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Chapter 869: Chapter 868, feeling even more afraid of home

“Hehe, Kid, I didn’t expect that you would become an immortal emperor after only two years. This is truly beyond my expectations.”

The undying underworld emperor’s greetings came from the Green Shadow.

As the sound of his voice faded, the green shadow gradually faded, revealing the undying underworld emperor’s figure.

At this moment, the undying underworld emperor held the green scepter in his hand. Not only did he not have the killing aura of an ordinary underworld cultivator, but his entire body was emitting a faint life force.

Anyone who took a glance at him would feel as if they were looking at a vast and boundless prairie. Their entire body felt extremely comfortable.

Before Chen Chen Chen could say anything, the undying underworld emperor frowned. He seemed to have suddenly thought of something and his expression became serious.

The person not far away was no longer that brat from before. He was a genuine immortal emperor.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said,

“Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, my words were wrong just now. I owe you a favor for being able to escape this time.”

Chen Chen was stunned when he saw this. He then looked at the seal that was facing off against countless treasures.

“There’s no need to say anything else. Let’s deal with this sealed immortal Emperor first.”

Before he could finish speaking, the green scepter in the hands of the undying underworld emperor had already rushed towards the seal. In the blink of an eye, it had already slammed against the seal.

Following that, streams of green energy continued to slam into the seal.

Although the sacrificial seal was powerful, it could no longer hold on any longer. The light from the scepter gradually dimmed.

When Chen Chen saw this, he blessed the green scepter once again. In an instant, the green energy that was constantly growing suddenly expanded. In the end, it carried the attacks of countless treasures and destroyed the sacrificial seal in one go.

The god-sealing immortal emperor who released the seal immediately suffered a backlash, and his physical body directly collapsed, leaving only his primordial spirit hovering in the void.

“God-sealing immortal emperor, you want to change your physical body again!”

Eternal underworld emperor laughed loudly, and there was an indescribable joy in his tone.

God-sealing immortal emperor coldly said, “If I had known this would happen, I would have sent you to the Master of the immortal realm to deal with!”

“If regret was useful, would I have been sealed for so long? Today, I will take revenge for being trapped for so many years!”

The eternal underworld emperor said hatefully. Then, he pointed out his finger, and a ‘bind’word instantly enveloped the god-sealing immortal emperor.

Although the god-sealing immortal emperor had lost his physical body, his strength didn’t weaken much. Seeing this scene, he casually sealed the word.

But at this moment, Chen Chen controlled the hundreds of thousands of dharma treasures to attack again.

Some of the Great Dao treasures were strengthened, and their power was truly shocking.

Not only that, the voyage battleship also focused its fire on the god-sealing immortal emperor.

When the eternal underworld emperor saw the strength of this attack, he tacitly used some restriction type proverbs to restrict the god-sealing immortal emperor’s movements. At the same time, he used his life scepter to extract the life force of the god-sealing immortal emperor.

Under such an attack, the god-sealing immortal emperor was soon at his wit’s end. There were signs of him being unable to resist.

At this moment, he let out a low shout and entered the god-sealing demon pot. Then, powerful seals flew out one after another. In an instant, he was sealed inside the god-sealing demon pot.

Then, countless attacks were thrown at the god-sealing demon pot. In the end, they were all blocked by the god-sealing demon pot.

When everything was calm, the only thing that was placed in front of Chen Chen and eternal underworld emperor was the indestructible innate primordial chaos treasure, the god-sealing demon jar.

“This god-sealing immortal emperor has actually become an old turtle. Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, can you control this god-sealing demon jar to break the seal?”

Eternal underworld emperor flew to the side of the god-sealing demon jar and surveyed the surroundings.

Chen Chen gave it a try and then shook his head.

Now that he had become an immortal emperor, it was true that he could interfere with the innate primordial chaos treasure.

But now that he was hiding inside the god-sealing demon pot, he would definitely be controlling the god-sealing demon pot with all his heart. Under such circumstances, it was his limit to be able to interfere slightly. It was impossible for him to break the seal.

“Bring it with you first. Let’s go to the universe first. There’s an old friend of mine in the universe. He might be able to get this old turtle out.”

Undying underworld emperor saw Chen Chen shaking his head and pointed at the god-sealing demon jar.

Chen Chen immediately used the word ‘soldier’to store the god-sealing demon jar. Then, he looked at the void not far away.

What he wanted to do next was what he was truly looking forward to.

Without hesitation, he extended his hand and punched out. He directly broke through a certain regional wall and drilled into it.

What greeted his eyes was a vast starry sky. Countless planets were slowly rotating within their respective domains under the influence of gravity.

Chen Chen closed his eyes and very quickly sensed a large number of life forms.

“These… should all be aliens, right?”

Muttering to himself, Chen Chen suddenly laughed.

At this moment, the first thing he paid attention to was actually this matter. This had something to do with the fact that he was born on Earth.

“Brother, did you come to this universe to search for that Supreme Innate Primordial Chaos Treasure?”

The eternal underworld emperor saw Chen Chen’s smile and asked curiously.

“No, I just want to see it.”

Chen Chen explained.

The Eternal Underworld Emperor had a look of disbelief. In fact, he still had many questions in his mind.

For example, how did Chen Chen become an immortal emperor in such a short time? What was Chen Chen’s motto?

For example, where did the innate primordial chaos treasure go?

However, this wasn’t the time to chat. He still had more important things to do.

“Brother, I’ll go look for my old friend. He controls the refinement word maxim. The innate primordial chaos treasure is a furnace. With his abilities, he might be able to become an immortal emperor.”

Chen Chen smiled when he heard this. “Brother, go.”

“You Aren’t coming with me?”The undying underworld emperor was somewhat surprised.

“I have some important things to do too. I need to leave alone for a while.”

Chen Chen looked at the surrounding starry sky and said.

“Alright, then we’ll go do our own things. When I find my old friend, we’ll contact each other again.”Eternal underworld emperor was helpless but he didn’t ask much. After all, everyone had their own privacy.

“En… right, your old friend should be in that direction.”

Chen Chen pointed to the west.

Eternal underworld emperor was stunned for a moment when he heard Chen Chen’s words. Then, he flew towards the west with some doubt.

After eternal underworld emperor’s figure completely disappeared, Chen Chen took a deep breath and asked the system, “System, where is earth?”

“The host’s east direction… 53 billion light years.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen was first delighted. The stone in his heart instantly fell to the ground. Then, his face slightly twitched.

53 billion light years, this distance was really a bit far.

But before this, he had learned from the expedition warship’s database that there were some wormholes in the universe.

Passing through these wormholes could achieve instantaneous movement.

So as long as he found the wormhole, such a long distance would not take long.

Having a destination, Chen Chen did not delay any further. He directly searched for the wormhole through the system, and bit by bit, he approached the direction of Earth.

The closer he got to the Earth, the more nervous he became.

What did it mean to be more afraid of being close to Home? It was probably this kind of feeling.

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