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Chapter 90: Chapter 90: Can’t Do It

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Before Gu Qingcheng could even finish her morning stretch, the Floral Moon House was already in chaos.

At this moment, there were several girls who subconsciously looked in the direction of the Yiran Inn with immense desire in their eyes.

“Miss… I didn’t expect that the successor of the Tianyun Clan would be so popular as for two Saintesses two fight over him.”

The staff member was extremely envious and he felt as if Chen Chen was a winner in life.

“What do you know!?!”

Gu Qingcheng’s eyes grew cold as she headed down the stairs immediately and strode quickly towards the Yiran Inn.

At this moment, she had a vague feeling in her heart that the dramatic issue about the Saintesses fighting over the successor was deliberately arranged by someone.

If it was so… it would be terrifying!

As she walked, her expression became more and more grave, as there were more and more people on the road. Almost every person was running in the same direction.

There were even city guards who stood out to maintain order!

After a little while, she had finally gotten close to the Yiran Inn, however, she couldn’t go any further as the road in front of the Yiran Inn was already crowded with people.

Everyone was looking far away in one direction, where there was an old and shabby house that had completely collapsed. There were obvious signs of a battle!

“I heard the Red Lotus Saintess and the Saintess of the Youshui Clan have fought more than a hundred rounds, however, the Red Lotus Saintess lost!”

“Is that so? So powerful! Is it really because of the Tianyun Clan successor?”

Gu Qingcheng was listening to the people at the side who were actively discussing.

“Exactly. The Red Lotus Saintess insisted on cultivating alone with the successor of the Tianyun Clan but the Saintess of the Youshui Clan was displeased with that idea so they got into a fight.”

“So exciting!”

“There’s something even more exciting. Rumor has it that the Red Lotus Saintess is cultivating some special technique that requires her to cultivate with another man alone, or else she will slip into obsession and die!”

“Damn it! She should look for me to join her! I might be old but I can still fight!”

“I’m willing to go too!”

“Dream on, she’s a Saintess!”

Hearing the sounds of discussion in her ears, Gu Qingcheng’s face turned incredibly sullen.

She was almost certain that someone was behind this. After all, how could there be such a ridiculous Saintess?

‘Who could it be? Chen Chen the successor of the Tianyun Clan?’

‘Impossible, how could that guy have such tactics?’

However, apart from the successor, she couldn’t think of anyone else, since the successor of the Youshui Clan was involved too.

‘That shameless guy is probably the only one who could make the Saintesses ignore their image and do such a thing…’

At that thought, Gu Qingcheng felt an unprecedented sense of crisis.

She couldn’t think of such means and even if she could, she didn’t have the resources to carry it out.


Stomping her feet furiously, Gu Qingcheng returned along her original route. She had just vented her anger yesterday but he had exacted revenge again, making her feel incredibly frustrated.

On the other hand, countless noblemen had already sent their men to enter the Yiran Inn to find out how to save the Red Lotus Saintess.

They continued repeating that the Saintess was in danger and as the good youths of the capital, they couldn’t leave her in the lurch…

On the following day, the customer traffic of Yiran Inn was ten times that of the usual.

The clan-like environment in the Yiran Inn gave them an incredibly unique experience.

There were a total of five floors in Yiran Inn and each floor had a different decor. The girls on each floor had different styles too.

As their names changed, their value naturally increased a hundredfold. In just one day, Yiran Inn earned the amount of money that they had managed to earn in the previous years combined.

When they were free, many girls would be overjoyed and thank Chen Chen profusely.

They never thought that they would one day be able to enjoy the treatment that even the best beauty could not enjoy.

Late at night.

An Jiuniang kowtowed a few times in front of her mother’s altar.

If her mother were still alive and saw the situation in Yiran Inn today, she would probably smile in her grave.

After she left the altar, An Jiuniang spaced out in the courtyard and she couldn’t help but be shocked.

It was the day of the battle of the 36 clans. What is the successor doing instead of resting?

Thinking of this, An Jiuniang inched closer and whispered, “Successor, are you worried about the ranking battle tomorrow?”

“No.” Chen Chen didn’t turn around and instead looked at the bright moon quietly.

“Why is that so? I might be silly and I may not be able to share your burden but I’m willing to be a quiet listening ear.”

An Jiuniang’s tone was gentle. Chen Chen had helped the Yiran Inn develop well and prosper within just a few days. His incredible means took her aback.

Now that he had suddenly revealed a look of melancholy, she couldn’t help but be affected and influenced by him. The happiness that she felt from the changes in Yiran Inn had vanished by more than half.

Hearing this, Chen Chen turned around and said softly, “The original plan was to recruit a few more girls tomorrow but let’s cancel it now.”

“Huh? Why?”

An Jiuniang was a bit shocked.

Chen Chen sighed with a complicated expression. After a long time, he said, “In some industries, I might not feel a sense of accomplishment even if I reach the peak.”

After hearing his words, An Jiuniang’s expression turned gloomy.

Indeed, that industry was not respectable.

“You’re right, Successor. No one entered this industry willingly. Most people are just forced by circumstances.”

Chen Chen fell silent as he continuously recalled the thirsty looks on the guests’ face and the way the girls pretended to be aloof according to his instructions.

At this moment, he felt like an evil person.


“At the end of the day, I’m a good young chap with a bright heart. I can’t work in such an industry because I’ll feel guilty.”

After calming down, Chen Chen came to terms with himself.

Be it checking into a brothel or revamping Yiran Inn, he had done it all impulsively.

After his anger dissipated, he finally knew that he didn’t like that industry.

He would feel especially terrible when he saw the girls who were gradually getting closer to him, trying to charm and seduce others with their charm.

It was because he saw the real side of the girls who were emotional like other girls. No one would be willing to enter this industry out of their own accord.

“Successor, what do you think we should do?” An Jiuniang asked.

“Jiuniang, do you like working in this industry?” Chen Chen asked.

“Actually… I don’t like it. Back then, I thought that if the Yiran Inn folds, I’d be free.”

An Jiuniang murmured. After hearing Chen Chen’s words tonight, she thought about why she would impulsively spend 300 Spirit Stones to invite a successor…

It was actually because she subconsciously wanted to make the Yiran Inn close down.

“In this case, the Yiran Inn will remain as it is now, do not expand any further. After some time, we’ll open a different store next to Yiran residence, and the girls can do whatever they like.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, An Jiuniang was slightly lost in thought.

She could tell that he respected them.

He didn’t force the girls to switch career paths and make a choice. Instead, he just gave them an additional option for their lives.

How could the other lofty successors be so thoughtful and considerate? Of course, those people wouldn’t show any sympathy for the girls. In fact, they rarely took pity on mortals.

The man facing her was really very special.

He was clearly an elite but he respected mortals too.

When she was in a daze, Chen Chen was already walking towards his room.

At this moment, An Jiuniang subconsciously shouted, “Successor! Wait!”

“What’s wrong?” Chen Chen stopped in his tracks.

Staring at Chen Chen’s back, An Jiuniang was momentarily speechless. After a moment, she bowed and said in a serious tone, “It’s a blessing for me to meet you, Successor. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best for tomorrow and I hope that you will gain victory, and have a promising future in the path of cultivating immortality!”

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