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Chapter 868: Chapter 867, breaking the seal

“Even if you don’t want to leave, you have to.”

Ignoring Chen Chen and the eternal underworld emperor’s reminiscence, the god-sealing immortal emperor coldly spoke.

As the sound of his voice faded, the god-sealing demon jar in the Void was aimed at Chen Chen.

In an instant, a ‘seal’word shot out from the jar and pressed down on Chen Chen.

Through the innate primordial chaos treasure, the true ‘seal’word was far from what the corpse emperor and his half-baked ‘seal’word could compare to.

Hence, before the proverbs got close, Chen Chen could feel the void around him solidifying, as if he was being shackled.

Facing the formation, he did not dare to be negligent. He pointed out with his finger and the god-sealing demon jar in the distance trembled violently, trying to roll back the ‘seal’word proverbs.

The god-sealing immortal emperor frowned when he saw this. He quickly stretched out his hand and grabbed the god-sealing demon jar. With his close connection with the god-sealing demon jar, he was able to stabilize the god-sealing demon jar.

Without the support of the god-sealing devil jar, the seal instantly weakened.

Chen Chen, who was inside the voyage battleship, stomped on the deck.

Tens of thousands of cannons of the voyage battleship shot out at the same time, aiming at the ‘seal’character.

This time, he was no longer putting on an act. With so many cannons poking out, an endless amount of energy poured out in the next second.

The vast majority of the energy contained the power of the proverbs.

The area within a million miles instantly became a world of light.

Although the ‘seal’character was powerful, it couldn’t withstand such an attack. In an instant, it crumbled.

At the same time, the Ruyi God transformation armor on Chen Chen’s body began to take form. After receiving the ‘soldier’character’s proverbs, the Ruyi God transformation armor erupted and instantly expanded by tens of thousands of miles. The barbs on its surface expanded rapidly, it almost reached the god-ascension immortal emperor.


Seeing this, the god-ascension immortal emperor spoke in a soft voice.

As the sound of his voice faded, another beam of power shot out. The energy shot out from the voyage battleship all froze in the air, hanging in the starry space like stars.

Upon seeing this scene, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched.

Although he hadn’t completely grasped the ‘Chi’character, he was only a step away from completely grasping it.

As expected of an immortal emperor who had lived for hundreds of millions of years. Most probably, other than ‘Chi’, he had also grasped many other proverbs that were much stronger than his own.


Just as he thought, the immortal emperor silently recited another ‘Chi’character. An incomparably majestic energy descended from the Void, slamming towards the voyage battleship.

Luckily, the voyage battleship had also grasped the ‘Chi’character. As the attack landed, the ‘Chi’character condensed into the air.

But the Good Times didn’t last long. Seeing that the voyage battleship had used the ‘Chi’character, the god-sealing immortal emperor actually neutralized the ‘Chi’character.

The attack landed once more. Luckily, the voyage battleship still had the ‘imperial’character to defend against it, hence it wasn’t heavily injured.

Seeing how special Chen Chen’s battleship was, a strange light flashed in the eyes of the god-sealing immortal emperor. But very quickly, he vanished without a trace.

“Follow me back. As long as you are willing to follow the Master of the immortal realm like me, the Master of the immortal realm will not make things difficult for you.”

“Who exactly is the Master of the Immortal Realm?”

Chen Chen asked seriously.

“The founder of the three realms, an ancient existence that has lived for countless years. If he personally comes, you will die without a doubt.”

The Immortal Emperor had a look of reverence on his face, but Chen Chen was getting angrier and angrier.

“I didn’t offend him, what right does he have to deal with me?”

The Immortal Emperor remained silent.

The Master of the immortal world needed all the proverbs that had never appeared before. The word “Soldier”was one of them, and it was especially important.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Master of the immortal world was dealing with the Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor and the underworld god, he might have come personally now.

In short, if this immortal Emperor returned with him, he would definitely die.

Of course, he couldn’t say this out loud.

“If you can’t Take Me Down, I can’t do anything to you now. Scram, I don’t want to waste time with you.”

Chen Chen saw that the immortal emperor didn’t say anything and directly roared.

When the immortal emperor heard this, a dark light flashed in his eyes. The aura around him was actually rapidly declining.

At this moment, the voice of the undying underworld emperor suddenly came out from the god-sealing demon jar.

“Kid, this is the god-sealing immortal emperor’s ultimate move, the sacrificial seal. Back then, I was struck by the Dao of this move. You must be careful!”

Along with this reminder, a huge “Seal”word that could blot out the sky flew out from the god-sealing immortal emperor’s body.

Once this word came out, the god-sealing immortal emperor’s primordial spirit actually seemed to be about to leave his body.

Upon seeing this scene, Chen Chen waved his hand, and hundreds of thousands of treasures appeared around him. From spirit tools from the lower realm to Supreme Dao Treasures, everything was there.

These were all the treasures he had left after the sacrifice.


With a low shout, a huge ‘soldier’maxim that was no less than ‘seal’flew out from Chen Chen’s body.

Hundreds of thousands of magic treasures were suddenly blessed with this kind of blessing. Instantly, they shone brightly, and their auras were earth-shaking.

In truth, no matter how powerful an ordinary immortal emperor was, he wouldn’t be able to control so many magic treasures at the same time.

However, Chen Chen was different. He could communicate with the soul of a magic treasure. Not to mention hundreds of thousands of magic treasures, even if there were millions of them, they wouldn’t be affected.

Hundreds of thousands of magic treasures erupted at the same time. All sorts of attacks rained down on the gigantic “Seal”maxim like a meteor shower.

However, this ‘seal’character was much stronger than the previous one. No matter what attack landed on it, it would be destroyed instantly.

At this moment, the voice of the undying underworld emperor sounded in Chen Chen’s mind.

“Use your flowery words to interfere with the god-sealing demon jar. Let me break out of the seal!”

Hearing this, Chen Chen didn’t hesitate at all. He looked at the demon jar in the hands of the god-sealing immortal emperor.

The moment the ‘soldier’character appeared, the god-sealing devil jar trembled once more. The countless chains sealing the undying underworld emperor actually loosened up quite a bit.

At this instant, a world-shaking roar echoed out from the god-sealing devil jar.

At the same time, a gigantic ‘seal’character appeared in the air.

This ‘seal’character didn’t come from the god-sealing immortal emperor, but from the undying underworld emperor.

The undying underworld emperor had been sealed for such a long time and had been in contact with the god-sealing demon jar every day. His comprehension of the ‘seal’word proverbs had already reached an extremely deep level.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he already had a god-sealing immortal emperor, he might have been able to become an immortal emperor by relying on the ‘seal’Word.

As soon as this ‘seal’word proverbs appeared, more than half of the chains disappeared.

After that, the undying underworld emperor roared and shot out a scepter from his mouth.

This scepter was entirely emerald green. As soon as it appeared, it shot out a beam of green light towards eternal underworld emperor.

Seeing this, Chen Chen didn’t even think about it. With a thought, the Emerald Green Scepter’s light once again increased by a large margin.

And after receiving the green light, the aura of eternal underworld emperor also instantly increased by several times.

Bang Bang Bang!

A series of explosive sounds rang out. The remaining chains completely collapsed under this powerful aura.

Then, a green shadow emerged from the godhood demon jar and appeared in front of the Godhood Immortal Emperor.

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