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Chapter 901: Chapter 899, the power of 300 million cycles of reincarnation

“This is…”

The Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor did not recognize the map. He only knew that it was a primordial chaos treasure, and one that was extremely powerful.

The Master of the immortal world beside him said coldly, “This is called the myriad realms map. It contains the Maxim ‘world’. It is the most powerful spatial magic treasure in primordial chaos. It is said to be able to accommodate a great world.”

Hold a great world!

Hearing this, the Supreme Immortal Emperor was shocked.

One had to know that within the three realms, spatial magic treasures that could hold an immortal realm almost did not exist.

Compared to an immortal realm, the three realms were tens of thousands of times bigger!

And this universe was much, much bigger than the three realms!

Before he could continue thinking, the seven supreme beings who took out the myriad realm diagram had already pointed at the myriad realm diagram.

Not long after, a huge ‘realm’Maxim appeared in the universe.

Then, the myriad realms diagram began to grow larger and larger. Very quickly, it expanded to cover an entire region.

After a while, it surpassed the range of everyone’s spiritual senses.

Just like that, the group of people stood there for a long time. At this moment, the person who was controlling the myriad realms diagram softly shouted, “Withdraw.”.

The moment the word ‘withdraw’came out, the surrounding scene changed. The endless starry sky disappeared, replaced by the pitch-black primordial void space and the myriad realms painting that had already been rolled up.

“The rumors about the myriad realms painting are true. Not only can this myriad realms painting contain great worlds, it can even contain such a vast and boundless space as the universe.”

Someone praised.

The seven supreme beings named realm space smiled faintly and opened the myriad realm map. Immediately, a universe that was countless times smaller appeared on the map.

“Junior, come and sense it again.”

The Supreme Immortal Emperor quickly moved in front of the myriad realm map when he heard this.

After the universe was taken into the myriad realm map, his senses became much clearer.

Furthermore, the myriad realm map seemed to have the ability to collect information. Under the urging of the supreme beings realm space, a large amount of information gathered in his mind.

And so, he continued to sense the map for a full ten minutes before finally reaching out and pointing at a certain area.

“If I’m not mistaken, it should be somewhere around here.”

The area he was pointing at wasn’t very large on the map, but in the real world, it covered an area of three or four galaxies.

However, such an area naturally wouldn’t be a problem for the eight or seven autarchs.

“Haha, Well Done.”

The supreme-being named Jie Kong laughed out loud and then directly entered the myriad realms painting.

The other supreme-beings followed closely behind. It didn’t take long before only the myriad realms painting was left floating quietly in the primordial chaos space.

At this moment, Chen Chen was sitting cross-legged on a beautiful life planet.

This life planet was still in its primitive state. It was filled with towering trees and all sorts of strange-looking beasts. There was no intelligent life.

In fact, he had sensed it when the universe was stored in the myriad realms painting. Although the myriad realms painting was the most powerful spatial magic treasure, it still belonged to the category of the word ‘soldier’.

Moreover, Chen Chen also had the origin divine sense.

Other than the myriad realms painting, the eight supreme-beings of the seven paths had not escaped his detection.

“Eight supreme-beings of the seven paths. Almost all the true experts of primordial chaos have arrived.”

Chen Chen looked into the distance and muttered.

Although he had sensed so many supreme-beings of the seven paths, there was not much panic in his eyes.

Ever since he had comprehended the power of the four proverbs of karma and reincarnation, some of his past memories were rapidly recovering.

However, he had discarded most of the useless memories, leaving only the part of his cultivation base.

To be honest, he had been reincarnated for 300 million lifetimes. If he were to remember some of the feelings he had for each other, even if he were to become one hundred supreme-beings, he would be mentally deranged and his consciousness would collapse and he would die.


Chen Chen wrote these two words in the void in front of him at a leisurely pace.

The powerful proverbs that could support him to become eight supreme-beings in his first life were naturally not that simple.

Once the power of these two proverbs was released, Chen Chen felt that his power of fate was increasing rapidly.

In his previous life, all kinds of other powers, including the power of Fate, were superimposing on his body.

In just a few breaths’time, the power of a million cycles of reincarnation had all been superimposed on Chen Chen’s body.

Not only had the power of fate that he had lost previously been fully recovered, it had even increased the power of fate by hundreds of thousands of times compared to before.

However, he had gone through a total of 300 million cycles of reincarnation, and this million cycles of reincarnation power was only the beginning.

Although he sensed that the seven supreme-beings were getting closer and closer, Chen Chen still closed his eyes.

At this moment, countless afterimages were rushing towards him from a vortex behind him, fusing into his body.

There were men, women, wild beasts, and even some strange and strange lives.

Every time a shadow merged into Chen Chen’s body, a layer of light would shine on Chen Chen’s body. A few minutes later, there were countless layers of light behind him.

These layers of light overlapped and formed a void tunnel that led to the vortex in the distance.

The void tunnel only gradually solidified after the three hundred million shadows merged into Chen Chen’s body.

Opening his eyes, Chen Chen did not look at the tunnel behind him. He just stretched out his hand.

In an instant, the light in the vortex shone brightly. Following that, a square golden object slowly flew out from the vortex and landed in Chen Chen’s hand along the passage.

Chen Chen retracted his hand and looked at the golden object in his hand.

This object was called the Samsara seal. It was one of the very few treasures of primordial chaos that had the power of two proverbs engraved on it. All along, it had been hidden by him in the endless cycle of reincarnation, and only now did it appear in the world.

With the Samsara seal in his hand, the path of light behind him completely disappeared.

Only then did Chen Chen Chen look towards the horizon.

A few minutes later, the horizon finally changed. A path suddenly appeared in the void. Two figures walked out from the path, and in the blink of an eye, these two figures arrived not far from him.

One of them was Jie Kong, and the other stood behind him with a respectful expression. It was obvious that he was Jie Kong’s subordinate, but his strength was not weak. He was a six paths supreme-being.

“As the Master of the myriad realm map, you are indeed the first one to find me, Jie Kong.”

Looking at the two of them, Chen Chen said with a faint smile.

When Jie Kong heard Chen Chen call his name directly, his expression suddenly changed. Then, he looked at the reincarnation seal in Chen Chen’s hand, and his tone instantly became extremely excited.

“Reincarnation… Reincarnation seal… reincarnation supreme-being! Why Is it you?”

“What? After so many years, you don’t recognize me as your Big Brother Anymore?”

Chen Chen looked into Jie Kong’s eyes and his tone was somewhat self-deprecating.

“Big… Big Brother, is the supreme innate primordial Chaos Treasure in your hands?”

Jie Kong’s expression changed. After a moment, he slowly asked.

“That’s right, it’s here with me.”

As he said that, Chen Chen pointed at his chest.

Jie Kong listened to this expression and became extremely conflicted. The reason why he was conflicted was not because of their past friendship, but more because of the fear in his heart.

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