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Chapter 870: Chapter 869, God’s descent

This flight lasted for more than half a month.

It had to be said that the universe was much larger than the three realms, but there were very few planets with real life.

On this day, Chen Chen walked out of the wormhole and saw a blazing star in the distance.

“The Sun…”

Although he had never seen the Sun from this perspective, he still recognized the sun that he used to look up to every day with one glance.

Following the direction of the sun, he looked around. The eight planets were orbiting around the Sun.

Among them, there was a blue planet that was exceptionally beautiful.


Chen Chen muttered and then quickly flew towards Earth.

Halfway through his flight, he subconsciously slowed down and restrained his aura.

There was no other way. He was already an immortal emperor. A planet like Earth was much smaller than his true nether immortal realm.

If he was careless and bumped into earth, many people would die.

After flying carefully for a few minutes, Chen Chen entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

Then, the entire earth was covered by his spiritual sense.


Sensing the current global situation, Chen Chen was dumbfounded.

At this time, Earth was still in the state of his previous life.

In other words, he had been in the three realms for 50 to 60 years, but not much time had actually passed on Earth.

Chen Chen’s throat twitched, and then his body gradually turned into a phantom.

The next second, he arrived in the city where he was in his previous life.

The city was full of traffic, and the streets were bustling with people.

Chen Chen stopped on a building and looked at an office on a certain floor.

Fortunately, he did not see himself.

The person who took over his job was a former subordinate. It seemed that he had really died in this world.

There were many other acquaintances in the company. Chen Chen gave a cursory glance and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He did not suddenly go in and reveal his real body to scare these people. Instead, he quietly turned around and left.

It was not easy to establish these people’s worldview. If he appeared as the immortal emperor, he would probably destroy these people’s worldview.


If he really returned to Earth and did not do anything, it would be somewhat unreasonable. After all, this was the place that carried his important memories.

“Forget it. Let’s slightly raise the level of technology here.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself and then communicated with the voyage warship.

Soon, the voyage warship appeared outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

The voyage warship was larger than Earth in size, but it appeared so suddenly that nothing on Earth could find it.

“Photon computer, make the arrangements.”

Chen Chen gave the order to the voyage warship.

As soon as the command was given, a beam of light shot out from the voyage battleship and landed on one of the signal towers.

The signal tower instantly lit up, and at the same time, the screens of the entire China flashed.

Some people were looking at their phones, some were watching television, and some were looking at the billboards on the buildings. All of them had dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

Not long after, the image of a beautiful woman appeared on all the screens.

“Hello, everyone. I am under the orders of my master to raise the level of technology for everyone.”

“F * ck! Who Is This?”

“What new show is this?”

“Don’t Stop Me from playing games. This… how do I cut it out?”

Countless people were discussing animatedly. No one took the photon computer’s words seriously.

However, in a few important research institutions, a group of top scientists were like ants on a hot pan, unable to calm down.

“It’s not Earth’s signal! It looks like aliens have invaded our network!”

“There really are aliens! Then is what she said true?”

Before the group of scientists could figure out the situation, a large amount of scientific information started to be transmitted layer by layer into the supercomputer’s storage.

From the planet civilization to the star civilization to the space technology civilization.

At first, the group of scientists could understand it, but later, it was like reading a heavenly book.

Even though they couldn’t understand it, the group of people were extremely happy. They were dancing in the sealed laboratory.

This shocking event naturally attracted the attention of other countries on Earth. Many cyber hackers tried to hack in to see what was going on.

The result was predictable. The computer exploded on the spot, almost scaring people to death.

Chen Chen stood in the void and quietly looked down. Seeing that many people were about to riot, he said calmly, “Don’t panic. It will be over soon. Everyone, do what you need to do.”

This voice was like the sound of nature, having the power to calm people’s hearts.

Some crowded places saw that chaos was about to break out because of the change. After hearing this voice, everyone quieted down and looked up at the sky at the same time.

“Master, the computers on this planet are too bad. They can’t store so much information.”

The photon computer sent this message.

Chen Chen closed his eyes and activated the supreme pure mysterious Heavenly Dao’s cultivation technique at full power.

In an instant, a huge satellite suddenly appeared outside the atmosphere above China.

This satellite’s function was extremely powerful. In an instant, it covered the entire China with 100 gigabytes of signal.

At the same time, some supercomputers were also undergoing rapid changes.

Seeing that the supercomputer they were familiar with was actually transforming, the group of mortals were dumbfounded and fell to the ground.

Transmitting information was one thing, but this was still within the scope of science, but what was this?

A miracle?

“Forget it, I’ll send Buddha to the west.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, then pointed at the void.

In an instant, all of the smog in the sky above China disappeared, and the ozone hole disappeared in a mess.

“The water is too dirty…”

He pointed again, and the ocean was polluted, and the river sewage instantly disappeared.

“There are too few trees.”

Chen Chen looked at a certain desert, and the next second, half of the desert turned into an oasis.

“What is that?”

Chen Chen looked out into space.

There was a huge meteorite flying towards earth from an unknown distance.

At that speed, it would probably hit earth within 180 years.



A meteorite in space silently turned into dust.

In the Pacific Ocean, a certain fishing boat encountered a storm and was about to capsize.

Chen Chen pointed out, and the wind and waves were calm.

A certain mine in China was about to collapse. Chen Chen pointed out, and the ground rolled up. A group of people broke out of the ground, unscathed.

On a certain sidewalk, an old grandma fell down, and no one dared to help her. A flash of inspiration suddenly appeared, and the old Grandma suddenly gained a huge amount of strength. She actually jumped up three meters, shocking the onlookers.

In the hospital, in the park..

Even an injured and dying wild dog by the side of the road suddenly became energetic.

Chen Chen hovered in the air. Although he didn’t move, he changed the world like a god.

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