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Chapter 858: Chapter 857: The tree that stands out in the forest will be destroyed by the wind

After another day, Chen Chen finally finished modifying all the parts.

However, he was still in no hurry to assemble them because this thing was too eye-catching. If he took it out, he was afraid that something bad would happen. However, if he didn’t take it out and turned it into a battleship, the space inside the mung bean’s body might not be able to fit in.

Therefore, it was better to keep the parts in this state. If it really needed to be used, it would only take a thought to assemble it again.

At the same time, they had already entered the underworld of the immortal world.

The young emperor was helping Death Yama heal his wounds. It had to be said that the previous defeat had left a deep psychological scar on him.

After all, ever since he was born, he had always been invincible in the underworld.

And now, Death Yama, who had brought hundreds of death Yama and was also a top-tier powerhouse, had actually lost to one person.

This made him unable to accept it in his heart, to the extent that he felt a sense of defeat.

“Young emperor, this time, we weren’t mentally prepared and thus fell into the path of that Graceful Immortal King. Next time we regroup and fight again, we might not lose.”

A Yama king at the side consoled.

The young emperor was silent.

That graceful immortal King could control other people’s magic treasures, how could such power be restrained?

Magic treasures were the battle strength that any cultivator would rely on. The next time he regrouped, he might not be able to avoid this hurdle.

Just as he was thinking about how to deal with it, a shadow appeared in front of him.

Seeing this shadow, the young emperor bowed slightly and said in a neither servile nor overbearing manner, “Greetings, shadowless underworld emperor.”

The shadow waved his hand and said, “There’s no need to be so polite. I saw the battle between you and the graceful celestial king. The power of the words of wisdom of the graceful celestial king was indeed a little strange.

But I have to say, the power of his words of wisdom is very strong! It’s very useful in large-scale battles.

If you can’t defeat him, I’m afraid you won’t be able to successfully conquer the immortal world.”

The young emperor didn’t speak, but he frowned.

If he couldn’t successfully conquer the immortal world, it meant that it would be very difficult for him to become the underworld emperor. He naturally understood this logic.

“I’ll teach you a method.”

The shadowless underworld emperor suddenly said.

The young emperor raised his head and looked at the shadowless underworld emperor. They both saw the dark light in each other’s eyes.

“Underworld Emperor, please speak!”

The shadowless underworld emperor replied in a cold tone, “You might not know this, but before the immortal King fought with you, he also fought with the Devil Immortal Emperor from the immortal realm. He even destroyed the body of the Devil Immortal Emperor.

This shows that these two experts from the immortal realm aren’t on the same page.”

The young emperor was puzzled. So what if they weren’t on the same page?

It was already very difficult to deal with that immortal king alone. If they were on the same page, they could have directly returned to the underworld.

“You might not believe me, but even that Empyrean immortal emperor didn’t know that the immortal king had such strength. I heard from the immortal realm these two days that the Empyrean Immortal Emperor actually favored the demonic immortal emperor the most.”

At this point, the shadowless nether emperor suddenly laughed coldly.

“Although the Empyrean Immortal Emperor’s ‘shift’Maxim isn’t weak, it has a flaw. That is, it causes the Empyrean Immortal Emperor’s Dao Heart to become extremely unstable, making him indecisive.”.

At this moment, he definitely hadn’t decided who would be the best choice between the Devil Immortal Emperor and the Graceful Immortal King.

Take this opportunity to attack the Graceful Immortal King once more.

The Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor would definitely not stop him, because he would definitely think of another battle to strengthen his belief in who he would choose.

And this attack…”

As he spoke, the Shadowless Immortal Emperor took out something from his clothes. It was a wooden token with a motto inscribed on it.

“Shadow… Underworld Emperor, you mean…”

Looking at the wooden token, the young emperor was somewhat shocked.

The proverbs on the wooden token were the true proverbs, “Shadow.”It was precisely because the shadowless underworld emperor had mastered this “Shadow”that he became the underworld emperor.

Now, the meaning of him taking out this treasure was self-evident.

Even if he used this wooden token to plot against him..

“This wooden token can instantly split into ten of my clones, each of which has fifty percent of my strength.

As long as you use it at the right time, you should be able to kill that graceful immortal king.”

The corner of the Shadowless Nether Emperor’s lips curled up as he spoke.

“However, once the nether emperor interferes, that Extreme Celestial Immortal Emperor will probably act as well…”the young emperor frowned.

The shadowless Nether Emperor had never played by the rules. He did not expect that he would think of such a method now.

“We are only helping him choose the demonic immortal emperor.”.

“You have seen the current situation. That graceful celestial immortal king is a common obstacle between you and the Demonic Immortal Emperor.”.

“Only if he dies can the underworld and the immortal world win together. If he doesn’t die, the immortal world will not lose, but our underworld will be greatly affected.

“Moreover, the underworld god said that no matter what, you must become the underworld emperor. No matter what obstacles, no matter what methods you use, you must overcome them. Do you understand?”

The young emperor fell silent.

Although what the shadowless underworld emperor said was right, he still felt that something was wrong.

Using the Underworld Emperor’s power to defeat Immortal King Shenxiu and conquer the entire immortal realm, could it really make his dao heart perfect, fulfill his great wish, and ultimately become the underworld emperor?

Seeing that the young emperor was still hesitating, the underworld emperor’s tone became stern.

“A leader shouldn’t be thinking about personal gains and losses. The overall situation is what you should be thinking about.”

Hearing this, the young emperor was slightly stunned. Then, his eyes became firm.

A few days later.

More and more immortal realms were conquered by the underworld army. The Immortal Kings in the immortal realms were leaderless and couldn’t organize any effective resistance.

So basically, wherever the underworld army went, they would fall.

And in the immortal realm, no matter if it was the extreme heaven immortal emperor or anyone else, no one came out to interfere in this matter.

It was as if everyone had formed some kind of tacit understanding.

On this day, the Empyrean Immortal Emperor finally couldn’t hold it in any longer and sent a message to Chen Chen once more.

“Immortal King Shenxiu, have you made up your mind? If you’ve made up your mind, go out now and lead the Immortal King of the immortal world and defeat the Army of the underworld. From now on, you’ll be the hero who saved the entire immortal world.

“Even if you leave the immortal world in the future and head to the universe, the entire immortal world will still spread rumors about you!”

“I don’t want to interfere in the matters of the immortal world, nor do I want to participate in any wars.”

Chen Chen’s reply was concise and comprehensive.

“Why? I don’t understand.”

The Empyrean Immortal Emperor’s tone instantly turned cold.

Chen Chen smiled faintly.

“I don’t like to fight.”

In the Hong Meng Void Space, the Empyrean immortal emperor saw Chen Chen’s expression and his eyes flickered.

Although this person had a boundless future, he was disobedient. If he really became an immortal emperor, what use would it be if he couldn’t help the immortal realm?

But to give up on such a heaven chosen and let the Devil Immortal Emperor find another opportunity to kill him, eliminating the demons in his heart and becoming an immortal emperor, wasn’t this too much of a waste.

What should he do?

Just as the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor was getting angrier and angrier as he thought about it, the vast nether realm that was the headquarters of the Underworld Army actually broke through the air and appeared right above the Flying Phoenix Immortal realm.

Seeing this scene, the Empyrean immortal emperor suddenly laughed coldly and mumbled, “A tree that stands out in the wind will definitely be destroyed. If I don’t have a backer, how can I continue to show off? HMPH, there will be times when you have to beg me!”

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