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Chapter 860: Chapter 859, voyage battleship

However, to the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor’s surprise, Chen Chen did not give an immediate reply.

This made him extremely angry.

This was already at stake, what was there to hesitate about? Was there anything more important than life?

“What are you hesitating about! Do you know that the one who attacked you is the shadow clone of Shadowless Nether Emperor! Unless you are an immortal emperor, you will definitely die today!”

However, even if he said so, Chen Chen still did not open his mouth.

This made the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor So angry that he wanted to vomit blood. It was not easy for the Shadowless Nether Emperor to create an opportunity for him, but this person actually did not open his mouth! This was simply unreasonable!

Seeing that Chen Chen was getting more and more dangerous under the siege of so many people, the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor’s eyes began to turn bloodshot.

In his heart, he was hesitating whether to save this person first.

But in the next second, he rejected it.

He was an immortal emperor after all, why should he compromise with an immortal king?

This person would rather die than ask for help, then let him die!

Moreover, he really didn’t believe that this person wouldn’t ask for help if he was really going to die!


I bet you will definitely ask for help from me!

Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor roared in his heart. At this moment, his attention was all focused on Chen Chen.

When the countless shadows of the Shadowless Nether Emperor saw that the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor was unmoved, they were ecstatic.

This was truly out of his expectations.

Without any hesitation, he transmitted his voice to urge the young emperor to increase his strength. He wanted to kill the graceful god Immortal King before the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor’s mind was clear.

On the other side.

Chen Chen was facing the attacks of the ten shadows. At this moment, he was truly at a disadvantage.

Initially, he wanted to force himself to see if he could step into the immortal emperor realm under the immense pressure.

But now, he gave up.

Because if he forced himself any further, he might really be forced to death.

As for the Extreme Heavenly Immortal Emperor’s voice transmission, he naturally heard it too.

But he wouldn’t sell his body.

Right now, there was only one way to go.

With that thought, Chen Chen closed his eyes and activated the Divine Emperor Bell to its maximum in an instant.

At the same time, inside Mung Bean’s body, countless parts were being assembled rapidly. In just a moment, a giant silver-gray battleship was fully formed.

Once the battleship was formed, mung bean opened its mouth.

The battleship that had left the space inside Mung Bean’s body began to grow larger and soon reached the size of hundreds of thousands of miles.

When Chen Chen saw this, he directly dragged the mung bean into the battleship,

countless attacks came from all directions at this time. However, the moment those attacks landed on the battleship, an extremely dazzling light shone from the center of the attacks, blocking all the attacks.

When all the attacks disappeared and the surroundings were calm, the Pluto group discovered that a silver-gray ‘continent’had appeared above the Flying Phoenix Immortal realm.

However, the shape of this ‘continent’was rather orderly. In addition, there was a thick protective screen of light surrounding it. Rather than calling it a continent, it was more accurate to say that it was a magic treasure.

“What kind of magic treasure is this? It can actually block so many attacks?”

Many Yama monarchs were puzzled.

This was the first time they had seen such a type of magic treasure.

At this moment, the Empyrean Heaven Immortal Emperor in the primordial chaos void space was completely stunned. The madness in his eyes disappeared and was replaced by disbelief.

Those Pluto didn’t know what that thing was, but he did.

“A cosmic magic treasure… a product of a technological civilization. A warship? How does the graceful immortal King have such a Thing?”

To be honest, he had seen many of these things in the universe, but other than a few warships, there were very few that he could see.

But this warship gave him a completely different feeling. Moreover, he had seen all the attacks that were directed at the warship being blocked.

“Warship, what is going on? Empyrean immortal emperor, who is that Graceful Immortal King?”

The thousands of shadows of Shadowless Nether Emperor instantly converged, appearing next to Empyrean immortal emperor with a dumbfounded expression.

“I… I don’t know either.”Empyrean immortal emperor stared unblinkingly at the warship as he mumbled.

In the sky above the Flying Phoenix Immortal realm, the young emperor and the other Nether kings had no idea what sort of technological civilization that was. They only treated it as a special magic treasure.

“Kill! Kill Immortal King Shenxiu at all costs!”

The young emperor gave the order loudly.

The Hades regained their senses and the ten shadows began to attack again.

In the warship, Chen Chen had already arrived at the main cabin.

Hundreds of screens in front of him were flashing with light. Rows and rows of data were displayed.

“Can it be protected?”

Chen Chen asked the photon processor.

“No problem, these attacks can’t threaten the voyage warship.”

The photon processor replied as it waved its hand. Immediately, the screen in front of Chen Chen changed.

A “Maxim”appeared on the screen.

“This is… Imperial?”

Chen Chen looked at the Maxim and asked with some uncertainty.

Among the four god attendants, the “Imperial”had a maxim carved on its body that was very similar to this maxim.

“That’s right. The battleship journey has information on the power of ten words of wisdom. Although none of the words of wisdom have been completely mastered, it should be able to withstand such a powerful attack without any problems.”

The Phantom answered calmly.

As soon as it finished speaking, a huge word of wisdom appeared on the battleship of the journey.

As soon as this word of wisdom appeared, the new round of attacks were completely blocked. Chen Chen did not even feel the battleship shake when he was inside the battleship.

“What are the offensive methods?”

Chen Chen asked again.

“There are proverbs ‘attack’, ‘attack’, and ‘quake’. These three ancient proverbs are the main offensive methods.”

The Phantom replied.

“Then let’s give it a try.”

As Chen Chen spoke, he pointed at a light spot on the screen next to him.

Judging from the number of light spots, it should represent a group of Hades in the underworld.


The Shadow replied with one word, and then the entire warship began to emit a slight whistling sound.

At the same time, at the front of the warship, an ordinary trident-like cannon began to flash with light.

In just the time of one breath, the Trident shot out a stream of light at a group of Hades in the distance.

The stream of light was tens of thousands of miles wide, and it directly covered all the Hades. As soon as it flew out, the sky began to tremble faintly!

Chen Chen, who was in the warship, felt that the heavenly axiom of the immortal realm was trembling at this moment.

To be honest, no matter how fierce the previous fight was, the heavenly axiom had never had such an emotion!

The group of Yama kings naturally also felt the terrifying pressure coming from the front. None of them had the heart to resist at all.


“We’re Invincible!”

Accompanied by a series of exclamations, the group of Yama kings each displayed their own divine abilities in order to save their lives.

However, without their magic treasures, how could they have any more tricks up their sleeves?

In addition, for some unknown reason, there was a strange power in the light, causing their bodies to tremble violently, and they were almost unable to move.


The eyes of Pluto, who was at the front, began to show fear. But before he could finish his words, the huge light had already swept across everyone and directly blasted towards the sky!

A series of thunderclaps rang out as the faint sounds of chaos rang out in the sky!

After the sound disappeared, a gigantic hole appeared in the sky above the flying Phoenix Immortal realms. On the other side of the hole was a boundless darkness. It was none other than the primordial void space.

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