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Chapter 853: CHAPTER 852 — a bright future

“I’m afraid this demon embryo is doomed…”

Chen Chen looked at the battle in the sky and thought to himself.

As expected, not long after, Heaven’s fate, who was surrounded in the center, suffered a heavy blow.

Seeing that more and more attacks were landing on him, Heaven’s fate threw his head back and roared. He turned into a demon shadow and broke out of the encirclement.

The young emperor and the black-armored man immediately chased after him, while the other Yama kings controlled the formation to trap heavenly fate.

Unknowingly, the battlefield had already moved to the crack of the Fallen Immortal Mountain.

Seeing that heavenly fate was about to die, heavenly fate suddenly erupted with an even stronger power than before. He actually managed to push back the young emperor and the black-armored man with one strike and broke out of the encirclement.

However, after this attack, he rapidly weakened.

Despite this, he still managed to successfully escape back to the immortal realm.

When the young emperor saw this, he flew into a rage and shouted in a deep voice, “Attack! All of you, Attack! Attack the immortal realm!”

With this order, the entire Nether realm in the Hong Meng Void Space began to move and attack the crack.

A moment later, the entire Nether realm was blasted into the immortal realm.

When meditation entered the immortal realm, it was instantly suppressed. However, as long as it was near the nether realm, the suppression was so small that it was almost negligible.

Above the nether realm, Chen Chen naturally returned to the immortal realm.

“Hades king, you can stay above the nether realm for now. I see that there is no place safer than your place in the entire immortal realm.”

Seeing that he had achieved his goal, Chen Chen transmitted his voice to the Netherworld king.

The Netherworld King was someone who liked to be lively. When he saw that everyone was fighting, he didn’t have any intention to leave. He hurriedly agreed, “You can go. I’ll stay here and watch the show.”

Chen Chen smiled when he saw this. He silently left the nether realm and flew towards the Flying Phoenix Immortal realms.

But after flying for a short while, he stopped.

Right now, the entire immortal realms were in chaos. The Flying Phoenix Immortal King might not be in the flying Phoenix Immortal realms.

After pondering for a moment, he directly activated the system. The result was exactly as he expected. The Flying Phoenix Immortal King wasn’t in the Flying Phoenix Immortal realms but in the northern constellations immortal realms.

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Chen Chen flew towards the northern constellations immortal realms as he took out the token of the Flying Phoenix Immortal King. He tried to contact the Flying Phoenix Immortal King but no matter how hard he tried, the token didn’t have any reaction.

“Could it be that my freedom has been restricted?”

Chen Chen had some guesses in his heart and couldn’t help but to increase his speed.

Using the word ‘soldier’to strengthen a great dao treasure-grade flying ship, one could imagine how fast that speed was.

In less than 15 minutes, he arrived in the airspace above the northern constellations immortal realms.

At this moment, the northern constellations immortal realms were in a state of chaos. There were immortals everywhere.

Although the news of Heavenly Fate’s defeat had yet to be transmitted back, there were definitely many immortal kings who sensed the invasion of the underworld army.

At this moment, they couldn’t contact heavenly fate. It was only natural that such a chaotic situation would occur.

In the end, heavenly fate relied on strength to forcibly unify the immortal realms. As long as there were any problems with heavenly fate, this organization would collapse.

“After so many struggles in the immortal world, I’m afraid it’s really over.”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart. After that, he directly flew towards the location of the Flying Phoenix Immortal King.

The truth was just as he thought. The Flying Phoenix Immortal King and the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King were imprisoned within a formation, unable to communicate with the outside world at all.

To Chen Chen, that formation was nothing much. He didn’t even need to call out for green beans before he casually broke the formation.

After seeing Chen Chen, flying Phoenix Immortal King’s heart was filled with mixed feelings.

Who would have thought that just by befriending such a person, he would cause so many repercussions.

Right now, his fate was bound to this person in front of him.

“Chen Chen, the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor is back! He seems to have taken a liking to the Demonic Immortal Emperor!”

Flying Phoenix Immortal King discarded her messy thoughts and directly said what she thought was the most important matter.

Chen Chen was somewhat confused.

The Flying Phoenix immortal king hurriedly explained, “The Devil Immortal Emperor is none other than immortal King Beichen…”

“Uh… forget it. No matter what, let’s leave first.”

Upon hearing that an immortal emperor had returned, Chen Chen wasn’t too flustered. He pulled the Flying Phoenix Immortal King and the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King onto the flying ship.

He didn’t believe that the immortal emperor would have the time to bother with him now that the immortal world was in such a state of chaos.

Moreover, what did the approval of the demonic immortal emperor have to do with him?

First, he didn’t offend the demon embryo, and second, he didn’t offend the immortal emperor. He didn’t have to find trouble with him, right?

Thinking of this, Chen Chen quickly drove the flying boat away from this chaotic place.

At the same time.

In the secret place of the primal void space, the shadowless underworld emperor was sighing nonstop.

“Sigh! He escaped. This demonic immortal Emperor of your immortal world is really powerful. Unfortunately, he isn’t a cultivator of my underworld!”

Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor’s face was gloomy, and his eyes were cold.

It was obvious that this shadowless immortal emperor had taken advantage of the situation and was still pretending to be obedient.

This time, Heaven’s destiny was defeated, and the underworld took advantage of the situation to attack the immortal world. The Immortal World was without a leader, and their vitality had already been greatly damaged. How were they going to face the enemy?

They would probably be defeated for a thousand miles!

When the Underworld’s young emperor became the underworld emperor, the underworld would have another expert.

On the other hand, their immortal world would suffer a double loss.

One had to know that even though both sides were allies in the universe, there was also an internal distribution of benefits.

If the underworld was strong, then their immortal world would naturally be controlled by others.

Thinking of this, he became even more furious.

He did not expect that after raising gu for tens of millions of years, the Gu King would finally appear in the Underworld!

However, at this moment, he suddenly sensed something and his expression changed.

He then stretched out his hand and pressed it on his forehead.

Soon, a scene appeared in his mind, it was the scene of Chen Chen escaping from northern Chen Immortal Domain with flying Phoenix Immortal King and Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King.

“This person is that graceful immortal king? He actually came back at this time!”

Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor’s heart was instantly filled with extreme joy.

This could really be said to be a hopeless situation.

If this graceful immortal king returned and heaven’s will chased after him and successfully dispelled the inner demons, Heaven’s will would very quickly become an immortal emperor.

As long as he became an immortal emperor, the underworld cultivators would naturally be defeated in an instant and the danger of the immortal world would be resolved.

Not only that, the young emperor would not be able to become the underworld emperor in a short period of time, and he would not be able to threaten the interests of the immortal emperors.

Thinking of this, he could not help but sigh in his heart, “Good to be back! Good to be back! Immortal King Shenxiu is really a great contributor to our immortal world!”

“Why? Did something good happen?”

The shadowless underworld emperor noticed the change in the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor’s expression and asked warily.

“No, you’re thinking too much.”

The Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor’s expression quickly turned gloomy and his tone was extremely cold.

However, in the dark, he was relying on the token to inform the heavily injured Heaven’s fate.

“Brat, your chance has come. That graceful immortal King has returned to the immortal realm and has just left the northern constellations immortal realm. As long as you stop him and get rid of the inner demons, you still have a chance to turn the tables!”

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