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Chapter 875: Chapter 874, heaven-cleaving axe

“I haven’t fully comprehended this mantra yet. How did the Heavenly Dao of Taiqing Xuan reach such a realm?”

Chen Chen thought to himself.

Then, he stretched out his hand again, and a ball of black fog appeared in his hand.

This was a secret skill that he learned in the lower realm. It was called the heavenly demon great art of cultivation.

Back then, he was able to quickly advance to the Mahayana state, and this skill was a great contribution.

Back then, he had cultivated the heavenly demon grand cultivation technique and was able to produce more than a hundred devil seeds. But now, with the blessing of the ‘Law’word proverbs, he could faintly feel that he could split a million devil seeds.

Withdrawing his hand, Chen Chen looked at the distant void, and immediately, the void began to tremble.

This move was called ‘immortal touching the top’, although he had yet to fully display it.

But he could feel that if he really used this move, coupled with the augmentation of the “Law”word proverbs, its power would not be weaker than an ordinary proverbs attack.

“Soldier augmentation magic treasure, law augmentation cultivation method, this proverbs is not bad.”

Chen Chen withdrew his gaze, and the distant void returned to calm.

Overall, he was quite satisfied with this “Law”word proverbs, but he did not know how to completely control the power of this proverbs.

Just as he was thinking, a low shout came from the side.

“Who are you?”

Chen Chen turned his head and saw a huge figure wrapped in armor running towards him. With every step, the ground would rumble.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen blinked his eyes. The huge armor instantly collapsed, revealing a thin figure inside the armor.

This person should be someone from the Heavenly Glory Empire. He had suddenly lost his armor and was stunned on the spot. He didn’t know what to do.

A few seconds later, he finally mustered up his courage and said with a trembling voice, “You’re an immortal cultivator… how did you get in?”


Chen Chen chuckled, and an invisible force instantly enveloped that person.

In an instant, more than half of that person’s hands disappeared into thin air.

When he reacted, his screams immediately resounded in the empty space.

However, before his screams faded, his vanished hands appeared before his eyes again.

When he looked again, there was no one in front of him. Everything seemed like a dream.

“This is teleportation, right?”

Chen Chen looked at his own body and muttered.

When the heavenly axiom of Taiqing Xuan was cultivated to the highest state, teleportation could be achieved.

The principle was to disassemble one’s body on the spot and reassemble a body at the place where the will reached. Then, the will would descend into that body to achieve teleportation.

Now, his spiritual sense could cover a radius of hundreds of millions of miles, which meant that his largest teleportation range was this far.

Unfortunately, hundreds of millions of miles in the universe was not a long distance. The distance in the universe was calculated in light years.

Therefore, those who should go through the wormhole still had to go through the wormhole.

After taking the heavenly dharma instrument, he naturally had to go to the location of the next innate primordial chaos treasure.

However, the faster he traveled, the more he felt that something was wrong.

Because he had seen too many familiar star fields along the way.

“Could the other innate primordial chaos treasure be…”

Chen Chen had a faint premonition in his heart.

And this premonition became stronger as time passed and he saw more and more familiar star systems.

Finally, he arrived at the Solar System.

Looking at the eight planets that were slowly rotating, Chen Chen went to the system to confirm once again.

Then, he looked in the direction of Earth.

To be precise, he looked at Earth’s satellite, the Moon.

According to the system’s guidance, the last innate treasure of primordial chaos was on the Moon.

“I didn’t expect it to be right in front of my home…”

Chen Chen muttered to himself before teleporting to the Moon.

The environment on the Moon was the same as described in the textbook. It was full of potholes and craters. There were no signs of life.

Chen Chen strolled among the craters. It did not take long for him to arrive at a vast plain.

The pile of sand on the plain was probably tens of meters thick. No one knew how long it took for it to become like this.

Chen Chen waved his hand. The sand and dust disappeared in an instant, revealing the layer of rocks under the sand and dust.

Walking to the layer of rocks, Chen Chen bent down and knocked on it gently. His expression gradually changed.

“Man-made traces…”

To be honest, he had thought that this innate primordial chaos treasure was just a coincidence that it was born on the moon and had never been discovered by anyone.

But now, it seemed that it was not the case. It seemed that this innate primordial chaos treasure was hidden here.

Without hesitation, Chen Chen knocked on the rock layer gently.

Bang Bang!

After a few light sounds, the rock layer started to crack. A moment later, the huge hidden space below was revealed.

There was an altar in the hidden space, and a huge axe was floating quietly above the altar.

The huge axe was about a hundred meters long, and it had a chaotic color. Its appearance was simple, but at first glance, one would feel a sense of awe.

“Heaven splitting axe…”

Through the system, Chen Chen knew the name of the huge axe.

Walking slowly to the heaven splitting axe, Chen Chen was almost certain that the heaven splitting axe used to have an owner. However, that owner later died, which made the heaven splitting axe an ownerless treasure.

“Is the legend of Pangu splitting the heavens true…”

Chen Chen had some guesses in his mind.

Following the handle of the axe, Chen Chen continued to look down, and soon noticed that there were many runes on the altar.

Unfortunately, he most likely did not recognize these runes.

“Forget it. No matter what secrets there are, it’s time to end it after so many years.”

Chen Chen shook his head. He did not continue to think about it, but placed his hand on the handle of the axe.

In the next second, the gigantic heaven splitting axe was slowly held in his hand.

In his mind, the primordial chaos altar appeared once again.

“Do you want to sacrifice the heaven splitting axe?”


Chen Chen said softly.

As soon as he said that, the heaven splitting axe fell into the primordial chaos altar.

However, before Chen Chen could sacrifice the heaven splitting axe, the entire moon suddenly trembled violently. Terrifying auras seeped out from the ground.

Chen Chen subconsciously took two steps back, and looked down. He saw that the entire altar had a large number of cracks, and under these cracks, two streams of red light shot out, it seemed to be the eyes of some terrifying creature.

“What the hell is this…”

Chen Chen frowned, and his body directly left the surface of the moon, hovering in the void.

A moment later, the altar below finally collapsed completely. At the same time, a huge black shadow flew out from the altar.

This black shadow was 10,000 meters long and covered in black hair. It was definitely not big, but it gave Chen Chen an extremely fierce feeling.

Looking at its forehead, there seemed to be an extremely complicated maxim carved on it.

Seeing that maxim, Chen Chen could not help but whisper, “Mung bean, this guy is probably at the same level as you!”

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