsara supreme-being at his peak could do nothing about it?

Looking at the smiling Jie Kong in front of him, Chen Chen smiled and said, “Guess what I’m Thinking?”

To be honest, he had mastered the “Soldier”Maxim. Even the slightest change in the myriad realm painting could not escape his eyes. Jie Kong’s little tricks in front of him were like running naked in broad daylight. It could not be hidden at all.

As soon as he said that, the air suddenly became quiet. Then, Jie Kong’s face suddenly turned fierce, and his palm directly smashed toward Chen Chen’s head!

The power of five proverbs followed, and the entire planet stopped spinning at that moment.

Feeling the enormous pressure above his head, Chen Chen casually sent out the reincarnation seal.

The power of five proverbs above him directly disappeared without a trace when they struck the reincarnation seal. No one knew where they were sent to.

Jie Kong’s expression changed greatly when he saw this scene. His heart trembled as he turned around and wanted to escape.

However, that large seal seemed to be able to teleport as it directly appeared above his head. Countless light circles instantly enveloped him and froze his body.

“Big… Big Brother! Spare me! I Won’t dare to do it again! On account of the fact that we used to know each other…”

Jie Kong let out a mournful cry. His eyes were filled with extreme fear.

“Stop talking. Go and Reincarnate.”

Chen Chen said softly. After which, the light of reincarnation directly shone on Jie Kong’s body and tore him into pieces. Only one ray of spirit light was absorbed by the reincarnation seal. No one knew where it was sent to.

The six paths supreme-being, who had followed behind, was also quite frightened when he saw this scene. In the face of such a situation, he did not even think of escaping. Instead, he directly knelt in the empty space.

“You should also go to reincarnation.”

Chen Chen frowned and said.

The Reincarnation Seal’s light once again arrived after his voice sounded. The six paths supreme-being followed the same path as the realm space.

Chen Chen’s heart did not feel much emotion after sending the two into reincarnation.

Instead, the strange beasts on this planet suddenly raised their heads and roared at the sky. It sounded rather imposing.

Chen Chen smiled and wrote the word “Soldier”into the void. Very quickly, he connected to the myriad realm map.

At this moment, several figures appeared in the distant horizon.

The leader was the Master of the immortal world, Mo Chong. Following behind him were the Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor and the other supreme-beings of the three realms.

Mo Chong saw that Chen Chen was not in a hurry to make a move. Instead, he hovered in the sky with a vigilant expression.

Chen Chen ‘an sat on the spot and ignored him.

After waiting for a while, the other seven supremacies arrived one after another. In the end, two huge pillars of light shot over from the sky and landed on Chen Chen’s body.

This was the gaze of the Giant Spirit World Lord. Evidently, the Giant Spirit World Lord had also arrived.

The seven supreme-beings looked at Chen Chen at the same time, but none of them made a move.

After a long time, Mo Chong asked in a deep voice, “Where’s Jie Kong?”

“He’s been sent to reincarnation.”

Chen Chen replied.

Other than Mo Chong and the Giant Spirit World Lord, the other seven supreme-beings’expressions changed at the same time.

At this moment, how could they not understand Chen Chen’s true identity.

And for him to be able to kill Jie Kong in such a short period of time, it was likely that the reincarnation supreme-being at his peak was only so-so.

Due to the reputation of the reincarnation autarch, many people began to retreat. Some even forced a smile on their faces and were prepared to admit defeat.

However, at this moment, mo chong coldly shouted, “So what if there are eight autarchs? With the seven of us here, even eight autarchs would be annihilated!”

As he finished speaking, a huge demonic shadow drilled out from his body and covered half of the sky.

At the same time, outside the planet, the Giant Spirit World Lord also said in a muffled voice, “I haven’t seen the strength of the eight supreme-beings, I’d like to see it now!”

As he spoke, he stretched out a finger and pressed it towards the planet.

Before it even hit the planet, the incomparably powerful impact caused the primitive planet to begin to crack, and countless living beings were instantly reduced to ashes.

Looking at those destroyed living beings, Chen Chen narrowed his eyes and extended a finger as well.

In an instant, his finger tapped on the giant spirit world lord’s finger that was even bigger than the planet.

The two fingers were completely out of proportion, but they were stuck in the void.

Immediately after, two proverbs of “Cause”and “Effect”burst out from Chen Chen’s hand and blasted into the giant spirit world lord’s finger.

In an instant, a massive amount of karmic energy enveloped the giant spirit world lord. All the living beings that he had slaughtered before turned into vengeful souls and appeared in his internal world.

And as one of the seven supreme-beings, how many trillions had he slaughtered in his entire life?

Hence, at this moment, his incomparably huge body was completely filled with vengeful souls.

Shrill howls, resentful curses, and all sorts of sharp howls filled the surrounding space.

The giant spirit sector lord howled in pain, but no matter what, he could not break free from the entanglement of the vengeful spirits.

Chen Chen retracted his finger and looked at the destroyed small planet below, muttering, “Rewind.”

The moment these two words were spoken, the destroyed small planet quickly returned to its original state. Even the fallen creatures were revived and reappeared in the forest.

Seeing this scene and looking at the miserable state of the Giant Spirit World Lord, Mo Chong did not retreat. Instead, he roared, “Attack together! This is the only chance!”

After saying that, the devil figure that he had transformed into opened its terrifying huge mouth and charged towards Chen Chen Chen.

The remaining five seven supreme-beings were still hesitating. However, after seeing this scene, their expressions suddenly turned savage. Following which, they also attacked together.

Moreover, they attacked with their full strength!

In the blink of an eye, a total of more than twenty proverbs appeared in the void, pressing down on Chen Chen Chen below!

Chen Chen raised his head and looked at the Devil Shadow behind Mo Chong.

It was this devil shadow that had released a powerful aura of the origin of all evil, affecting the state of mind of the other supreme-beings, causing so many supreme-beings to attack together.

He hadn’t noticed it before, but now he realized that the eyes of the devil were like Crescent Moons, and hidden in the depths of its eyes was a cunning and endless evil. The look in its eyes was completely different from that of Devil Chong.

However, he didn’t have time to investigate the situation at this moment. Seeing so much power of proverbs crashing down, Chen Chen slowly stood up. As soon as he opened the proverbs, he directly sacrificed the power of fate for a lifetime!

In an instant, a vague proverbs appeared in his palm.

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