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Chapter 873: Chapter 872, Immortal Emperor Mung Bean

Two months later.

The deity-sealing demon pot was comprehended by the eternal underworld emperor and the refined God underworld emperor for a month before it fell into Chen Chen’s hands.

Looking at the deity-sealing demon pot in front of him, Chen Chen did not directly offer it to the primordial chaos altar. Instead, he began to study it silently.

After all, this thing was not his yet. If he really offered it, it would not be easy to explain.

After half a month of meditation, refined God underworld emperor came to his door and interrupted his meditation.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, the nine revolutions golden pill has been refined. Take a look!”

Refined god Underworld Emperor said as he took out a pill bottle and handed it to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen opened it and saw a ball of spirit light shining inside, as if it would break out of the bottle at any moment.

After using the system to appraise it, this item was indeed an extremely precious nine revolutions Golden Pill.

“Many thanks to fellow Daoist refined spirit!”

Putting away the nine transformation golden core, Chen Chen said with a smile.

However, refined spirit underworld emperor said, “Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, I have yet to see the true reaction of others after taking the nine transformation golden core. I wonder who do you want to let take this nine transformation golden core?

“If it’s possible, can you let me watch the process?”

Chen Chen hesitated for a moment, then called out mung bean.

Mung Bean’s current cultivation was already an immortal king, and her comprehension of the word “Solution”had already reached a rather profound realm.

She was definitely considered an expert among ordinary immortal kings, but when it came to immortal emperors, it was a bit lacking.

“Immortal… Immortal Spirit? Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, you want to give the nine revolutions golden core to an immortal spirit to consume?”

Refining God underworld emperor was extremely surprised and blurted out.

Chen Chen nodded slightly, and then directly sent the nine revolutions golden core into the mouth of the mung bean.

The mung bean did not stand on ceremony, and swallowed the nine revolutions Golden Core with a roll of its throat.

In a few seconds, a ball of spirit light appeared above the head of the mung bean. The mung bean froze on the spot, and its expression was somewhat stiff.

When the refined God underworld emperor saw this, he quickly leaned over, wanting to see the reaction of this immortal spirit after swallowing the nine revolutions golden core.

Chen Chen was also quite nervous, standing at the side and staring at the mung bean.

After a few minutes, the spirit light above the Mung Bean’s head suddenly soared, finally forming a lotus flower.

In an instant, the expression in the small eyes of the mung bean changed.

It became quite intelligent, as if it could see through people’s hearts.

Chen Chen lowered his voice at the side and said, “Mung bean, comprehend your maxim!”

Mung bean nodded slightly, and then a ‘Jie’word appeared on its back.

At first, this maxim was very vague, but as time passed, it became clearer and clearer.

When the refined God underworld emperor saw this, he couldn’t help but ask, “Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, what kind of Maxim is this?”

“Jie… if this little guy could completely grasp this maxim before, he wouldn’t need to waste so much energy to deal with the god-conferred Immortal Emperor.”

Chen Chen answered truthfully.

“… Jie, another new Maxim.”

The refined God underworld emperor muttered, but his gaze never left mung bean.

An hour later, the spirit light above Mung Bean’s head was already extremely dazzling, and mung bean’s gaze also became extremely solemn.

At this time, the “Jie”Maxim on its back had already formed ninety-nine percent. As long as it took one step, it would be able to become an immortal emperor.

If it missed this opportunity, it would have to expend a lot of effort to become an immortal emperor in the future.

“I’ll give it a hand!”

The voice of the eternal underworld emperor sounded in the void, accompanied by a green light.

The green light shone on the mung bean’s body. The mung bean was instantly energized, and its small eyes widened.

When Chen Chen saw this, he turned to look at the void. He did not know when, but the eternal underworld emperor had already arrived nearby with the scepter of life in his hand.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, I didn’t expect you to have such a powerful immortal spirit!”

The Eternal Underworld Emperor said with a smile as he controlled the scepter of life and infused the green light into the Green Bean’s body.

Chen Chen smiled faintly and thanked him. Then, he continued to look at the green bean.

After receiving the support of the green light, the green bean became much more relaxed. The ‘unravel’proverbs on its back faintly showed signs of completely taking shape.

Seeing this, Chen Chen extended his hand, and the “Soldier”proverbs landed on the scepter of life.

The Scepter of life suddenly flickered, and the green light that shot out increased by several times.

Mung bean immediately raised her head and let out a low growl towards the void.

At the same time, the “Solution”word completely appeared on her turtle shell.

As soon as the word ‘unravel’appeared, the green light that shot out from the scepter of life immediately dissipated, and even the word ‘soldier’disappeared.

Whether it was Chen Chen or the undying underworld emperor, they both subconsciously took two steps back.

Looking at mung bean again, there was already a faint pressure when she raised her claws, and an unprecedented majesty appeared in her gaze.

However, this majesty disappeared after it looked at Chen Chen.

“Father, I can be considered to have completely grasped the maxim, right?”

Mung bean spoke in human language, giving Chen Chen a fright.

However, Chen Chen quickly understood.

Mung Bean had reached such a realm, it didn’t have any difficulty in speaking.

If it was willing, it would probably be able to take human form at any time.

“Let’s see. From now on, you will be an immortal emperor.”

Chen Chen smiled and replied.

Mung bean had become an immortal emperor. He could be considered to have gained a great helper.

Although the eternal underworld emperor and he had some friendship, how could he be as close as mung bean?

“Congratulations to this… er…”

The eternal underworld emperor cupped his hands towards mung bean, but he didn’t know how to address her. Thus, he subconsciously looked at Chen Chen.

“Mung bean.”

Chen Chen replied and then looked at mung bean.

Mung bean nodded and did not have any objections to this address. Seeing this scene, Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Although Mung Bean’s intelligence had increased a lot, she did not alienate him because of this.

“Congratulations… immortal emperor mung bean!”

“Congratulations, immortal emperor mung bean!”Refinement god underworld emperor echoed from the side.

Witnessing the birth of an immortal emperor was a huge event. The refined god underworld emperor continued, “Why don’t we hold a celebration on my refined God Star?”

Chen Chen naturally did not have any objections and quickly thanked him on behalf of Mung Bean.

But at this moment, the refined god underworld emperor’s expression suddenly changed and his eyes became more uneasy.

When the eternal underworld emperor saw this, he quickly asked, “Brother refined God, what’s Wrong?”

Refined god underworld emperor took out a token and muttered, “Lord Underworld god just sent me a message, asking me to rush back to the three realms. He can’t hold on much longer.”

Eternal underworld emperor’s face stiffened when he heard that.

One had to know that in this universe, the immortal world and the underworld had only left a peak expert to guard.

Now that Lord underworld god had summoned refined God underworld emperor, it was equivalent to giving up all the plans he had made in this universe for tens of millions of years.

If the situation was not extremely dire, he would not have given such an order.

“Ai, Little Brother Eternal, the underworld god still doesn’t know that you have returned. How about this, you stay here and guard the refined God Star for me. I will go back and help the underworld god.”

The refined God underworld emperor hesitated for a moment and said to the eternal underworld emperor helplessly.

What could the eternal underworld Emperor Do? He could only nod and agree.

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