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Chapter 825: Chapter 824, Seal (add more)

“Extreme North Immortal King, Let’s work together and end this as soon as possible. Let’s go help the other immortal kings!”

Chen Chen reminded. As he spoke, he had already arrived behind the flaming figure.


The Extreme North Immortal King replied. The trident in his hand shook violently and the area within a million miles was instantly frozen. The flames surrounding the flaming figure suddenly dimmed.

Chen Chen didn’t say anything when he saw this. Three underworld swords slashed out at the flaming figure like chopping vegetables.

After fifteen minutes, the flaming figure could no longer hold on. Under the joint attack of Chen Chen and the northernmost immortal king, he was reduced to ashes.

After killing his opponent, the northernmost immortal king was extremely happy.

At this moment, Chen Chen also put away all his treasures, reverting back to his original appearance. However, his expression was still as heavy as ever.

Seeing Chen Chen’s expression, the northernmost immortal king asked, “Immortal King Shenxiu, don’t feel too much pressure. It’s better to win a match than to lose a match.

The other immortal kings all have their own abilities. There’s no need to worry too much.”

Chen Chen gave a perfunctory smile.

He wasn’t worried about the other immortal kings. Instead, he felt that there was something strange about this matter.

Ever since the female corpse in white found out about his information, he felt that something was wrong. Now that he couldn’t find any traces of the corpse emperor through the system, this made him even more uneasy.

“Could it be…”

Chen Chen thought of an extremely bad possibility and his pupils subconsciously contracted.

The northernmost immortal king still wanted to ask, but Chen Chen Chen spoke in a low voice, “Northernmost immortal king, we can’t delay any longer. Let’s hurry up and help the other immortal kings.”

After speaking, he ignored the northernmost immortal King’s reaction and directly summoned the green bean to break the formation, flying towards the next world.

In the next world, the opponent was the immortal king. At this moment, he was fighting with a group of corpses. At this rate, it would take at least one to two years for the victor to be decided.

However, the result was different when Chen Chen and the northernmost immortal king came. With lightning-fast methods, it only took another 15 minutes to solve all the problems.

Just like that, one world after another was cleared. After two hours, all 20 small worlds in the nine temples heaven sealing formation were cleared.

Chen Chen also used this to understand the true strength of the immortal kings.

The strongest among them was most likely the unruly eternal celestial immortal king.

When he entered the Small World where the Eternal Celestial Immortal King was located, this person had already killed off all his opponents. He was sitting there quietly drinking wine.

Of course, there were also some weak ones.

There were a few immortal kings who had already entered a completely defensive state when Chen Chen rushed over.

In other words, if no one came to rescue them, they would die sooner or later.

In fact, one of them really died.

This also echoed a sentence. After the tide receded, it was clear who was swimming naked.

“Two immortal kings have disappeared, one has died, and there’s still one… Where’s immortal King Shadow?”

Chen Chen surveyed his surroundings and discovered that the one who had disappeared was none other than immortal king shadow without a physical body.

The northernmost immortal king beside him explained, “The Nine Palace Heaven Sealing Formation can’t trap the Phantom Immortal King. I reckon that he has already fled.”

Upon hearing this answer, Chen Chen nodded.

The skypermanent immortal king who was still drinking sighed, “I originally thought that I would encounter a powerful enemy. I didn’t expect that it would be so weak. How disappointing.”

The group of Immortal Kings looked at each other speechlessly.

A group of corpses had gained consciousness. No matter how powerful they were, their foundations were far inferior to those immortal kings who had lived in the immortal world for countless years.

The only thing they were truly afraid of was the corpse emperor.

But the corpse emperor had disappeared without a trace. Why was this so?

The scene fell silent.

After that, the atmosphere became more and more oppressive. The smiles on the faces of many immortal kings gradually disappeared.

Everyone was a peak existence in the immortal world. Naturally, no one was a fool. At this moment, everyone wanted to share that possibility.

“That corpse emperor… trapped us and went to the immortal world by himself?”

Southernmost immortal king frowned and said.

“It’s very likely… to have a great battle with us… forget it, let’s not talk about it. Let’s quickly return to the crack and take a look.”

The easternmost immortal king still wanted to analyze the situation, but as he spoke, he suddenly shook his head. Then, with a wave of his hand, he actually took out a great dao treasure.

“Everyone, come on up.”

When the other immortal kings saw this, they did not dare to delay and entered the flying ship one after another.

After the group of Immortal Kings boarded the ship, the easternmost immortal king suddenly urged the ship.


With an explosive sound, the huge ship flew at an astonishing speed toward the crack.

Along the way, the immortal kings didn’t encounter any immortals from the immortal world, nor did they encounter any revived corpses.

That extreme silence made all the immortal kings feel even more depressed.

They originally thought that after the battle, they would be able to get it over with once and for all. Who would have thought that this was very likely just a scheme of the corpse emperor..

Then why did the corpse emperor have such high intelligence?

Why was he able to kill so decisively and decide to give up on an astonishing number of subordinates in such a short period of time.

The Immortal kings were puzzled.

An hour later, the huge boat came to a sudden stop.

The easternmost immortal King was the first to fly out of the huge boat and looked around.

At this moment, the surroundings were empty. There were no cracks anywhere.

But the immortal King’s memory was not wrong. This was the location of the crack.

“Where is the Fallen Immortal Mountain’s crack?”

The Tianheng Immortal King flew out of the huge boat and looked around.

For the first time since he entered the Hong Meng Void Space, his expression changed.

The northernmost immortal king said in a hoarse voice, “The Corpse Emperor went to the immortal realm first and sealed the fissure…”

“Damn it!”

Tian Heng Immortal King’s expression suddenly turned ferocious as he cursed.

The Immortal kings had different expressions.

He used a group of powerful subordinates as the price to delay his group and then went to the immortal realm to seal the fissure.

This corpse emperor was too cunning and ruthless!

“I don’t believe that any seal can stop me!”

The Heavenly Constant Immortal King once again turned into that crazed state. Then, he stretched out his hand toward the void.

An extremely sharp aura began to emanate from his hand. A moment later, a rune gradually condensed in the void.

Chen Chen looked at the rune. His eyes seemed to have been pricked by a needle and began to bleed.

Although this wasn’t a true maxim, it was already very close. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so powerful.

And to be able to control this runic symbol, even if the eternal celestial king didn’t have a great DAO Supreme Treasure or control a domain, his strength was still at the peak of the immortal world.

“Break for me!”

Seeing that the runic symbol was becoming more and more solid, the eternal celestial king suddenly let out a loud roar, and his body was instantly soaked in blood.

At the same time, the rune whistled out and imprinted itself on the spot where the crack was originally.


A rumbling sound rang out!

Countless light shadows began to appear at that spot. These light shadows gradually formed into many chains and spread out in all directions.

And in the center of the countless chains, an incomparably huge “Seal”word was faintly discernible, firmly resisting the rune that the eternal sky immortal king had blasted out.

Seeing that ‘seal’character, Chen Chen’s pupils contracted slightly.

He had seen the true maxim at the bottom of the god-sealing demon tank. Although he could not remember it, he could feel that the ‘seal’in front of him was already more than 90% similar to that maxim!

Such a seal could not be broken by a mung bean, and neither could the eternal celestial king.

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