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Chapter 874: Chapter 873, Heavenly Rites

Chen Chen silently watched this scene from the side and didn’t say anything. However, the sense of danger in his heart grew even stronger.

The Master of the immortal realm was able to suppress the experts of the immortal realm and underworld to the point that they couldn’t even breathe. If he really found the time to look for Chen Chen, Chen Chen wouldn’t be able to endure it.

Even if he sacrificed the god-sealing devil jar now, it was still far from enough.

What he needed was more innate primordial chaos treasures. And if he wanted to obtain the innate primordial chaos treasures, other than killing the current immortal Emperor Ming emperor, he could only look for those ownerless ones.

“The living beings in the universe can not cultivate, so there should be some ownerless innate primordial chaos treasures, right?”

Chen Chen thought to himself. At the same time, he decided to carefully track the entire universe later to see if there were any fish that escaped the net.

A moment later, refined god underworld emperor left the refined God Star.

Seeing that the situation was so urgent, both mung bean and Chen Chen did not have the intention to hold a celebration.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, you and I have to make plans earlier… sigh, I wonder if there’s a place for me in the Hong Meng Void World?”

Eternal underworld emperor seemed to be quite pessimistic. His face was filled with worry as he spoke.

Everyone knew that the Master of the immortal realm could track down all the creatures born in the three realms.

Therefore, as long as the Master of the immortal realm wanted to find him, he could not escape at all.

For now, he could only pray that the underworld god and the Supreme Immortal Emperor could last a little longer.

“There will always be hope,”Chen Chen comforted him.

Eternal underworld emperor sighed. Then, he took a deep look at Chen Chen and left.

After eternal underworld emperor left, Chen Chen contacted the system.

“System, is there an ownerless innate primordial chaos treasure in this universe?”

“Yes, it’s located 70 billion light years north of the host..

45 billion light years southwest of the host.”

The system quickly gave two answers. Upon hearing these two answers, Chen Chen was overjoyed and immediately chased after eternal underworld emperor.

“Fellow Daoist undying, I have some matters to attend to. You should first comprehend this god-sealing demon jar. When I return, if you still can’t succeed, hand it over to me.”

The undying underworld emperor received the god-sealing demon jar. He glanced at Chen Chen suspiciously and whispered, “If you have any good places to go, don’t forget about me.”.

“Haha, don’t worry. I’ll be back soon.”.

Chen Chen laughed and turned around to leave.

Half a month later.

Chen Chen arrived at the first place the system guided him to.

This was a huge planet. In terms of size, it was probably the size of ten Suns.

With just a glance, he saw the products of countless technological civilizations.

There were machines, warships, and all kinds of man-made objects that Chen Chen had never seen before.

All in all, this planet was like a super huge military base.

“So this innate treasure of primordial chaos has been found by the technological civilization… but because it hasn’t been found by cultivators, the system has determined that it has no owner.”

After having a rough idea, Chen Chen landed directly on the giant planet.

It was obvious that countless radars or other things were scanning his body right now.

But in fact, he had completely controlled all of the planet’s machinery through the motto “Soldier”.

In other words, even if they found him, there would be no warning.

Not long after, Chen Chen arrived at a heavily guarded experimental center on the planet as if there was no one else around.

There were more than 10,000 cyborgs gathered in this experimental center. These cyborgs all had their own optical computers. Whether it was their computing or research abilities, they were all extremely powerful.

The purpose of gathering so many cyborgs in this place was self-evident.

Chen Chen’s figure flashed, and he arrived at the bottom of the experimental center.

As expected, in a huge glass space, he discovered the innate primordial chaos treasure.

It was a very strange object. It was about ten meters tall, and its entire body was bronze in color. Its appearance was similar to the ancient Chinese armillary sphere, and it looked quite sophisticated.

After circling around the innate primordial chaos treasure a few times, Chen Chen started to ask the system. Soon, he learned that the object was called the “Heavenly Dharma Ritual”.

As for the motto carved on the heavenly dharma ritual… it should be “Dharma”.

As for the purpose of this “Dharma”, Chen Chen did not know.

After looking at it for a while, Chen Chen put his hand on the heavenly dharma ritual without any psychological burden.

In the next second, the primordial chaos altar appeared in his mind.

“Do you want to sacrifice the Heavenly Dharma Assembly?”

“Sacrifice it.”

Chen Chen replied directly.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Heavenly Dharma Assembly disappeared from its original position and landed on the primordial chaos altar.

Then, it gradually entered the interior of the primordial chaos altar. At the same time, a “Dharma”word proverbs appeared above the altar.

“Congratulations, host, you have activated two-ninth of the primordial chaos altar. The system will now fully activate the designated tracking function.”

Designated tracking was used to track certain designated items, regardless of distance.

In other words, with the current system, as long as Chen Chen could say the name, he would be able to track the specific location of that item.

Even if that item was not in this universe.


With another soft sound, the heavenly dharma instrument seemed to have been completely sacrificed.

And there was a new sacrifice of Hong Meng on the Hong Meng Altar.

“Host, you can increase your comprehension of the ‘law’word proverbs by sacrificing cultivation techniques and secret arts.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen finally understood what the ‘Law’word proverbs meant.

Without any delay, he took out all the cultivation techniques he had collected from his storage ring.

He took out everything from the basic cultivation techniques of small sects from the mortal world to heaven-defying Secret Arts like the Heavenly Dao of Taiqing Xuan.

“Sacrifice, sacrifice all of them for me.”

Chen Chen said softly and sent all the Jade slips onto the altar.

After the Jade slips landed on the altar, they turned into countless glowing characters and entered the interior of the altar.

At this moment, the comprehension of the ‘law’character in Chen Chen’s mind was also increasing rapidly.

Not long after, it reached 99% .

At this moment, just like when he was sacrificing the magic treasure to comprehend the ‘army’character, his progress came to an abrupt halt.

Chen Chen stretched out his hand, and the ‘law’character appeared in his palm.

At this moment, he suddenly understood the supreme pure mysterious Heavenly Dao cultivation method to the extreme.

With a thought, the entire experimental center shook violently, and then directly turned into countless of the smallest particles. These particles were many times smaller than atoms,

then, these particles began to reassemble.

A moment later, they actually formed a warship.

After a few seconds, the warship disintegrated and actually reassembled into a Supreme Dao Treasure.

The thing that disintegrated the technological civilization eventually became the Supreme Dao Treasure of the immortal cultivation civilization.

This should be the highest realm of the Supreme Pure Mysterious Heavenly Dao, right?

“With a thought, all living things are born… The Supreme Pure Mysterious Heavenly Dao is indeed amazing.”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart.

As for the wonderful use of the “Law”proverbs, he already understood it in his heart.

That was to allow him to easily cultivate all kinds of cultivation methods and secret arts to the highest realm.

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