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Chapter 852: Chapter 851, the new expert

A moment later, the fierce battle between the two sides became more and more intense. Although the person holding the decisive sky spear was at a disadvantage, the more he fought, the braver he became. Even if he was injured, it did not affect his aura at all.

At this moment, Heaven’s fate’s eyes were already scarlet red. He was not suppressed by the opponent’s aura at all. He was also getting stronger and stronger as he fought.

If this continued, if nothing unexpected happened, the person holding the decisive sky spear would self-destruct and die in a fierce attack.

The final winner would be fate.

Chen Chen could see the trend of this battle, and so could everyone in the underworld. Many Yama kings had already subconsciously looked at the young emperor who was standing at the front.

“There are powerful people in the underworld, and there are also people in the immortal world. This person dares to break into the underworld alone. He really has some ability.”

The young emperor muttered and then reached out his hands to form a seal in front of his chest.

In the next second, a pitch-black maxim flew out from his hands.

The moment this Maxim was released, it did not fly towards the heaven’s will in the sky. Instead, it landed on the body of the black-armored man.

The word “Death”was imprinted on the body of the black-armored young man. In an instant, his aura skyrocketed. The Dark Qi in his body was like a great river that flowed endlessly. He actually managed to reverse the situation in just one move.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s heart trembled. He vaguely understood the usage of the young emperor’s motto ‘death’.

If he guessed correctly, this ‘death’was 70-80% similar to his ‘soldier’.

When the word ‘death’was added to the bodies of the underworld cultivators, it could increase the strength of the underworld cultivators in a short period of time.

And if it was used against people who were not from the underworld, it would be an extremely powerful attack.

“No wonder there are two people in the underworld who have the hope of becoming immortal emperors in a short period of time. The underworld kings are led by this young emperor.”

Chen Chen thought to himself.

The young emperor’s mastery of such a maxim was an extremely powerful improvement for the entire underworld. It was practically equivalent to his significance to the technology civilization.

Although the black-armored person also mastered the maxim, it was only an increase in his personal strength.

It was clear at a glance who was more important and who was better.

In the air, heavenly fate sensed that his opponent had suddenly become stronger. He coldly laughed as the word ‘devil’gradually appeared on his body.

As an existence that had fought against immortal emperors before, such a small battle was nothing to him.

After transforming into a devil, his body expanded explosively. As long as the Nether Qi in the surroundings appeared, it would be completely devoured by him.

In addition to his crazy fighting style, he quickly suppressed the black-armored figure.

At the same time, in a secret location in the primal chaos void, two figures were staring at each other.

Among them, the red-haired figure was none other than the Empyrean immortal emperor. The other person was young and had a head of black hair. His smile was somewhat sinister.

And between the two of them, there was a scene of the battle between Heaven’s fate and the black-armored figure.

Seeing that Heaven’s fate had gained the upper hand again, the Empyrean immortal emperor smiled, “Wuying, look, a supreme expert is far more useful than a group of peak experts.”

That evil young man shook his head, “The outcome of a battle doesn’t affect much. What’s important is the outcome of the overall situation.

Do you believe that as long as neither of us interfere, the immortal realm will be conquered by the underworld sooner or later?”

The smile on the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor’s face gradually disappeared.

Of course, he already knew about the conflict between the underworld and the immortal realm. The reason why he didn’t interfere was because the underworld emperor in front of him was holding him back.

In fact, the ownership of the immortal realm and the underworld for a short period of time wasn’t that important in the eyes of these immortal emperor-level experts.

What was truly important was the new experts that were born after this battle.

The young emperor of the underworld had made a great wish since he was young. One day, he would conquer the immortal realm and let the light of the Underworld god Shine on every corner of the immortal realm.

The reason why he couldn’t become the underworld emperor was that his wish wasn’t fulfilled.

Now that the immortal realm was weak, it could be said that it was a rare opportunity for him. If he was allowed to fulfill his wish, he would probably become the underworld emperor in a minute.

Everyone knew how powerful the word “Death”was.

If that guy became the underworld emperor, the strength of the entire underworld would be greatly increased.

In addition, that Guy had another subordinate..

Thinking of this, the Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor couldn’t help but look at the heavenly fate in the projection.

“If only he could get rid of the inner demons earlier and become an immortal emperor… who would have thought that he would encounter such a situation. It’s really… sigh.”

The Extreme Heaven Immortal Emperor Sighed.

If Heaven’s will won, everything would be fine. If he lost, the old inner demons would not be removed and new Inner Demons would be added. Under such circumstances, it was hard to say if he could still become an immortal emperor.

“Hehe, this Devil Immortal Emperor of your immortal world is really strong. No wonder you like him so much. It’s a pity… Your immortal world doesn’t have anyone else that you can use. Otherwise, the outcome of the battle would be unknown. TSK TSK, look, our little fellow is about to unleash his strength!”

The shadowless underworld emperor pointed at the screen, his face actually showing some excitement.

As soon as he finished speaking, the young emperor in the screen suddenly flew up and his voice spread across the entire continent!

“This person is the strongest person in the immortal world. If we can take him down, the immortal world would be equivalent to losing more than half of its forces! So, don’t have any misgivings. Let’s attack together!”

After he finished speaking, his entire body suddenly emitted a hundred thousand feet black light. At the same time, a black sickle that was like a full moon appeared in his hand.

He waved the sickle, and the words “Die”were imprinted on the bodies of the Yama kings below.

All the Yama Kings’auras instantly soared. Even some of the ordinary Yama kings had been strengthened to the level of peak Yama kings.

As for the dozens of peak Yama kings, they were even more incredible. Each one of them was more than several times stronger.

With such strength, even when the immortal world was at its peak, any one of them could be ranked in the top two in the immortal world.

After the group of Yama kings were strengthened, they rose into the sky. In a short time, more than five thousand Yama kings appeared around Heaven’s will and surrounded him.

The young emperor was not a particular person. He was not polite when it came to fighting.

With an order, more than five thousand Yama kings immediately formed a formation and trapped Heaven’s will in the center.

In an instant, the sky collapsed and the earth cracked. Terrifying shockwaves exploded in the air, all of them heading towards Heaven’s will.

Chen Chen, who was hiding below and watching the battle secretly, couldn’t help but feel his heart skip a beat.

With such a formation, even if he was trapped in it, it would be very difficult for him to walk out completely.

With this thought in mind, he subconsciously said to mung bean, “Mung bean, you have to cultivate well in the future. Bring out the energy you had when you were sealed back then and strive to become an immortal emperor as soon as possible.”

To be honest, he didn’t think that mung bean was very powerful at the beginning. Later on, when he defeated the army, Mung Bean played a big role. Only then did he feel that mung bean might be a little stronger than he thought.

Now that he saw such a big battle, he truly realized the strength of Mung bean.

This young emperor could strengthen so many Yama kings by himself. If he became the Yama Emperor, wouldn’t he be able to strengthen a group of Yama emperors?

Wouldn’t that be too much?

Perhaps in the entire Hong Meng void space, only mung bean’s maxim “Solution”could restrain him.

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